2-20-17 THIS WEEK: 3 Steps to Casual Chic

February 20, 2017, 5:38 pm by MSP


Excuse me, but I just have to jump on my soapbox for a moment. I have to say, it really, really upsets me that fashion magazines are more about selling ad space and copies than they are about actually helping the women that buy their magazines! These shiny magazines aren't cheap either. You spend good money, then end up with a bunch of ads for things you can't even afford--that is crazy. Just when you spy a new "style" magazine while in the checkout line, and decide to buy it...sure enough, it is full of ads--and not much else. What a H-U-G-E disappointment. You were lured into buying this magazine by the promise of an article that looked like it would help your style or suggest something new and fun--but instead you got basically nothing.


Instead of sales pitches and/or product placements of clothing and makeup you can't afford (like $400 dress slacks or $200 face lotion-what a joke)

...Use MissusSmartyPants for real ideas you can use. It's that simple: real helpful style suggestions ...and this week's no different!


Since most of us live in relaxed, casual clothing a majority of the time...this week's article about "casual attire" will be so helpful for the woman that never feels stylish in her casual clothes.

We all want to look good, even when our attire is casual a majority of the time. If we work outside the home; our job states the required dress code, which is usually dressy-casual. But, what the heck is "dressy casual"? It's so confusing to look nice is a uber-casual environment! When it comes to "rules" of dressing, we are left to our own devices so we either end up too dressed up, or dressed way too casual.


I have an awesome 3-Step plan to help YOU make every outfit "casual-chic"...

It's a no-fail way to dress!


What are the key factors to creating casual-chic looks? This week, I'm telling you HOW to create casual looks that are "dressed down" yet casual-chic using my 3-step plan! You will to learn the key elements for every casual-chic...PLUS what to avoid to get your look just right, every time. With lots of photos of what to wear. IT IS (guess what) REAL STYLE ADVICE YOU CAN USE! 


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission is to GET just one item your closet or makeup drawer is still missing.

This week go out and get just one of them marked off your list! Don’t get carried away—you only need ONE item marked off your list (okay maybe two, lol!)

Here are suggestions of what your closet or makeup drawer might need:

__Get a set of new makeup brushes. (OR wash your brushes w/ gentle face wash...when was the last time you cleaned them?)

__Try Soma “Vanishing Edge” panties! Soma Vanishing Edge Cotton/Modal Blend Brief

__Get a new supportive bra (including a professional fit)

Nordstroms has the BEST selection like this pretty one: Wacoal Basic Beauty Contour Bra-5 colors, many sizes!


__Take your pants or skirts to the tailor for hemming or mending

__Update your “Style File” with articles that inspire you (a ‘control journal’ of MSP style articles/shopping guides, Seasonal Colors & other fun style stuff) You’ll want to save this week’s article that's full of lots of photo examples of casual chic outfits!!!

__Buy a large-faced (inexpensive) wristwatch to add a modern edge to your daily wardrobe....


__Purchase a pretty spring scarf in your Seasonal Colors!

I’m sure there are other things you can think of. Just make a list and see if you can "check" off one of these needed items on your list. There's no hurry...after all, it's a style journey!

Love, Leslie MSP

What SYSters are Saying

Dear MSP: I am loving the more detailed style articles lately! They are so helpful and I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate all the work you're putting into it.

Since subscribing, using your advice has helped me pare down and revamp my wardrobe. I am finally wearing clothes that look great and project the look I want. These in depth articles are really helping me to polish my look and I have been getting compliments left and right that usually have the word "gorgeous" and "classy" in them. As a tired busy lady with a fuller figure, it has been years since I've gotten feedback like that. But it has helped me to remember how vibrant and choosy I used to be with my appearance.

I joined MSP because I needed help dressing my new shape after two kids and I realized I rarely took the time to look put together unless it was required. Now I feel confident because I know everything in my closet looks good on me. Not to mention the colors! What a difference a color palette makes! You were the first to tell me I am a Winter and I doubted at first, but once I gave the Winter palette a try, I was amazed at how it made by skin glow and hair shine.  Thanks for the inspiration and the patience to be picky until I find the items and colors that enhance me the way I am right now.  -Islandgrl


MSP HERE: Dear "Islandgrl"...

Thank you for sharing your kind words. I appreciate hearing them because I put a lot of effort into these weekly articles I share with members. It is my hope that each style article will have an impact on every woman's closet and wardrobe. I can't think of a better way to improve your confidence than to improve your daily style!

The fact is, when you look good, you feel good! 

Love, Leslie 

P. S. This is the LAST WEEK to view inside my closet: 10 outfits from my closet...Hurry! It is still posted online in all 5 body type Personal Profiles!


Dressing is like child’s play…

Dear Leslie,

I've been subscribing to your service for a couple of years, and I have been happy with my new style (where I had none before).

 When my 4 year old asked me if she could pick out my clothes for work tomorrow, I hesitated.  Then, I agreed, reserving the power to veto.

To my delight, she's been going into my closet and picking out lovely outfits, including shoes.  I'm attributing this to you because:
1) Even when my weight fluctuates, my closet ONLY contains clothes that fit me right.
2) Everything in my closet feels good to me, and looks good on me.
3) My clothing colors complement each other.

I couldn't make any of those statements two years ago!!!
 There's probably also some natural talent in play, in that she's not putting florals and plaids together.  But having a closet full of clothes that fit right, feel good, and look nice together gives her a great base to work with!

Thank you, Linda