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October 14, 2019, 2:55 pm by MSP
  How many times have you dressed and wondered if you are wearing a style or trend correctly? Do you often have doubts if the fit of your clothing is right? Well, wonder no more. This week, together we explore how to "wear it right". Just last week while standing in a long check-out line, the woman in front of me turned around and commented on my tied scarf. She said she had noticed me shopping earlier and had always wished she knew how to tie a scarf like mine. I smiled at her and quickly showed her how easy it three quick steps. She was amazed it wasn't that hard to do and said she would be eternally grateful that I showed her how. This woman appreciated this brief moment of style help because now she will start wearing her scarves that are buried away[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 7, 2019, 1:35 pm by MSP
  Mornings are becoming cool enough to start the day with a light sweater (or jacket). It's refreshing to feel a bit of crispness in the air. This change in weather also means it's the start of layered outfits. However, many women come across a few problems when they try to create a cool "layered" look. If done wrong, your layered look can make you look over-dressed, or even worse; heavier than you really are.   Wearing layers correctly, not only helps you adjust to the fluctuating fall temperatures; it's also very stylish! Talbots Lined Quilted Vest (petite, misses, plus sizes)   Careful! You don't want to look like the Michelin Man!  This week: "5-Steps To A Perfectly Layered Outfit" shows you how to[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 30, 2019, 2:08 pm by MSP
  Are you sad summer is coming to a close? Honestly, I'm not. I've grown weary of the heat and humidity and I'm ready to kick my flip-flops to the back of the closet. I'm psyched for the arrival of cooler days, which means lots of layering opportunities. From boots to blazers...I say, bring-it-on!!!     This week, get pumped-up for fifteen (15) inspiring fall looks (you will want to "copy"). From office to weekend-these chic outfits will get you energized for cooler fall weather!     ​Join today and get MSP's "Inspiring Fall Outfits" article + access to a body specific dressing plan   MSP's Weekly Style Mission This week: Take care of what you already own. NO shoppin[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 23, 2019, 1:41 pm by MSP
  Buy Less, Have More Style   Are you heading into this new season hoping that this will be your most stylish one yet? I am here to help you achieve that goal.   This is your guide to buying less, shopping better, and transforming your style in the process. Sounds like a mighty big accomplishment (and it is) yet it is so doable. I’m sharing 12 rules to buying less, yet increasing your style.     The right essentials in your closet will e-x-p-a-n-d your wardrobe (while saving you $$$ in the process). This week, find out what to have in your core wardrobe for fall!         This week: 12 wardrobe rules, or resolutions to undertake now so that you can make space, save[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 16, 2019, 1:54 pm by MSP
  Do you sometimes look in the mirror and know there's something off with what you're wearing? Yet, the bigger problem is; you have no idea what it is, or how to fix it! It's frustrating when what you’re wearing doesn't look quite right. It's even more frustrating when you like the color or the style, but again, something doesn’t look quite right. Every woman wants to look her best. But not every woman has it figured out how she can fix her style mis-haps, or how to avoid them all together.     This week is for you. The answers of how to wear something this way-not that way. This week's article is full of ideas to "wear it this way, not that way"!   STOP "making do" with waistlines too tight or gaping. Don't think th[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 14, 2019, 7:47 am by MSP
  Dear MissusSmartyPants, You mention the importance of having more basics in your wardrobe frequently, but I'm not sure what constitutes a basic. I'm assumming it's clothing that are simply constructed, but won't that make your wardrobe boring and plain? Can you help out a style newbie? Why should we have more basics and exactly what are they? Many thanks, Carole What's a wardrobe basic? MSP HERE: Dear Carole, That's a great question. Wardrobe basics are the foundation (or strength) of your wardrobe. Your wardrobe should be 70-80% of these basic items: dark denims, dress slacks, casual pants, classic shorts, cotton v-neck sweaters, cardigans, button-down shirts, dress blouses, cotton tees (various sleeve lengths), basic sheath[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 12, 2019, 8:23 am by MSP
