12-26-16 THIS WEEK: Motivated to Move

December 26, 2016, 2:11 pm by MSP


Are you resolved to move more in 2017? Aren't are all in search of that something that will motivate us? What's it going to take to get you to move more, and make exercise part of your weekly routine? Well, I can't think of a more positive, fun way to motivate a new exercise plan than new exercise gear!

There's nothing more motivating than a pair of new sneakers to "kick-start" your exercise routine!


Fresh kicks in a fun, bright color will definitely add spring in my step...how about yours?

ASICS FuzeX Running Shoes


Many, many years ago (in a galaxy far, far away) I used wear boring exercise clothes to workout. I went to the gym regularly, but was waiting to wear something stylish until I finally lost those last dreaded few pounds that would not come off. Those pound kept hanging on for years with no change in sight. That left me wearing boring exercise clothes for YEARS!!! Why did I do this to myself? My rationale at the time, was that there was no point in being "fashionable" at the gym because I was just going to get sweaty. A large cotton shirt and black yoga pants were just fine. I could buy something nice when I "deserved" it. Wait a minute: wasn't going to the gym part of taking care of myself? If so, I deserve to look and feel good today! That's was an "Ah-a" moment for me.

Something "new" goes a long way. No need to spend lots of money on workout clothes, or buy a complete workout wardrobe. My point is, I found out for myself through trial and error (over 20 years of it) that cute exercise clothes (ones that smooth over the bumps and hide stuff) really do make you feel better about exercising. And that's the point. You deserve to put your best foot forward as you start off the new year 2017. It does not matter if you are just starting out walking around the block, or just signed up for your first 5K. We all need motivation to embrace a more healthy lifestyle.

Workout clothes that "Shows Your Style" helps you feel more confident, and this in turn gets your booty into the gym. This week's style article "Motivated To Move" (in all 5 Personal Profiles on Thursday) will go in depth about awesome wicking fabrics, new technology on cross-training sneakers and most importantly, how you can LOOK stylish (and minimize the jiggly bits) with fabulous workout clothes. There are workout wear fit tips for every size and shape!


Use this week's workout guide will help you find your best exercise clothes. Then YOU find a group fitness class or just get moving.

Flattering exercise clothes +  Any form of exercise you enjoy = A successful combination!




My personal fitness story. I'm sharing my personal fitness story with you (again) since this week's topic is about flattering exercise clothes that motivate you to move. Since I've never been extremely over-weight or really un-fit, you might not be that interesting, and that's fine. But, this is MY PERSONAL FITNESS STORY and I did finally figure out how to get healthy and move regularly (and it took me only 30 years, LOL)!

As a young mom with three active boys, I did what I could to exercise--but it was never on a regular basis. When my two oldest sons attended school I became involved in a program that was run by former dancer called "Dance For Life". It was in these classes that this beautiful woman (inside and out) fueled my passion for wanting to have regular exercise in my life! I attended regularly for a complete year (hardly ever missing) for a small weekly fee of $5 (+child care). This woman had that "something" about her that kept me engaged and interested. I'm not sure what it was, but she made exercise special. A year later she moved her "fitness ministry" to another church. The new location was just too far away for me to continue to attend. However. to this day I will be forever grateful to her inspiration and the message she shared to love ourselves completely...in mind, body and spirit. Her beauty and fitness motivation was spot-on and remains ingrained in me to this day. This week, I hope to inspire and motivate YOU with fabulous fitness clothes!

After several years of no regular exercise (except for the running around as a busy mom) I searched for something to replace my former exercise program. I came across Jazzercise. I loved it and tried to stick with it, but it was too expensive for this young mom's tight budget. I could not afford to drive the distance to their studio three times a week, or pay their higher fees. After becoming a "Jazzercise flunky", my husband and I later signed us up with L.A. Fitness (a large nationwide gym). Through his work he got a discounted rate...and again I tried to attend when I could.

After moving around the country for my husband's job, we finally settled in the Carolinas. We joined the YMCA and again (well, you know the story) I tried to attend regularly. I've always wanted to stay fit and healthy, but I just didn't put in the effort to do it regularly. As the years moved on I would add a few more pounds. I never felt really good about my body or felt that I was really healthy...just so-so. Every now and then I'd go the gym and really push myself hard, then I'd come home stiff and so sore I would not go back for months! I was always stopping and starting... I felt like a fitness failure.

One day on a whim, my husband and I decided to try this new gym in town. I was smaller, quite affordable, and had lots of classes I could take. Together, we both got really excited about taking better care of ourselves now that our boys we nearly grown and on their own. We set aside time for regular workouts three times a week--and keep to this schedule. I got serious about working out...really serious. I wound up attending a weight training class followed by an intense cycling class afterwards. I did this three times a week, faithfully. I lost a few of those unwanted pounds right away, but for all the exercise I was doing I was still NOT FIT! I tried adding more cardio, then working out with heavier free-weights. NOTHING. At the time my husband and I were still munching down on take-out pizzas (with extra veggies, mind you) once or twice a month. Our diet was decent, but not extremely clean. We continued to learn more about health and cleaned up our diets even more, little by little. It was at this time I was diagnosed with Hashimoto's disease.  

