09-23-14 Owing Your Style

September 22, 2014, 4:36 pm by MSP


It's all about you. It really is. You have to "own" your own style in order to feel confident about it. You have to feel good in your own skin. These certainly aren't easy tasks by any means! In fact, they are HUGE monumental ones!!! Each one of us is on a journey in life that will not always be easy. Sometimes we struggle with our confidence because we don't feel good about what we are wearing or how we look. This lack of confidence about our looks can be paralyzing. Often we don't do anything about it...but make excuses.

"Owning your style" is not something you suddenly learn to do...then check the box "Done". No, style is something that ebbs and flows throughout your lifetime. Style means sometimes you feel pretty and put-together; but then other times you're feeling like you're a hot-mess (style-wise)! It's up to YOU to continually nurture your appearance so that you feel you've got ownership to your sense of style. Looking your best shows others (but more importantly, yourself) that you are worthy of looking and feeling fabulous.


How are you going to update and improve your style this fall?

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Self doubt creeps in. Just when you are feeling pretty good about how you look, there is always a woman that is "better looking" than you.  (This of course is how you internalize it when you see another woman that you think is prettier than you, younger than you or more stylish than you...all of this is in your head and is not necessarily the reality).

Keep it real. That is what "owning" your style is all about. The truth is: there is no "perfect" sense of style just as there is no "perfect" shaped body. Believe it. Most of the interpretation is done with what's between your ears (that's your brain folks, and how you perceive your style and your body). Each and every one of us is deserving of fabulous style! However, there are often underlying issues and fears about "owning your own style" that keeps many women from believing that they could "be" that stylish gal.

A stylish, well put-together appearance is an elusive quality for many because they think they don't "deserve" it. Too many women are missing out of how wonderful it feels to feel good about one's own appearance. Too many women are putting their style on the back burner. Too many women are viewing others looking fabulous while they remain on the side lines!

I am continually blessed. I am blessed with a unique opportunity to meet women (style SYSters just like you) who are on journeys of self-discovery. Along the way they want to improve their appearance as well as their self-image. (Whether it's an in-person meeting or via the phone or email) It doesn't matter her age, shape or size... she is trying to figure out how to improve her style and like what is reflected back in the mirror. Let's work together here at MissusSmartyPants.com and support and love each other. As women we are in it together and can learn so much from each other.


Finally get that "pulled together" look you've always dreamed of!


Start by working with the body you have today...

Dress your shape AND use this week's tips to make it finally happen!



Some woman are always going to look better. It always happens. Some women always look fabulous no matter what. The worst part is their style seems to happen without much effort. They look wonderful no matter their age (sometimes shape or size...but usually they are "thinner" than us). Then there are other women that struggle to put together anything that resembles “stylish”.  Why do we continually struggle and feel we are in the later group? This week, we'll discover how to join the first group of women with put-together style. It might surprise that most of things that are holding back your style have little to do with your actual wardrobe!

As we age it gets harder to have that “pulled together” look that we all want. As older women, we are afraid to wear clothes that are too young--just as much as we are afraid to wear “old lady” matronly styles. What is the best way to dress as an older woman? How can we dress with more style confidence and "own our style" as an older woman?

Stop the excuses! We have lots of excuses why our style has never come together or why we feel we can NOT have fabulous style like the others do. In order to understand why--we have to understand our EXCUSES. We have to begin the journey down a path not yet taken. We have to start believing in us and that we are good enough--today...just the way we are!

First let’s begin with the “excuses” that hold us back from "owing" our own style:

__I am a stay-at-home mom (or retired) and hardly ever go anywhere.

__I don’t have time because: I have kids, a job, I get up too early, long list of responsibilities I have to do, etc.

__People should love me for what’s inside—it doesn’t matter how I look.

__I work in a super-casual environment—I’d feel funny dressing up.

__I’m a no-fuss sort of gal.

__It takes too much work and I’d feel silly.

__I can’t afford to purchase anything.

__I’m too old and style is only for the young.

__I’ve gained weight and nothing will look good on me.

__I don’t deserve to feel pretty—that is for someone else.

__I don’t care what other people think.

ALL of these are excuses (or “stinkin’ thinking”) and they are holding YOU back from feeling great about your personal appearance! Today I want you to discover the beauty of “Owing Your Own Style”. Come and grab that elusive style you have always visualized having and make it a reality!

No longer will you let excuses hinder your style (like: I’m too old, too fat, I can’t afford it or don’t deserve it). Instead, your clothing choices and style will finally reflect the status you have earned as a grown woman.