    Are you stuck in a fashion moment?!?   Sometimes it’s so obvious to other people, yet it isn’t noticeable to you.    Could it be others wonder why your style is outdated, while you don’t know you’ve been stuck in a fashion moment? All of us hope that I am referring to another woman! But, could it be you?         Can’t see the forest through the trees? Perhaps. Ask yourself the following questions and find out!   Here are the 4 biggest fashion mistakes women make:   1. Having the same hairstyle year after year. You are getting older, but perhaps that same style you wore as a teen just isn’t flattering as it use to be.   2. Followin[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 9, 2019, 2:32 pm by MSP
  Some things in life are inevitable. Like taxes and getting older. Another thing that happens, as we age...we tend to gain a little "extra" around our middle! Between dealing with an over-scheduled life, and natural shifts in our hormones; before we know it...we end up with "a little extra" around our waistline. We can do our best (diet and exercise) to combat the extra in the middle-however a really BIG part is dressing to slim the middle.  What is the best way to dress when your waistline is somewhat undefined? Should you continue to squeeze into what you've always worn, or hide under something loose and baggy? The correct answer is NEITHER. Both are poor choices for women with undefined waists. Both (squeezing into tight clothes or wearin[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 2, 2019, 4:46 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters,  Here in the South, the weather continues to be warm, with a few days of lower humidity (thank goodness). With cooler mornings soon on their way, all that will be needed is a light jacket or sweater before heading out the door. Welcome to early fall. Cooler weather will be a welcome change, and quite refreshing. It's almost fall! Prep now; before the new season...and be right in-step with the latest fashion trends-yet there's nothing to buy! This week's article is about s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing your summer wardrobe into fall. It's about using those warm season items to create chic and "trendy" outfits for fall.  This week, get lots of clever ideas of how to wear (and layer) 10 items you already have in[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 26, 2019, 4:05 pm by MSP
  Denims. As the fall season begins, we start to set aside the shorts in favor of our favorite denims and blue jeans. Soon, they become one of our regular go-to items. Wouldn't you like to know your jeans are flattering for your shape? Our typical fall/winter outfits often consist of one of our favorite pairs of jeans matched up with knit tops, fuzzy sweaters, long tunics, a jacket and cardigan, plus a fun scarf added for good measure. This cold weather "uniform" is perfect; however the key is to make sure our jeans fit us properly. Don't let saggy inseams and ill-placed pockets make you look dated. Get the latest this week in denim styles and get your best fitting jeans based on your body type. Are your jeans flattering your body? Are you [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 19, 2019, 2:10 pm by MSP
  Fall is almost here...well, it officially starts September 23, but it is wardrobe planning season...and that's pretty awesome.  It's also week two (2) of the Fall Preview! Get excited, it's definitely time to plan your fall wardrobe. The weather is just beginning to show signs of change, and before you know will be wearing fuzzy sweaters, boots and tights again!    This week at MSP: Get the latest in fall trends, styles + trendy new autumn colors..   Find out which trends you'll want to add this season!   Before you buy-EDIT your wardrobe. I recommend a wardrobe "edit" at least every six months. Clean out and declutter your closet at least twice a[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 12, 2019, 7:47 am by MSP
  Fall is on its way! Okay, not just yet. However, is the best time to start planning your fall wardrobe. Whether you want to completely revamp your wardrobe, or just add in a few new pieces, MissusSmartyPants is ready to help you have the most stylish fall ever!    This week get your copy MSP's "The Big Fall Preview".   This in-depth style guide is one you'll use all season long! This complete guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things related to fall fashions and trends. Want to perk up your style? Don't know what to wear? You will find all the answers in MSP's "Big Fall Preview 2019". What to wear, how to wear it, and the new trends and fall colors.   T[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 5, 2019, 2:05 pm by MSP
  If the bra fits, wear it! Well, that's the crux of the problem. Too many women are not wearing a bra that fits them properly. Not only is this uncomfortable (slipping straps, or a band that digs into your flesh) this is not a good look either! Poor-fitting bras are everywhere! In fact, up to 80% of women are wearing the WRONG bra! Could this be you?! Could yours be wrong in size, or wrong in style--or both?   A poor fitting bra is not only uncomfortable--it's unflattering!   Ask yourself these fit questions: Does your bra band ride up in the back?  Does your breast tissue spill over or bulge under the cup?  Do your cups pucker or gap? OR, do your cups runneth[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 2, 2019, 7:55 am by MSP
