8-15-16 List of What to Buy Now for Fall

August 18, 2016, 7:57 am by MSP


Last week I received an email from a twenty-something SYSter excited about the upcoming fall season. She was wondering what she should buy now for fall. She was thinking ahead and getting anxious about the new styles she might wear when the weather cools. One thing this young mom said that I thought was extremely intelligent was: "I know I need to purge before I splurge". I love this! She's right, by taking the time now and editing out what's not being worn, she'll be able to make sense of what's left in her closet...and can then start planning her fall wardrobe.  

This SYSter has a limited budget (don't we all?) and requested my suggestions for planning a fall wardrobe help keep her on budget. SYSter, your prayers have been answered! 


This week I'm giving you a LIST of what to buy NOW for fall!

This fall season it's all about the rich, deep tones: rust, merlot, berry and much more!

Talbots Wing-Collar Sweater Jacket (All Sizes)


Even though the temperatures are still soaring-start planning your fall wardrobe now. By analyzing your current wardrobe, you can decide what you'll need for fall and begin filling those holes with a few select pieces. Advanced planning means you'll spend LESS overall because you've taken the time to decide what you need vs. buying on impulse (this means you'll spend more). A few select fall pieces purchased now can help you spread out your wardrobe budget in a more manageable way too. But the best part is, most of what you buy now for fall can be worn today! 

Fall bargains are hiding in those sales racks! Look carefully on the clearance summer racks, you'll find lots of basic wardrobe items in deeper fall colors (teal, rust, deep red, peacock blue, chocolate brown, mustard) you can wear these now (with white) and as the weather cools (with other deep neutrals). All you'll need to add is a light sweater or scarf as the weather cools!

Much of your current wardrobe can easily take you into mid-September (and beyond in warmer climates). By simply mixing and matching your current wardrobe in clever ways as well as adding a light layer or two...you will look stylish and feel comfortable during this transition time of summer into fall. This week I'll show you wardrobe ideas for dressing during this 'in-between' weather time. 

Right now take an inventory of what you love in your current wardrobe (you'll want more of these in fall colors) and also decide what new fall trends popping up in the stores you might want to wear. In a couple of weeks, I'll be sharing "The Big Fall Preview 2016"  with my top fall selections for the latest clothes, shoes, handbags + accessories! I'll share the newest seasonal colors and trends, as well as how to wear them (look for this big shopping guide in August).

Get in your closet first. Decide what you love and what you are missing, and what you still need. Make a list of your wardrobe needs and pop it in your purse for safe keeping. Now, assess what you are no longer wearing. Take a moment and really know WHY you don't wear something. This can help you avoid making this same mistake again. Remove this closet clutter now so you can start transitioning your closet into fall next month.

Purchase layering pieces in deep colors. Keep in mind, even some light summer tops and tanks can be layered when the weather cools. As early fall arrives, you will find the fluctuating temperatures makes layering your best style option. Fall mornings start out cool and by mid-day you're hot as can be (yes, I know it's hot right now...but, remember those cooler mornings in the fall???)


This light-weight layering tee is perfect for early fall.

This tee comes in several rich colors you can wear many ways...

Talbots Pima Cotton Rounded Square Neck Tee ( Many Colors-All Sizes)


Start dreaming of your "fantasy fall wardrobe". Half the fun of a new season is in planning your new wardrobe. This week, we will take the practical steps to make it a reality!

Love, Leslie MSP

Find out what to buy now for fall!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week's Style Mission is to invest on ONE basic wardrobe piece. Take baby steps and look to purchase only ONE quality wardrobe item you really, really need. 

Since 70% of a woman's wardrobe should be made up of basics, it's time to invest in one piece to keep your wardrobe looking its best. Think about what you still really need. Look at your wardrobe list and see what is still missing. Do you need a new pair of straight-legged pants or boot-cut jeans or perhaps a classic blazer? (Check "Wardrobe Basics" in your Personal Profile and see what is recommended.)

Take advantage of the awesome sales going on right now. Check the clearance racks for whatever basic piece you are looking for...but remember: keep your blinders on (don't get side tracked) and get only that one item you really need! 

Love, Leslie MSP

Wardrobe looking a little dull and boring?

Add colorful classics to your wardrobe!


