1-30-17 THIS WEEK: Ten Principles to Perfect Style

January 30, 2017, 6:52 pm by MSP


Last week while waiting to meet up with a client, I sat outside of a local cafe. As I sat and waited, I noticed staring right back at me on the glass window was a quote by Coco Chanel. It was early in the day and all the seating was open, so I could have sat anywhere, but for some reason I was drawn to this one particular chair. I wanted to sit in that chair, so I found it funny that a quote from Coco Chanel would be right in my face as I sat!

If you know me, I often quote Coco Chanel because I find her ideas about fashion "spot on". Hmm..."This quote's a good one!" I thought to myself as I sat. Since I passionately believe every woman should become all she in-visions she can be; this quote conveying the idea that a woman's clothing reflects her true self was a powerful one. However, not all women feel they've reached their full potential with their clothing, yet they feel pretty comfortable with who they are. How can I make the two come together? How can I help women dress with more confidence so that her clothing truly reflects her inner confidence? 

It seemed like providence. I was meant to see this quote. I was made to wait while this quote looked back at me. It was a destiny of some sort. Maybe I'm over-thinking things here, but I choose to think of it this way. Sitting there waiting made me pause about my passion and desire to help other women. It made me take a mental inventory of what I hope to do and ask myself, "Am I helping women reach their full potential with their style? What more can I do?


Here's the quote that moved me to write this post, "Adornment is never anything but a reflection of the self"

Lulu Gal Green Latern Sleeve High Neck Blouse-sizes s-4x


This week I am sharing 10 principles of style. These are ten essentials are the ground rules of style. They are the "meat" of being your own brand of chic. They are what you very well might be missing!

Follow these ten principles of style...because they are going to help you become that wonderful, lovely strong woman that is feminine, and yet unbelievably YOU!


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is to care of what you already own. NO shopping allowed!

Think about how many clothes you've relegated to the back of the closet (or hidden up on a closet shelf). Why are so many of your clothes not being worn? Are they missing a needed button, or the hem has come undone, or the zipper needs replacing? Wouldn't you LOVE to put these clothes back into rotation?

Guess what? It's anti-procrastination week at MSP! This week, I challenge you to gather up all the clothes that need mending/altering...and get 'em fixed this week! 

For just a minimial cost, you'll get these clothes (previously just stuffed into your closet) back into rotation. It will feel like you've got 'new' clothes, LOL!

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying

Dear Leslie, 

I just wanted to say THANK YOU!! Your advice and help have been wonderful. I cleaned out my closet this week and got rid of 100 things!!! I had clothes that didn't fit right and things I was just hanging on too. Now I know what type of clothing looks best on me, I know what basics I need to buy, and I am very picky about my purchases. I stopped by a new thrift store to check it out today and laughed when I saw some of my donated clothing in there. Thanks again for all of your help, I feel like a NEW WOMAN! Fondly, Jollene



I am slow to change and accept my body type for what it is. I don't have a weight issue and look slim to everyone else, so why I couldn't accept being a Cute Curves type. After soliciting the help of a wonderful female sales person - giving her my needs to jeans and my color preferences - she quickly offered to pull some items together for me to try on. Your article on jeans and fit were so helpful to me. I bought the NYDJ and it fit the best of any I have tried on, teaching me that Missus Smarty Pants recommendations are about shape - not about how much I weigh. I got to take a look at how I have been judging myself and comparing myself to so many women I know. 

Following your recommendations for my type in addition to those for tall women - helped me finally gain more comfort and confidence and I learned to ask for help from a very sweet sales person who saved me so much time. I appreciate what I am learning and hope to learn to shop for a few items at a time, learn about which stores carry brands that work for me and cultivate relationships with helpful staff. 



MSP HERE: Dearest Janis,

By accepting our bodies, that's when our style really comes together. Sounds like you just had an "AHA" moment.  

The "Cute Curves" shape is named that for a reason, LOL! I'm glad you are now seeing the light...you are beautiful just the way you are! Enjoy your new sassy jeans. I'll bet you look fabulous <smile>

Love, Leslie MSP


P.S. By the way the jeans article Janis is referring to can be requested if you are a MSP SYSter.