  Wear color saturation correctly    The colors you wear together should be similar in intensity so that your look is cohesive. In other words, pastels go together and jewel tones should be worn together. It is best not to mix saturation because more often that not, it won’t look quite right.   Try these pleasing color combinations:  soft pink and mint green soft pink and heather gray mustard yellow and amethyst stone white (or tan) and pure white   Deep color combinations: fuchsia and navy  navy and kelly green   For stylish outfits, keep your color saturation equal in your top and bottom like this outfit with deep satu[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 20, 2019, 10:50 am by MSP
  What to Buy Now for Fall Seriously, why am mentioning fall right now? Yeah, I know it's hard to believe I just mentioned the fall season when it's so hot outside. Even though it will continue to be warm for at least another month, or so; now is the BEST time to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming season. Even Nordstrom knows this and offers new fall items at their Anniversary Sale through August 4th. Last week I received an email from a twenty-something SYSter excited about new fall fashions. She wants to know what she should buy now for fall? This young mom is planning ahead and getting anxious about the new styles she might wear when the weather cools. One of the things she said that I thought was so savvy is: "I kno[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 19, 2019, 4:05 pm by MSP
  25 Ways to Revamp Your Style Want to know the best ways to revamp your style? I thought so. I mean, what women doesn't, right? With so much crazy advice floating around the internet, in books, and in magazines, it can be hard to figure out what you should focus on. Should you follow the current trends, or try to define your own sense of style? Of course, you want to look your best for your age (or perhaps a few years younger) so, how much should you change your looks based on your age without looking like you're trying to be a teen again? This week's list of the "Top 25 Ways to Revamp Your Style" will help you check-off fabulous ways to look amazing-yet age appropriate!    This week: ROCK your unique style!    Ge[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 18, 2019, 8:48 am by MSP
  Did you know looking your best has a lot to do with the colors you wear? Perhaps you wear a lot of black because it's so slimming and it goes with everything, but is it your best color choice-or should you choose another neutral color instead? How do you know what's best? Here's an easy way to choose your best colors-choose based on your own natural coloring. Think of it this way, to look your best choose outfit colors that blend nicely with your eye, hair, and skin coloring. You can never go wrong when you do this. It's called dressing for your color value and contrast.   Take a look at the photos below. Notice how light skin, eyes, and hair looks best when wearing an outfit with a medium to low value and contrast vs. a deep eye, dark hair, and fair ski[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 15, 2019, 6:54 pm by MSP
  There is a certain contentment that comes from living a balanced life. You know, the comfort that comes from regular daily routines, or having a fairly set schedule-it just feels better than chaos.   As humans we are attracted to balance. We find it comforting. So when our lives get off kilter, and become stressful, we pull back and try to find a way re-establish balance in our life. Just as we continually seek out equilibrium, we are also naturally attracted to symmetry. Studies have shown, the human eye gravitates towards symmetrical objects (whether they are part of a landscape, or the shape of another person's face). Symmetry is visual balance.   Did you ever wonder why a woman's certain outfit looks stunning, even tho[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 14, 2019, 11:05 am by MSP
  It starts by giving yourself permission. You really can become that woman with fabulous style. It can be your reality. I know you've all seen her; a woman who's style is so chic. You envy her, and even though her body is not "perfect" she has "it"...something that makes her look so appealing and vibrant. It's that "something" you wish you had. The first step to better style is to give yourself permission. Permission to explore what it is that holds back your style. More than likely, it is several things: it's part not knowing what is stylish for you (and your body type) and part feeling that you are not worthy of an improved image (self-sabotage).  We are often our own worst enemy. Usually it i[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 1, 2019, 3:45 pm by MSP
