2-27-17 THIS WEEK: How to Match Shoes to Your Outfit

February 27, 2017, 4:51 pm by MSP


"Shoes may not make the woman, but they sure do make the outfit fabulous!" MissusSmartyPants

One of the most frequently asked questions I get is... "How do I know which shoes to wear with my outfit?"  For instance, what style of shoe is right for a wide-legged pant, or which shoe style is best for a pencil skirt? How do you know when you've got it right?


This week MissusSmartyPants shares...How to choose the right shoes for every outfit!

Shoes matter more than you think! It's a proven fact that when people first meet they check out the other person's complete outfit... from head to toe. Think about it for a moment, you do this yourself! You do notice the other person's footwear (subconsciously, mind you). If someone's shoes aren’t well maintained, you might find yourself questioning whether or not this person pays attention to detail, or if they are someone you might not take seriously. Below, is what I found out while searching about the importance of footwear to the wearer...


Psychologists from the University of Kansas found that the style, value, color and condition of footwear can paint a picture of the owner's emotional, political and other vital personality traits. It is such a giveaway that in the tests, observers who were shown a picture of a pair of shoes were able to guess a person's characteristics at better-than-chance levels on 45 percent of the dimensions that were measured. In this study, 63 students looked at photographs showing 208 different pairs of shoes belonging to volunteers in the experiment. Each of the volunteers filled in a personality questionnaire and each was told to provide their most commonly worn shoes for the experiment. The observers were asked to look at each pair and guess the gender, age and social status of the owner, researchers reported to the Journal of Research in Personality. This including whether the owner was an extrovert or introvert, liberal leaning or conservative, their emotional stability, agreeableness, conscientiousness and openness. Shoes convey a thin but useful slice of information about their wearers. The results of this study show that "Shoes serve a practical purpose, and that shoes also serve as nonverbal cues with symbolic messages." People pay attention to the shoes others wear.


Don't underestimate the "power" of your shoes!  What you wear on your feet can totally transform the rest of your outfit-shoes really do make a difference. The right choice of shoes can brighten up a boring so-so outfit into something truly wonderful to behold. A fabulous pair of shoes can also make the most inexpensive clothes look more expensive; however on the other hand, a cheap pair, or worn-out shoes, can really bring down an outfit quickly! Think of your shoes as a "completer" piece to any outfit you wear.

This week's article is the "how-to's" of deciding the right shoe for each outfit you select.  You will get a LIST of shoe options for everything you wear: from wide-legged pants, slim-leg pants, to various skirts and dressy-dresses + more! You will learn if you should match your hosiery to the shoes or to the dress. Find out if you can wear tall boots with a skirt or dress, and how tall the boots should be. Find out if you should wear a heeled shoe, a flat one, or if the heel should be skinny or chunky--get your shoe choice right every time

Match the correct shoe to every outfit you wear...that is what's happening this week at MissusSmartyPants.com


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

In my opinion, wearing a pretty scarf is synonymous with stylish elegance. Don't you agree? When you see a woman wearing a uniquely-tied scarf you think how nice she looks and secretly wish to look just as chic. (This week, it will be YOU wearing the chic scarf!)


A scarf is a wonderful way to "Show Your Style" SYSter. 

A scarf provides a splash of color and a chic vibe to any basic outfit...and while you're at it; pin on a fancy brooch too!

This week...BE that women wearing a stylish scarf!

You're probably going to get several positive comments while wearing your scarf this week. Be sure to email me when this happens and I'll share you experience with other MSP SYSters. Email me at: missusmsp@windstream.net

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying


Dear Leslie,

I finally did IT (slowly and with pain). I've gotten rid of all the clothes that don't fit, colors (now that I know my best colors) that don't work and also--the clothes that look cheaply made. The result? It is sooo much easier to get dressed in the morning! Just about everything coordinates with everything else.

I used to have this weird habit where I wouldn't wear my favorite things to "save them". Now, I only have my favorite things, so it feels like I'm spoiling myself every day. 

Thanks you MSP!!! Jessica


Need help de-cluttering your closet? Set your timers ladies; you can do this...15 minutes at a time!  MSP's Closet Purge help

Dear Missus Smarty Pants,

I just joined your service yesterday. Since then, I have been pouring over the information on the website. I am ecstatic at finally figuring out how to shop and what to buy for myself! I am like many women who don't shop because I didn't know what to buy. I was looking at the shopping guides today, deciding what shirts would be appropriate for me, and in which color! I was able to decide for or against clothing because of the style and color. This is so amazing to me!

I am currently a stay-at-home Mom who recently became Music Director at my church. Other than the obvious, dressing up for Sunday services, there are rehearsals and a semi-casual service during the week! I used to wear t-shirts and baggy jeans to these casual gatherings, and last night, I had on a very simple outfit that made me look really put-together--how I've been wanting to look, but not knowing HOW without being super-dressed up!

Yesterday, when I went to the wholesale discount club (Costco) where they sell clothing laid out on tables, I was able to purchase 2 basic items for my wardrobe that look great in both fit/style and color (and were quite a deal). I was also able to put back 2 sweaters because they were too bulky and didn't emphasize my waist. I had the right color, but not the right style.

All of this to say thank you MSP! I had given up on being able to find flattering clothing and played the "hit-or-miss" game every time I went shopping or even got dressed! 

Thank you for restoring my confidence in the fact that I will be learning how to care for myself and present myself as a person with confidence!

Sincerely, Leah


Wow Leslie!

I can't believe the difference in the clothes from my own closet since receiving my personal profile newsletters.

It has been so amazing to go to my own closet and find "new" clothes. I've altered the way that I put outfits together and what a difference it has made! Twice this week I was asked if I had lost weight and that I looked nice!

I was wearing the same clothes that have been hanging in my closet but instead of trying to hide behind them I gave Missus Smarty Pants a try and followed her advice (I'm a B). 

I even feel like I've lost 10 pounds just by making these simple changes. Thank you, thank you for this "aha" moment and showing me how. I look forward to many more profile newsletters full of tips and guidance!

Fondly, Angela


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