8-28-16 (12) Style Q & A's by MSP

August 28, 2016, 3:44 pm by MSP


Dear SYSters, 

Recently I was interviewed by a local retail magazine. They asked such great questions, I thought I'd share!

Here are the 12 questions, and my answers. Enjoy.

1. What do women really need in their wardrobes?

Here is a basics list of what most women should have in their wardrobes. You may need to adjust it according to your particular lifestyle, but remember the key to any successful wardrobe is having items that are fairly simple in design, and ones that can easily be mixed and matched with other items. Please note: this list is not broken up into seasons. Some of your items will be year-round, while some will be more seasonal.

A “basic” can be defined as: a solid colored (typically not a printed fabric) item, simple, classic, functional, plus comfortable and versatile. It’s something you wear often because of its versatility.


__7­-10 work tops/blouses (mostly solids, some prints that coordinate w/ basics) __2 casual weekend shirts
__4 basic v­neck tees, tanks and camisoles
__1 dressy/evening top


__3 sweaters, season­less lightweight


__3 pairs of work pants
__2 pairs of casual pants
__2 pairs of jeans (one dark, one mid­tone) __1 pair of evening/dress pants


__2 skirts for work
__1 skirt for weekend or casual
__1 skirt for evenings or social events

Dresses: (If dresses don’t fit you well, add more separates to your list) __1­-2 for work
__1­-2 for weekend, casual
__1 for evening/dressy

Jackets/Coats: (your needs will vary by climate)
__2 fitted jackets for work (coordinates w/ pants, skirts) __1 casual jacket for weekend or casual
__1 winter/cold weather coat
__1 evening jacket or wrap


__1 pair of lace­ups (sneakers)
__2 pairs of black, brown or navy (depending on your base color) casual walking __2 pairs of work shoes in black, brown, nude
__1 pair of stylish boots for winter
__1 pair of sandals for summer
__1 pair of evening shoes

__1-­2 handbags, classic design (shape opposite of your body shape)

2. What should you spend on a basic wardrobe? It’s not really a dollar amount-every woman has a different budget and lifestyle needs. However, regardless of the exact dollar amount, spend the bulk of your budget on the basics. 80% to 60% of your wardrobe should be made up of basic pieces. Quality basics are worthy investments because they last and will remain fashionable for years to come. (By buying the best quality you can afford, you will save the most in the long run—no need to constantly replace worn items).

3. What are some of the biggest fashion faux-pas women make?

There are three (3) I can think of right off the bat: 

  1. Not having enough wardrobe basics and trying to “get by”.
  2. Wearing clothes (jeans in particular) that are not flattering for their body type.
  3. Forcing a style. If you don’t look good in a certain trend or clothing silhouette, it doesn’t matter how popular it is...you don’t look good.

4. What are the color trends for this fall? That’s a great question. This will be answered soon enough when I share the “Big Fall Preview” in the next few weeks (Sept. 8 & 15)! I can’t wait...the colors are so rich and luscious and there’s something for every skin tone.

5. How can you create a balance between fashion-forward and modest? First and foremost, realize that fashion is about “trendy” clothes for the season. Style, real style is about wearing clothes that flatter your shape, and more importantly, express who you are as a woman.  Always wear clothes that feel right to you-and always wear a smile; that’s your best accessory!

6. What’s an appropriate “mom” swimsuit? Well, that depends on your body type and what you feel you want to highlight and minimize. Both one and 2 piece suits are possibilities. “Miracle Suits” are expense but often worth the expense if you care for your swimsuit--and you swim often.

7. How do you determine what colors look best on you? The first thing I’d say: What the first thing you see...your face or the color you are wearing? If it’s your face, then the color is flattering on you. Your color season is based on your eye, hair and skin tone. Warm undertones are: autumns and springs. Cool undertones are: summers and winters

8. How do accentuate your assets and hide the rest? That’s a fun question because there are so many clever fashion tricks we can use! We can use color, brightness, we can highlight with accessories (to divert attention away from an area) we can use shine and/or matte fabrics. We can create optical illusions by moving our hemlines of our tops, blouses, jackets...as well as skirts and dresses up or down to create a balanced body. A “balanced” body is the visual appearance we are all trying to achieve when we dress!

9. How do you get a great wardrobe w/out spending a lot? Shop consignment stores (get to know the owner)...shop second-hand...shop anywhere and everywhere! Be patient and most importantly, concentrate on acquiring the basics first! Nothing will mix and match if you don’t have a core wardrobe as a base. You need at least 3-4 tops per bottom....your bottoms can be repeated more often.

10. Are flip-flops appropriate for summer footwear? Not really. They  can be hurtful and dangerous too! There are so many quality walking sandals, low wedges, comfort flats, low gladiator sandals that are better choices. 

11. Are there any new hairstyle trends? Yes! Hot hairstyle for this season...are the”power pixies” “shaggy crops” + ombre hair coloring. Braids and messy up do’s + headbands remain strong trends.

12. Discuss clothing based on body shape. I always like to say, “ Just because it comes in your size, doesn’t mean it looks good on you”. You’ve got to dress for the woman you are today! When you do, you will gain true style confidence and finally be comfortable in your own skin...and that’s what it’s all about...Loving Yourself!!!

* Bonus question: What are your suggestions for finding a great pair of jeans? Or, perhaps I should ask how can you avoid wearing “mom” jeans?

You need to find your own “jean nirvana”.... and every woman deserves it! You need to find the right cut, style and fit that are right for your body type. Crucial is pocket placement....right in the middle of your bum. Not too low (droopy butt) not too high (mom jeans) but in the middle of your bum (just right)!


"Dressing for your body type allows you to be the best version of yourself"