  Looking for a new way to get your style together? I've got just what you are looking for! Three's a charm. It's all about adding an extra item to a basic outfit. It's the "secret sauce" that takes anything you wear to the next level. I am sure you've heard of the "five second rule". You've probably used it before, right? It is where you have just five seconds to scoop up a morsel of food that has fallen on the floor. If you can grab it within five seconds, you "think" it's still safe to eat. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support that food is not contaiminated within five seconds, but it makes us feel better about eating something right off the floor. On the other hand, we can say it's a proven fact, when esembling an outfit, us[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 24, 2019, 1:58 pm by MSP
  Yes! You found the perfect handbag. Or, so you think.  Most women have a 'check list' of needs they expect from a handbag they are considering. From a certain amount of compartments (one for cell phone, one for keys, another for personal items, etc.). You are also probably considering a certain size, or a particular color, etc. Does this sound like your checklist for a new handbag? Did you ever stop and think about the SHAPE of your handbag? Is it right for you? How about the handbag's size in relation to your own body size? Does it matter? Which styles are best; and which ones should you avoid, and why? So many questions-all answered in this week's article.   Most of us carry a handbag every day...and that means[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 19, 2019, 4:49 pm by MSP
  MSP HERE: Dear MSP SYSters,  It's always so rewarding when you get an email from someone you haven't heard from, or seen, in a very long time. What's even better; is when they tell you how wonderful they've been doing.  With permission I'm sharing with you a makeover story of a lovely woman named Janet. I couldn't be more blessed to have spent time helping her dress her fabulous self. She's a gift to everyone she meets; and I'm sure you'll agree her smile is contagious! You are a lovely gift. Just like a gift, when something fabulous is on the inside-the exterior is wrapped in a pleasing color, and tied with a beautiful bow. We are all gifts to others, and to ourselves. Wrap yourself in something that makes you look and feel your best. Sometimes you need[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 17, 2019, 3:40 pm by MSP
  Question: Why does one woman wearing a tee-shirt and jeans, somehow look so chic? Yet your t-shirt and jeans comb looks boring and unstyled!  WHY??? What are her secrets to chic style? How come she looks so stylish, yet your outfit comes up short? How do you go from having so-so style to having fabulous style? This week, we uncover the hidden ways to improve your style. Get that "casual chic vibe" you've always dreamed of. It really is something every woman can possess...and I'm proving it to you!   This week: The secrets of chic style will be revealed!   Even if you dress casual everyday, there are amazing ways to amp-up your style! This week's article will "dissect" the differen[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 15, 2019, 8:04 am by MSP
  A Fab Packing Tip-for you! Enjoy the warm weather of summer. Take a family vacation, or steal a long weekend away for two. While you are at it, pack a few fun necklaces to change up your basic outfits. No worries, they won't get tangled with this fab packing tip. When I saw this packing tip, I knew I had to share it with you.   Go ahead and pack a few wardrobe-changing necklaces!  Simply "press n' seal" your jewelry, then roll them into your suitcase. No worries about them getting tangled!   Need more help packing? Check out USA Today's fabulous list of 10 packing tips every traveler must know.   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 10, 2019, 3:37 pm by MSP
  Five Minute Fast- 5 Outfit Templates (to copy) Pressed for time...again? Urgh! It's so frustrating when you are running out of time, and you still can't find something wear! When mornings begin like this, it can set a negative tone for your day. It can make you feel out-of-sync when you are un-styled or not dressed quite right all day long. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up, yawn, and know you've already got something fabulous to wear? You know your outfit is already planned and set aside. There is no rush to your mornings, and they are relatively stress-free when you use "MSP's template" way of dressing. Only have 5 minutes? Perfect. That's all the time you need with MSP's templates. In five minutes fast-you're stylish. TRY IT & SEE! &[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 3, 2019, 1:18 pm by MSP
