7-25-16 Hot Savings-Cool Style

July 24, 2016, 3:43 pm by MSP


"Buy the best quality you can afford" is a mantra you often hear as a MissusSmartyPants SYSter. But, what if you could purchase the best quality merchandise...yet at bargain-basement prices? Well, then that would be even better!

It's July! This month is all about summer sales. Now is the time to get what you need (and want) on top quality pieces you'll wear all the way into the fall!

The savings are happening NOW! Stores are drastically marking-down summer merchandise in order to make room for fall clothing (arriving in August...yeah, I know, it's always sooo dang hot when we start seeing wool sweaters again). 


It's still July…and that means sales, sales, sales!

Can you say up to 70 percent off?!


We are not talking high finance here, just savvy shopping every SYSter deserves. July is when the stores must clear out all things summer related to make room for the new bulkier fall clothes. Stores know the fall season is typically their best retail season, so they are anxious to get it started—and that means, the summer merchandise must go!

This is the month to stock up on bargains! However, it is important you know how to make the most of the July sales. If you don’t have a basic wardrobe plan and a list of needs (tucked into your handbag) you might end up buying something impulsively because it’s at a “bargain”. Know what you need before you go to the sales.

Keep these 4 savvy-shopping strategies in mind before shopping the July sales:

1. Know what a bargain really is. A bargain is only a true bargain if it has value to you. A bargain must equal value (not necessarily the price paid). So, if an item is something you would purchase at full price, if it is something you need, then it's a bargain at a discounted price because it holds VALUE to you.

2. Take a deep breath. Just like putting down your fork when you are getting full, if you take a moment and pause you might make the decision not to purchase an item because you don’t really need it...after all. Pause when you find yourself getting caught up in “saving money”. Before going to the check-out counter ask yourself: Do I love it, am I really going to have it altered, and do I have at least three things I can wear it with?

3. Shop it now. Timing is everything when it comes to hitting the sale racks. It is best to shop mid-week (that’s when they start marking down merchandise) and become friendly with the sales staff because they know when the blouse you love will be marked down. Right now is the time for summer markdowns for the entire family. Stock up now on summer basics because most kids want to wear new shorts back-to-school—not wool pants!

4. Read the fine print. Sometimes you just need to try it on at home to decide if it is really a good bargain for you. Be aware of the store’s sale policy prior to purchasing. At some stores, SALES ARE FINAL!


This Thursday: How I shop the sale racks in July.

Find out how to get the best value for your dollar. I’ll tell you what to buy now so you won’t need to make so many purchases come fall. Wise purchases now, means you can actually extend your summer wardrobe into the fall! That means you'll look more stylish--yet spend a heck of a lot LESS!
Love, Leslie MSP

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THIS WEEK: Discover your “signature style”
What style describes you best? Are you a classic, conservative, funky, preppy, or perhaps a romantic? Maybe even you're a mixture of several styles?
It’s important that your clothes reflect who you are as a woman. If you purchase styles that trendy but not “you” they will only hang in your closet and be a waste of money.
Know your “signature style” and then don’t venture too far from it. When you wear a “signature style” you always feel comfortable in what you are wearing. It also saves you money by not being a victim to all the seasonal trends.

This week, think about your style. Decide how YOU want to define it.

What is your "signature" style?


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I must be one of those unsophisticated shoppers --poor me! (I kid!) However, I must agree with Julie. Unfortunately, it has taken me a lifetime to finally figure out my wardrobe and my style. Without knowing my body type, I had finally begun to identify the type of cuts and colors that worked best on me, but I always leaned toward the basic things in neutral colors which I found pretty boring, but I didn't know what to do about it. Occasionally, I would stumble upon a cute combination, but I was frustrated that I couldn't do it all the time. Fortunately, this site and the style booklet helped me figure out what I was doing wrong (and how to get it right), and I am so excited. Some people have the knack and budget for this sort of thing and don't really need help, but for those who don't have the knack or the budget (or who could not in good conscience spend $700 for a pair of boots no matter their budget), it has been a blessing. I am having a blast rediscovering my wardrobe, putting outfits together and filling in the gaps. I shop now with purpose, and I try to buy the highest quality with the lowest price, so I can look cute and still have a clear conscience. For me, this little booklet was more than worth the price!!! Cyntneal



Leslie: I joined MSP a few years ago, but never fully utilized the content. I let my membership lapse and then rejoined last November. Since then, I have fully embraced everything I have learned (well, except a total closet purge - that's always a work in progress). I have been really focused on buying clothing for my body style and not trying to conform my body to fit the clothing. It has paid off tremendously. I have gained new confident in myself, my shopping abilities and I have received so many wonderful compliments. I recently starting blogging about my style of fashion and beauty choices and it has been so much fun to show off what I have learned. Thank you so much for everything that you do to help women literally find themselves. ~Amy