8-8-16 Wardrobe Stretching Ideas

August 7, 2016, 2:34 pm by MSP


Short on cash? From summer vacations to back-to-school shopping, your budget will be busting at the seams. This leaves nothing left in your wallet for refreshing your wardrobe-just as the seasons start to change!

This week's article is perfect for the budget-strapped SYSter, because it's about how to take a few key pieces and re-mix them for fall. 

You can create a multitude of outfits using only a few key pieces. It's your "remix" skills that will make your style great, and extremely affordable. That's the best part; there is NO NEED TO SPEND MONEY! Wardrobe Stretching Ideas will show you how to put together better style using what you've already got.

What's a sundress and print skirt have in common? They are both summer basics that are in this week's article. You will see how to wear them in unique, creative ways. I'll also share how to add more color interest into your outfits, plus much, much more. Fact: A small amount of clothes can become many stylish outfits!


This week, find out what to add to style this dress for summer AND what to add later when the weather cools...

One dress- yet so many ways to wear it!

Talbots Edie Fit & Flare Striped Dress (All Sizes)


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

Look years younger! Sounds kinda like an “infomercial” doesn't it? Well, it’s not. By simply grooming your brows you will look years younger—or at least not as tired.

Take your bushy brows in for a professional eyebrow shaping. (At my salon the service is $18) A pro will shape and define your arches according to their natural flow and what flatters your face. A more polished (but not over-plucked) brow will open up the face, and once the base shape is established, maintenance means simply tweezing away any strays that crop up. You can also DIY right after a shower when your skin is still damp!

You’ll be glad you did this week's Style Mission. In fact, I’d love to hear from you. Share your stories/testimonials about your “eye raising” experience and how you look so much better. Email me at: missusmsp@windstream.net

Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying


"No-show underwear? What's the name of them?"

Hi, A while ago, there was mention of a no show panty that Missus Smarty Pants recommended. I cannot find the article that stated the name. Could you please let me know the name? Thank you, Janet


MSP HERE: That's a good question! The brand of underwear I recommend are from Soma.com. The are called the Vanishing Edge Panty. Say bye-bye to VPL...it's a thing of the past!


Dear MSP,
Thank you so much for the right handbag for your shape article.
I had a summer bag that I liked the bright colors but it just did not seem to 'fit' me.
Then I read this article. I first tried shortening the strap but it still seemed like it did not fit.
I decided to take your advice and buy a bright bag that is opposite of my cute curves.
I did have to keep it smaller because of my petite frame, but went with a squarer shape.
I think that maybe in the fall I can buy a long lasting bag instead of the inexpensive ones I always buy each season because I tire of them so fast now that I know how to pick out the right bag for my shape and petite frame.
I also found a great floral print summer tee (DressBarn) that I love, love, love and now I know what to keep in closet. I want to love all my clothes the way this one piece makes me feel.
Thank you for the inspiration and your style advice.
MSP HERE: Donna, This article about selecting the right handbag for your shape has been a popular one. Since we carry our handbags on a daily basis, it has a huge impact on our appearance. The right size and shape will make you look your best!
At MissusSmartyPants.com we are happy to send this article for FREE if you are a paid member and missed it. Just contact customer service and we'll get you a copy emailed. 
Love, Leslie MSP
P. S. Here is a link to the recent style blog regarding handbags. Again, the complete article is available upon request!


Hello Leslie;
I took a past weekly style challenge to get "out of the box", and found a cute little sleeveless shift at my local consignment store. I NEVER wear anything sleeveless – but I thought I’ll try it.
I wore this little ($15.00) sleeveless dress and everyone (including my husband) thought I looked great! So thanks for the challenge to grow and stretch a bit - I love my subscription to your service and learn something almost every week.
FLYing in Nova Scotia