  Mistakes That Age You Wouldn't it be gratifying to look instantly ten years younger? Well guess really can happen. This week's article (posting in all 5 body type membership pages this Thursday- join if you're not yet a member!) will show you the top mistakes women make, and more importanly, help you avoid them. It's important you check through this list, because some of these faux pas might be aging YOU. Just a few of these quick changes and you will look amazing-better than you have in years!!! It really can be that simple.   Do you know why the outfit on the right looks better? Well, I do...and I'm sharing with you how to look AGE-AMAZING!   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 27, 2019, 2:02 pm by MSP
  "Buy the best quality you can afford"...this is the mantra every MSP SYSter knows well. As a style-savvy woman, you know the best way to build a quality wardrobe is slowly, over time. A good core wardrobe is key to many stylish outfits. But, what if you could purchase top-quality items...for really low prices? Well then, that would be even better! The time is now. The summer months of June and July are the best sales months. This IS when you want to score quality wardrobe essentials at bargain prices! At the start of June, stores are just beginning to mark-down items so they can clear out a lot of the summer merchandise. Soon, early fall clothing will replace summery ones. Mid-season (June and July) gives you deep discounts-yet you'll still wear th[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 20, 2019, 3:08 pm by MSP
  You know how they say feeling great with what you are wearing can totally make your day and boost your confidence? Well, it’s sooo true! Think about it: We all have a certain pant or a dress that makes us feel totally amazing every time we wear it. The problem is, we can’t just rely on a few certain pieces. We need more to help us look fabulous in our clothes. We need to know how to "dress slim".    Some days you just don’t feel so put-together and nothing makes you feel good... that’s where slim dressing tips will help pull you out of your funk!   Choosing your wardrobe wisely (based on your body type) along with clever dressing tips and tricks will have an enormous effect on the way you look-and feel. So, on day[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 13, 2019, 1:58 pm by MSP
  Looking to freshen up your wardrobe? Who isn't right? I've got a few amazing accessories that can do wonders to update your current wardrobe. Shop less-yet look more chic. While I’d never agree to swearing off shopping entirely, we could all do with asking ourselves how often we’d (really) wear something before buying it, or taking a little time to see the pieces we already own in a fresh new way. A cleverly chosen accessory is an excellent way to do this. More style, less shopping. Who's with me? Let's do this. With these 6 unique new trends-your wardrobe will be instantly on-point.   Grab these 6 accessories to update your current wardrobe. From hats, shoes, jewelry, to handbags...MSP has the best new trends for you!   &[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 12, 2019, 7:15 am by MSP
  Happy Mother's Day to all women. Whether you are a mom, a sister, an aunt; as a woman other women appreciate your strength, love, and encouragement. This quote about moms means the word "mom" can describe any woman that shows others unselfish love. There's nothing better than knowing someone special in your life has got your back... A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.  ~Tenneva Jordan   Happy Mother's Day!  Give the gift of style! It is perfect for moms, sisters, your favorite aunt, or your BFF, and more! MissusSmartyPants gift certificates are available for $14.95-44.95 [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 6, 2019, 2:07 pm by MSP
  Can't afford a style makeover? Think again. This week...get the inside scoop on the simplest and quickest ways you can design your very own "style makeover". Women simply don't think about these minor, yet very noticeable changes they can make with their appearance. Who knew such small tweaks can have such a HUGE impact on one's appearance? Well, this gal, MissusSmartyPants knows it!  This week, the 1-2-3 strategy. Use this strategy daily to "make over" your style. It all adds up. Small changes or "tweaks" in one's appearance adds up to huge improvements. I found this to be the case last weekend when I overheard a conversation in one of the dressing rooms of a department store. It was a conversation between two young gals th[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 29, 2019, 4:22 pm by MSP
Get ready to travel in style! This week: MSP’s 3-Day Packing List/Guide! Tis the season to start planning and taking family vacations. It's also the season air travel peaks. Whether your vacation is all about relaxing at a resort, scooting away to the beach for a couple of days, or taking a 3-day business trip... this week’s article has everything you’ll need to pack efficiently for a 3-day trip (business or pleasure). Get the Packing List, Travel Tips + a Daily Dressing Planner-all can be printed-out! What's the biggest travel mistake you can make? By far the biggest travel mistake is over-packing! Having just what you need and nothing more will make your travel fun and hassle-free. With a good packing list you will be able to pack lighter and [ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 26, 2019, 7:26 am by MSP
