04-14-14 10 Items, 28 Outfits!

April 14, 2014, 3:30 pm by MSP


Get ready, get set...it's time to do something truly amazing with your closet AND with your wardrobe! This week you are going to transform the way you think about your clothes and your wardrobe planning (or lack of planning and just gettin' dressed in a mad rush each morning). Yes, you are going to be transformed...right along with ME!

I've recently been on a new style mission of sorts where I created 28 "new" outfits using only 10 items from my closet (no recent shopping trips for me). And as a woman that always wants to look top-notch and feel stylish in whatever I'm wearing; I don't like to spend a lot of money. However, if something is worth investing in, then I'm all in. But I strongly feel being "fashionable" should mean you never lose sight of your budget. I feel you should challenge yourself with your wardrobe...and then, suddenly you don't need as much--and you are all the more stylish for it! It's a win-win sort of thing we all need to do more of!!!


Find your favorite little corner. Because that's all the space you'll need in your closet...only one little corner! We are only using 10 items from your closet; so figure out what else you can do with the rest of your closet!!! Renting it out comes to mind...but I'll leave that up to you, LOL!

This week I am sharing my photos of all 28 outfits with you. That's right. Right from my closet, I created 28 outfits using only 10 items! You are going to be amazed at how fabulous you too can look when you do the same with your wardrobe.

Simply use this week's style article as "cue cards" and create these stylish outfits for yourself!


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MSP’s Weekly Style Mission

At MissusSmartyPants.com it is “anti procrastination” week! That’s it. This week we put an end to being continually at the bottom of our “to do” list.

This week’s Style Mission is to finally make that hair appointment, get measured for a bra, take a makeup lesson, have the eye brows shaped—or whatever else you have neglected to do personally for yourself.


Don't forget to clean your makeup brushes! (They collect germs)

Gently wash them with a drop of shampoo, then rinse and set aside to dry...


This week do ONE pampering mission. It will be like giving yourself a hug (and we all need more hugs!). Let’s FLY together!


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"I received the eBook, Fashionably Fabulous At Any Age. Thank you! I have read it and it is such a good book. I really appreciate it. Kindest Regards, Denise Melbourne Australia"


I'm a stay-at-home mom of 4. I've been subscribing for 2+ years now and am slowly being transformed.  (Lack of both time and money to shop makes it a slow process, but I'm well on my way!)
Today my husband and I received an invitation to dinner at a very nice restaurant.  After I hung up the phone, my 1st thought was "When can I find time to go shopping?  I don't have anything to wear!" 

But then I realized, Yes, I DO have something to wear!  Thanks to you, I've got a casual-nice black and white A-line skirt and a pretty white lightweight sweater (both Goodwill finds) and stylish black flats! 
Now all I have to worry about is finding a sitter.  :)
Thanks a ton!!!
Michelle (Portland, OR)

Dear Michelle,

Thanks for sharing your story with me!

Your testimony proves my point that when you invest in a couple of great wardrobe pieces, you’re ready for anything at a moment’s notice!

I also LOVE, LOVE, LOVE that you found flattering styles for your body type at a secondhand store. I always say, “It doesn’t matter WHERE you shop, but HOW you shop!”

Knowing the styles that are best for your body type makes you a smart and savvy shopper!

Love, Leslie MSP



I just signed up last week.  I ordered some things from the Personal Profile shopping guide the week you were at Nordstrom.  I am a body type E.  

Thank you so much.  I feel like I have not been attentive to my clothes and accessories in many, many years.  Thanks for helping me get back on track. It feels so good!

Love, Belinda