Finding out I have an autoimmune disease changed me. At first I felt like a martyr. "Poor me" I would think to myself. This is not fair!!! I walked around in a dark cloud for months. Luckily I snapped out of this way of thinking. I then began to learn everything I could about being healthy...or how about this: FINALLY BECOMING HEALTHIER! For sure, it has been a long hard journey and I personally cry when I think about how BAD I felt for so long! The brain fog, extreme exhaustion, aching joints, and insomnia, drained by body on a regular basis. I didn't know how bad I felt until I was able to balance my daily life, diet, and exercise.

My "infliction" became my blessing. I try not to talk about my aches, pains and struggles (after all who wants to hear about them...since we all have things we struggle with). But the fact is, what was once my "infliction" had become my vehicle to obtain better health. I had to figure out this out for me. We all have to LIVE INSIDE our bodies and it's ultimately up to us to take care of ourselves. We all have to do what we can to make our journey in life the best it can be...it's up to us.

Fast forward to today. I am currently a cycling instructor with a Spinning certification, Keiser certified, as well as an AFAA group fitness instructor certification. How did I go from being a "gym wannabe" to a lover of fitness? In two words: consistency and cute exercise clothes!!! That's it in a nutshell. I encourage you to find what works best for you. Like the movie "Nemo"... just keep swimming. Consistently seek out exercise on a regular basis until you find what you love to do. Then clean up your diet. And my dear SYSters, ALWAYS wear cute exercise clothes. Goodness knows, there were times I could make a gazillion excuses to NOT go to the gym...but it was my new sneakers that (literally) got me there! 

With all my love, Leslie MSP



MSP's Weekly Style Mission

SYSters we are not seeing everything--and that's NOT a good thing. 

This week’s mission should be an 'enlightening' experience, LOL!

Jordan 7x Lighted Vanity Mirror


This week's Style Mission is to purchase a magnifying mirror (preferably one that lights up)

A good magnifying mirror allows you to see your face up-close...really, really close. This is the only way to know if your skin could use some exfoliating, if there are a few stray hairs on your chin, too much peach fuzz or if your eyebrows need reshaping or a few unruly ones need plucking. You can even check if your makeup is on evenly (like your eyeliner) like you THINK it is. The truth is in the SEEing!

Love, Leslie MSP


What's New For 2017?

Greenery. It is the new "it" color for 2017. 

Pantone (the Color People) calls it "a yellow-green shade that evokes the first days of spring".


What do you think? 

Can you (and will you) include "Greenery" in your upcoming spring wardrobe?  

What neutral color would you wear with Greenery?

Share your thoughts on our Facebook page: MissusSmartyPants Facebook page.


What SYSters Are Saying

"Thank you for helping this 50-something, frugal, fashion-challenged woman to look and feel much better."

Dear Leslie,

Thank you for helping this 50-something, frugal, fashion-challenged woman to look and feel much better.  I had not properly shopped for clothing for many years, though I had a closet stuffed with cheap impulse purchases.  I recently lost weight and needed to update my wardrobe.  It was difficult to spend the money on quality items, but your advice guided me well.  Now my closet is not stuffed, my wardrobe consists of beautiful, high-quality basics, and I look and feel more polished.  It’s a real confidence booster.

I will probably never be a great shopper, but my advice for others who hesitate to spend is that you will get to a point where you feel you've covered the basics.  Now instead of trying to grab some bargain sweaters at store sales, I'm looking for a nice black blazer.  While there was an initial investment, there is also a very practical pay-off in being able to maintain an organized, versatile wardrobe and being able to pull together an attractive, appropriate outfit for any occasion. 

So my conclusions: Missus Smarty Pants made me feel frivolous at first, but no more.  And feeling younger and more confident?  Definitely YES and that is priceless!

Thanks, Cindy



Dear MSP, I was recently told by my boyfriend that he considered the way I dressed and my clothing "stylish"! I lost 100lbs last year and joined MissusSmartyPants.com last year. WooHoo! Because of the reasonable approach your blog, meaning for average women on budgets, I have managed to replace my wardrobe and not bankrupt myself. Thank you for all you do; especially the inspiration and confidence I've gained. I now know it's not my body that is "wrong" if the garment doesn't fit. Now I enjoy looking for "my" garment.



Hi MSP, 
Thanks for offering the Seasonal Color ID. I am happy to know I’m definitely a winter -- I thought about all the times I had worn tops that got lots of compliments, and they were all times when I was wearing the winter colors!  

Now I have to purge my closet of all those colors that don’t make me feel like a million bucks!  I printed out the winter color chart on a piece of photo paper, cut it out and laminated it --- it is now the PERFECT size to keep in my wallet and take with me when I go shopping!  I love it!

Thanks for all your help! Gina