  I was just looking through old blog posts, and look what I found. This little nugget of style widsom that caught my eye.   I wrote it years ago. It's about what not to wear as you get older. In other words, how to look great but dress "age appropriate" if you will.    I wrote this following blog in 2011 (wow, where does the time go?!)   What do you think? Do you agree with all of these age appropriate dressing suggestions, or have some thing changed since then? Share your opinion with us in the MSP Style Forum.     Yes, you might be too old to wear...   I believe most women have a fair amount of common sense. However, sometimes even the most wonderful woman can be lead astray b[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 22, 2019, 4:01 pm by MSP
  While spring is still working on arriving, I recently helped a few clients prepare their spring and summer wardrobes. What came up at each session was, "What do I wear when it gets really hot out? I still want to look stylish, but what do I wear when it's steamy hot?" Ladies, we've got options. From sundresses to skirts (long, midi, and short), but more than likely, when it gets really hot in the summer, we'll wear shorts, capris, and cropped pants.  Admittedly, I'm a little apprehensive about showing more skin as the weather warms. I know most women are. However, I also know that finding your most flattering shorts, crops, and capris will make you look your best, and more importantly, feel the most confident.    T[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 15, 2019, 3:40 pm by MSP
  Need a style refresher? Perhaps you don't feel style-savvy at all. How should you go about getting "inspired" when you've been wearing the same ho-hum few things, over and over? Even you have become bored with your style (or lack of it). How do you get style-inspired and become the stylish woman you've always dreamed you could be? I'm glad you asked. This week at MissusSmartyPants we explore fun ways (and some unusual places) you can find inspiration. So, strap on your seatbelt and get ready for a wild ride-it's going to be a fun! Find out how everything around you, including nature, like a sun-soaked sunset or vibrant butterfly (and a few celebs mixed in, for good measure) can help you refresh your style. Need more clothes? No[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 8, 2019, 2:52 pm by MSP
  Spring is on its way! Before you know'll be looking for a decent pair of shorts or crops in your messy closet. The weather will suddenly warm up, and you have no idea of what to wear. This happens because you failed to plan.  Let's organize our closets now. It's the best way to properly prepare for the season ahead. While it's not yet warm enough to rock a breezy sundress, by prepping now; transitioning into the new season will be much easier. Advanced planning is easier on your budget too (if you need something-buy it before you need it). Plan on also being more stylish!   If your closet looks like this (below) do you know what you want to wear?!?      Get the "List of Spring Basics" this week in y[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 7, 2019, 8:33 am by MSP
    Mix high and mid-priced items with low. Invest in core pieces, then pair  them up with mostly inexpensive clothing and accessories. Spend a little each season to update items like trendy tops and necklaces (Use MSP’s Seasonal Previews (every fall & spring season) to will give you the “scoop” on the latest trends!).     8 Ways to mix "spendy" & "trendy" items together successfully...   1. Add animal print to anything. Animal prints can be used as a neutral. One piece is all it takes to add a little something special to your outfit.   2. Shop your closet first. Chances are there’s already something similar to what you want...hiding right in your ve[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 5, 2019, 7:53 am by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
    Your body image is influenced more by self-esteem than your actual body shape.   Here are 11 ways you can improve your self-image:     1. Stop beating yourself up. Don’t go through a laundry list of your body’s imperfections. Instead, get your mind set and accept your body—it’s the only one you have.   2. Get real. The images you see on TV and in magazines are created with “smoke and mirrors”--and lots of air-brushing. Very few “real” people have bodies like what you see in a Victoria’s Secret catalog.   3. Listen to yourself. If you were to verbalize the negative things you say to yourself out loud and to other people—you’d have NO friends!   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 2, 2019, 1:56 pm by MSP
