10-24-16 THIS WEEK: Where Do I Start? Your Questions Answered

October 24, 2016, 3:39 pm by MSP


Dear SYSters,

Since it's the start of cooler weather, I figured I'd email you to see if you have any dressing dilemmas that pop-up this time of year. For example, how to wear boots, with so many skirts, dresses and pant options-deciding what style of boots to wear can get confusing. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for....I got deluged with sooo many awesome questions!

So many questions-not enough time. Phooey on that! Instead of answering a few of your fall "personal style Dilemmas"...I'm answering ALL of them!

This week's style article (with your questions & my answers) will post this Thursday in all 5 body type Personal Profiles-simply log in and view your question-answered!



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Talbots Side Drape Dress-petite, misses, plus sizes



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What SYSters Are Saying


HI Leslie,

I have read through the article on structured jackets for a B body twice. I didn’t see much for my body, which is
much like a box. Hips, waist and bust all around 40 inches, on a 5 ft. 3 inch frame. One jacket sounded like 
it might be for me, but it had a self belt at the waist. I don’t want anything to draw attention to that part of my
body.  So, tailored jacket with nip in waist hitting at upper hip to just below my bottom. Is that it?
MSP HERE: Thanks for your jacket question, SYSter. Actually, you do want to draw attention to your waist and make it appear smaller (and more defined) by a drawstring at the waist or by a semi-fitted structured jacket. By defining the waist on your body vs. covering over it with a loose shapeless top-YOU WILL LOOK SLIMMER! Don't believe me? Try a loose long top on, then look in the mirror-better yet take a photo. Next, try on a anorack jacket (with waist drawstring) or a structured jacket nipped in at the waist-then look in the mirror- with your shoulders, waist, and hips defined-you look balanced (slimmer).
This "jacket idea" works on every woman-EVERY BODY TYPE. A structured jacket is every woman's best friend. Find your favorite fall colors, plaid or nubby fabrics, and add in a few new jackets and blazers to your wardrobe!
Love, Leslie MSP
Here's a fab jacket for fall.
This belted style works because the belt is slim and it's the same color as the jacket.
Define your waist=Slimming your waist!