On Thursday, learn secrets to "Owning Your Style"  I’ll call you out on your negative thinking (excuses) that holds you back from having fabulous style you deserve. More importantly, I’ll also show you how to express your own brand of personal style!

Judy Garland once said, “Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rater version of someone else”. Isn’t time you allow your style to finally be all it can be?


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MSP's Weekly Style Mission

This week’s Style Mission: Break the fashion rules!

Are you looking for new ways to dress? Are you currently in a style rut? Want to renew your wardrobe and perhaps give yourself perhaps a “younger” looking vibe? Well then ladies, ditch the "old" fashion rules and try something new this week.

Do you remember these "rules"? Match your shoes to your handbag. How about wearing eye shadow color the same as the shirt or dress you are wearing? Dated! How about not wearing white after Labor Day? Or never ever wearing brown and black together-ever! Let's forget these OLD rules! They no longer apply.


DO follow your fit guidelines for your body type but remember:

You don't have to color inside the lines to have a pretty picture. Syle is like that too.

Be unique...be you.


This week: un-match your handbag with your shoes. Instead, choose a bright colored handbag. Wear a neutral eye shadow that compliments your eye color or learn how to apply makeup in a more youthful way (tip: less is more). Wear white because you want to wear it and the fabric (thicker twill) is fine for any season.  Mix browns and blacks together by adding a touch of animal print with any of your accessories. Add a skinny belt over your top because it would look extra cute OR wear a new accessory and this time make it something BOLD!!!

How are you going to break free of the fashion rules that have been holding back your style?

Style is a creative thing...and afterall it's YOUR style we're talking about. Style is about expressing yourself—so break the “rules” a little bit. Show off your creative side (and fabulous personality) with the clothes you wear. You've got this!

Love, Leslie MSP

P.S. Email your style stories to me at: missusmsp@yahoo.com

I'll share your fab stories in next week's Style Blog!


What SYSters are Saying


"I didn't feel worthy enough..."

Dear MSP,

Thank you for your needed service! I have to say that my whole life I 
have never paid much attention to fashions. I thought it was something 
foreign that I would never understand and besides my feelings about my 
heavy body have always been negative. Covering it up in baggy
 tee-shirts seemed like the best answer.

 I am 58 years old now, I have now been out of an abusive relationship 
for 2 years and I am struggling to find a new image. I have come so 
far since the days I felt I was a bad person and not worthy of 
anything nice. My mother always told me I was not good enough and it
 seems like it stuck in my head with everything I did in my life.

 I found your site through FlyLady, and wanted to be like the other 
women that said they feel pretty.

I ordered a profile to see what it 
was all about. I have to say for the "fashion impaired" like me, it 
makes sense. I have since purchased several of your suggestions and
 WOW! I can not believe that dressing the right way has brought about 
such an unbelievable change in how I look and feel! 

Who would have known that I would feel this good! After all those lost
 years of suffering I finally feel like a new person! It is almost like
an out of body experience or something! Lol! Thank you!

New fluttering syster, Tina



Thank you so much for your reply...and for shooting straight from the 
hip! (A bit of a pun coming from a "C", I guess.) You know, you're right, I try to "hide" in my clothes - but it only makes me look 
bigger, the one thing I DIDN'T want to do! I never thought of boots 
w/that skirt before, but I think that WOULD look good. And I always 
thought a baggy top would help balance my naturally baggy bottom -
WRONG! Deliver me from matronly!!

 So, I will look for a shorter skirt (as you suggested), a more fitted

I just want you to know I appreciate all you do! When I was 13, my dad 
left. This put us immediately into the poverty bracket - even having
 to forage for food in dumpsters at times. I had very few clothes and
 none of them were appropriate - kids made fun of me. I became
 horribly insecure. God has blessed me w/a wonderful husband who has
 helped me learn to buy things for myself (because I am worthy after
all) and with you to help me learn what things to buy. 

The things I wear according to your guidelines always bring me 
compliments - which means a lot to someone w/ a crippled self-confidence. 
I am truly grateful to you. Name Withheld


Thanks for urging us to have a bra fitting...

I finally had my fitting last week, and it turned out that I have been wearing the correct size, at least for some bras all these years (40 or so.) I hadn't had a bra fitting for ages (really can't remember how long), and I found that different bras fit in different ways. While my "new" bra is the same size as my old ones, it fits much better. I had not gone sooner since I am so small breasted, and I thought that the bra issue was only important for larger breasted women (like my daughter). Anyway, now my straps aren't falling down and annoying me all the time, and I don't need to keep re-adjusting my bra. Thanks again. Linda