  MSP’s Swimsuit Guide 2019 Ready or not—it’s time to shop for a swimsuit!  After cold months of thick sweaters and heavy coats, just the thought of standing almost naked in front of a dressing room mirror can send fear into the heart of even the most avid shopper. It's inevitable, but the time is now to shop for a swimsuit. By shopping now you take advantage of the best selection in swimwear. More choices, means you'll find your best suit of your dreams. Since a new swimsuit is an investment-let's make a smart choice here.   This week's article (posting on Thursday) will give you your best swimsuit options based on YOUR body shape! Relax, we all get a little anxiety when we start[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 1, 2019, 1:42 pm by MSP
  Choose this delicious dress for your spring wardrobe! You're a sassy and confident might as well be delicous too!   Here are 3 more reasons why this dress is a "must" for your spring shopping list: 1. You are silly if you believe me 2. I'm totally playing a joke on YOU 3. It's APRIL FOOLS!!! Love, your prankster stylist Leslie :)   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 25, 2019, 4:09 pm by MSP
  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few outfits ready-to-go at a moment's notice? You know, the easy button for something stylish to wear when you want (or need) to look and feel fabulous. Well, you're in luck. This week is your week! This week MSP outfit templates will help you plan and create fashionable outfits.  Print & save these grids from this week's article...and use them again and again. Dressing (stylish) could not get any easier than this! Get the best of both worlds. Spend less time and money by planning your wardrobe the MSP way! I'll show you how to set up your main wardrobe colors, what should be included, and how to mix minimal pieces for maximum style! It's a must-have article if you want [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 18, 2019, 4:07 pm by MSP
  This week is week two (2) of MSP's "Big Spring Preview" The fun and fashions continue!  This week, the remaining LIST (MSP's top 14 Trends you'll want this spring)! I've been getting lots of love regarding The Big Spring Preview (Part One)! You're welcome. I'm just as excited as you are to start wearing these new spring trends as soon as the weather warms up. Luckily, there has recently been some beautiful weather here in the south. Even though it might not be warm enough in your neck of the woods without a sweater, start wearing the lighter, brighter colors of the new season.   Spring has almost sprung! If a sweater is needed; wear it in the lighter, brighter colors of spring... Talbo[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 8, 2019, 3:27 pm by MSP
  Pssst!!!! Spring is on its way! Leave winter behind. It's time to lighten-up and lose the heavy layers. It's time to refresh your wardrobe with spring's new colors & trends!     Prepare now...spring really is right around the corner. My local weather forecast (here, in the southern region of the U.S.) states this week's weather will be in the 60's all week! So, if you're still looking at half-melted snow piles, hang tight. Your snow piles will melt away soon.  Of course, we still have a couple of months of unpredictable weather; however NOW is the time to prep for spring. Start today. Start by clearing out your closet-clutter (since you aren't wearing it-get it out). Then whate[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 4, 2019, 3:55 pm by MSP
  What happened? You’ve been wearing the same styles for quite a long time...and you are bored with your lack of style. You know you must step-up your style game, but when you go shopping you buy MORE of the same things! It's frustrating when you don't know where to start. Life happens and you get stuck in a rut. Perhaps you need a complete "re-do" of your style. You could spend thousands of dollars (if you have it) on a personal stylist, but honestly you prefer to re-make your style quietly-all by yourself.   With the help of MissusSmartyPants, life-changing style advice coming your way! It happens to the best of us. From time to time, all women fall into style ruts. I happens to me too. When I start to feel bored and uninspired with what I'm [ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 25, 2019, 3:09 pm by MSP
  Last week while waiting to meet with a client, I sat outside at a local cafe. I like to arrive early so I can get my thoughts together, as well as "people watch" for a few minutes. As I sat, I noticed staring back at me on the glass window an applied decal of a Coco Chanel quote. It was early in the day and all the seating along the window front was available, so I could have easily sat anywhere; but for some reason I was drawn to this one particular chair in the corner. I found it funny that a quote from Coco Chanel would be right in my face as I sat, lol! If you know me, I often quote Coco Chanel. I find her ideas about fashion and life "spot on". Hmm..."This quote's a good one" I thought to myself as I sat and waited. Since I passionately beli[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 20, 2019, 6:41 am by MSP
