7-7-16 Style Challenged No More!

July 4, 2016, 2:15 pm by MSP



Self improvement starts by giving yourself permission. You really can become a confident woman that's "Style Challenged No More"! But first, you have to give yourself permission. You need to explore what it is that is holding you back. More than likely, it's part not knowing what is stylish (for your body type) and part feeling you are not worthy (self-sabotage) of improved style. 

We are often our own worst enemy. Most often, it's US that holds ourselves back from being our best. We stop short and make EXCUSES why we can't do something. Self-sabotaging thoughts start to creep in and hold us back from updating our style, or from doing whatever else we deem worthy, yet fear we might not be good at--so don't even try. Sometimes it's guilt that tell us 'NO' you don't deserve it, it costs too much, or you might not be successful so don't even try.


Feeling out-of-step with your style? 

Are you ready to become "Style Challenged No More"???


"Self-sabotage is when we say we want something and then go about making sure it doesn't happen." 

~ Alyce P. Cornyn-Selby



It's time to break the habit of self-sabotage! You know the feeling...when 'things are going right' it gets little scary; so you self-sabotage so you fail as a way to control the situation-you actually end up hurting yourself. If you are prone to this sort of behavior, these tips this week will help you hit the "RESET BUTTON".

1) Survey what you are doing

Forget justifying why you did (or didn't do) this or that; just watch yourself. The adage "Don't listen to what people say, but watch what they do" can be applied to yourself as well. Imagine you're someone else whose watching your behavior. Ask yourself: Why did I act that way? Was it the need to be in control (even if that control is related to making things fail) or was it the need for excitement through conflict, or the desire for attention or sympathy from others? Why?

2) Success is not black or white

Imagine what true success will be like. It may be different from what you'd been unconsciously assuming. Successful relationships, for example, don't work well all of the time; earning more money won't solve all your problems. Success isn't black or white; it's all relative. So remember that becoming successful (in whatever way) won't feel so strange when it happens because it's a natural part of being human - but the idea of success may feel strange.

3) Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater

I love this saying the most...because people most often self-sabotage because of their perfectionism! They say to themselves if it isn't perfect, then what's the point? You may have heard that people on strict diets trying to lose weight will more likely overeat if they feel they have veered off their diet even slightly: "What the hell, I've totally blown it now. I might as well completely binge!" People not on diets don't do this as often. So if you have a little setback or mini-failure...consciously stop yourself from throwing it all away. STOP seeing things that go 'a little wrong' as wrong and therefore ruin it completely.

It might be a little scary—but this is actually going to be fun! This week at MissusSmartyPants.com we will explore steps we can take to change our attitude (and mind set) that will help us CHANGE OUR STYLE. The truth is, you are stronger and smarter than you think from any excuses that are currently holding back your style (You know those negative thoughts: I can't possibly be stylish unless I lose '20 lbs' or declutter my closet first, or have to wait until my kids grow up, or now I'm too old to bother). It’s time to take a leap of faith and FLY (finally loving yourself) and embrace the better style you deserve! Give yourself permission and let style FLY this week.


Are you this woman who has put everyone on top your priority list--except yourself?

If you have 'crashed and burned' it's time to take steps to better style--and a better YOU!


Improved style it not selfish! This week with MissusSmartyPants help, you'll learn how to stop sabotaging your style. Renewing your style will rejuvenate your spirit like nothing else! It's time to put an end to the excuses and start giving yourself permission to look fabulous!

Fabulous style starts by giving yourself permission... 


Start FLYing today! Finally Love Yourself. Learn how to dress for your Body Type!


MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: It's a jewelry box raid!

Dig in to the depths of your jewelry box(es) and pull out a few forgotten 'vintage' pieces like statement necklaces, interesting earrings, unique brooches, lockets, etc. This week we give 'em a second chance to "Show Your Style" SYSter!

Got a long strand of pearls you never wear? How about layering them with a long chained locket for an eclectic look or simply tie them in a knot! Pull out a one-of-a-kind bracelet and plan an outfit based on the colors of that bracelet (you can do this with a brooch or scarf too). Get creative and have fun creating new looks with long-lost jewelry!

My 2 jewelry boxes and 2 top dresser drawers (yes, I have 2 large drawers full of jewelry too since I previously owned a jewelry business) are desperately in need organizing and there’s lots of great stuff in there I really should be wearing. I’m going through it this week and start wearing somet

Join me and challenge yourself with this week’s Style Mission (as well as this week's style article) and together we will “Show Your Style”!


Cool necklace ideas for you! 

(On left) Wrap a strand of pearls around your neck several times--then add a brooch.

OR (On right) intertwine 2 necklaces to create 1 unique necklace!



Love, Leslie MSP


What SYSters are Saying



I've been a member of msp for some time and quite enjoy it. I save money now that I know what clothing to buy. My closet is leaner than when I first subscribed to your service but I actually have more wearable clothes. I feel so confident now that I know how to put together outfits. People say I look "put together". Haha, you have to love that!!! 

Thanks, Rose