Halogen 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (many colors-petite, misses)


What SYSters are Saying

Leslie, I was wallowing in trying to camouflage extra poundage, lamenting the days in the 1980s when I used to wear very put together power suits, when I came across MSP on FlyLady. Wow! What a difference! I still am dealing with the weight issue but I don't look like I rolled out of bed, as my Mom would say, anymore. Thanks, Leslie, for helping me spend my well-earned dollars to look like a million! I now enjoy shopping because I know exactly what I need. What a great feeling to look in my closet and be ready for anything! Lori Ann


MSP HERE: Dear SYSters,

Below is an email that is emotionally charged. But then again, it is reason WHY I created MissusSmartyPants.com in the first place! I wanted to offer affordable style help for all women. If women can gain back their style confidence they once had, then they can truly love the woman that they are today!

After reading this email I sat and thought about it for awhile. Why does this happen? Why do some women live for years feeling "style-less" and lacking self-confidence? Why? There are no clear cut answers here, and every one is a bit different...but I guess the best answer is: life happens. Sometimes we so busy with everything and everyone else, we think it is selfish to care for ourselves. We get lost in the mix of life.

As we get older we should feel more confident in our own skin--not hate our bodies. I'm on a mission to do everything in my power to help women gain confidence through dressing better! A positive self-image helps a woman feel better about herself.

Fortunately, this woman (in the email below) has worked through the pain and past hurts and is now taking her life from this day forward. Please, if you are struggling with low self-esteem and belittling your own body, start taking baby steps to turn this negative pattern around.

Fondly, Leslie MSP


Dear Leslie,

Thank you from the bottom of my heart!!! I am in purple puddles as I write and tell you how you have helped me. I started with a 3 month trial membership and I renewed it for a 12 month membership because your service is so invaluable and worth every penny!!!

I am not slowly accepting my body for the way it is. This idea has completely changed how I think about myself. Since my style has improved so much, I look years younger and everyone tells me how great I look. I would never thought this possible a few years ago.

Unfortunately I found out about you too late. I have been divorced for about a year now. I don't think I would be divorced if I had known about your service a couple of years ago. It is sad but true!

You see I had become one of those women who lost touch with who I was and a lot suffered because of it.  At the time my twin girls were living in a chaotic home without routines and I was a mess.

I stopped taking care of myself, left my hair uncut and wore a headband everyday. What did I wear? Anything loose to "hide" the extra pounds I never lost after my girls were born. I wore handed down clothes or a few of my maternity clothes even though I was no longer pregnant. When I see old pictures of me with my girls I can't believe I looked so awful and I tear up.

I told myself I would lose the weight but never really tried. It seemed wasteful to buy new clothes if I couldn't lose the weight. Of course I set myself up for something that would never happen. I didn't feel worthy enough for some thing new and I think this depressed me more.

Looking back it is no wonder my husband no longer found me desirable. I was repulsed by my own body. I shut him out emotionally and I used excuses to keep him away. I didn't feel good about myself and it showed in every part of my life.

I had spiraled down from a confident good looking woman that he had married to a woman who was lost and unhappy. I was a mom with a short temper and constantly argued with my former husband.

I think my first "aha" moment came when I attended an office party with my husband. I walked in and right away I felt out of place. What made me feel bad was seeing the women who worked at the office look nice compared to me.  They cared about themselves and it was obvious I didn't. I could see how my husband found coming home to me (disorganized and unhappy) not a pleasant thing. Our marriage didn't work out.

I have been in counseling for some time and I'm finding out loving yourself is the center of it all. I have come so far since my divorce. I think I am a better woman now even though it was the hardest thing I have ever faced. Can you believe that?

It doesn't matter how women finally see the light, but they should use whatever motivational tools (like you) so they can learn to love themselves.  

MSP has been part of my healing process and I do love myself enough now to work on taking care of my body, being there for my twin dd's, and reclaim my life back. I appreciate this life the good Lord has given me.

Sorry this was long but thank you again for helping me to become a better woman and FLY again! 

Fondly, Carole


Dear Leslie,

Thanks for offering this useful service! I am not only learning about style, but having fun too.

I know you give us wardrobe help each week but I also need more help with my appearance. I want to get my hairstyled and my eyebrows groomed (they are dark and bushy). I tried to tweeze my eyebrows but it makes me sneeze! Any suggestions would be appreciated. 

Thanks so much, Anna

Use this tips below to make shaping your eyebrows easier!

MSP HERE: Dear Anna,

Sneezing happens a lot when you pluck your eyebrows! When you tweeze your brows, you are triggering your trigeminal nerve between your brow and nose. To help minimize this reaction, try pressing down on your arch with your finger as you shape. Also, only tweeze right after a shower when your eyebrown hairs are softer. 

Hope this helps! 

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. This was last week's Style Mission. Consider having a professional eyebrow shaping done at a salon.