Divine Style = Simplicity   One simple dress...and one show-stopping necklace!   So often when a woman gets excited about re-discovering her style...she wants to pull out all the fashion stops! She will pile on the jewelry, match her shoes to her handbag + add more accessories-just for good measure. In reality, when you take a moment and examine what a well styled woman is actually wearing--there's not all that much to her outfit. Yes, she's got divine style, but more importantly she's using the style rule of simplicity.  The phrase "less is more" certainly applies when it comes to great style.Wearing clothes that fit you well, allowing the simple lines of the garment drape ov[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 18, 2019, 3:03 pm by MSP
  Accessories Worn Right Looking for a quick way to improve your style? Who isn't, right? Have you ever considered the accessories that you wear as problem solvers to many of your fashion dilemmas? It's true, accessories can do wonders to pull together a woman's style~instantly. Accessories are the best way to get "instant" style without spending a lot of money. Accessories can do wonders for even the most basic (read:boring) outfit. They can take the same ‘ol pieces and instantly give them a new and updated look (and at a fraction of what it would cost to buy more clothing). Yes, accessories can save you money-now I've got your attention!   Avoid accessory overload!  The is NOT stylish... "A[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 13, 2019, 7:45 pm by MSP
Dear Leslie, Can you please address how to dress the body that is in transition? I actually started my diet in November and have lost quite a bit of weight and I need some guidance with this unfamiliar body and how to purchase so I don’t spend a lot on clothes that hopefully I won’t wear long.    Thanks Cathy L     MSP HERE:    Thanks Cathy. That's a great question, and one I often get this time of year.   It’s been a couple of months and your weight loss goals are off to a terrific start! You’ve got your meal planning and diet all lined up...check. You’ve added exercise into your weekly routine...check. Now you’re finding your clothes are fitting you kinda loose. It’s all good and exciting, ex[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 11, 2019, 8:32 am by MSP
  8 Piece Capsule Wardrobe Hurry!!! Push everything in your closet over to one side.   Why are you doing this? Because you're going to wear ONLY 8 items this week, that's it. You won't need all those extra clothes (most of them are not worn on a regular basis, anyways). You are about to discover an amazing transformation process that will change the way you think about your clothes and your wardrobe-forever!   This week: it's a life-changing wardrobe challenge.  Join me in creating your own 8 piece capsule wardrobe--just like the one you'll see from me in this week's Personal Profile.     THIS WEEK: I'm stepping in front of the camera with inspirational outfits using[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 7, 2019, 7:28 am by MSP
  Dear Leslie,   I need help with accessories. Since you always seem to wear just the right accessories and just the right amount I know you can help. Do you have rules that you follow when picking out your accessories each day?    For example if I wear a bold necklace, should I not wear earrings? If I wear a chunky bracelet should I wear a ring on the same hand or on the other? What about mixing a pearl necklace and diamond stud earrings, yes or no? I just feel pearl earrings will look too matronly with the matching necklace, am I right about this?   By the way I love your website and your weekly style tips! My style has dramatically improved since joining your site. I’m also having fun playing dress up in my closet[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 4, 2019, 2:21 pm by MSP
  Need a few tips to help minimize your waistline? If you are like most women, a few waist-slimming tips will be quite welcome. The good new is, there are No abdominal crunches required. This week, clever ways to dress to minimize your waistline.   Minimize your waistline with these absolute best tips to dress slimmer! Look 5-10 pounds slimmer! You will look amazing when you dress in clothes that cleverly minimize your waistline. There really are ways to "camo" an undefined waist and look pounds slimmer. Make sure you take advantage of all of them. This week, see the best styles, most slimming pants, the best jackets, the right cut and fit of your clothes-plus necklines that actually make your torso appea[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 28, 2019, 2:12 pm by MSP
  It is almost a month since the start of the new year...    Did you know this is the best time to get back to basics? With the next couple of months being rather cold, we'll spend most of our time indoors. Make this "in-between" time; time well spent. By planning our core wardrobe and clearing out the clutter now we can start enjoying better style and have a plan in place before spring arrives.  Let's use this valuable time to organize our closets and wardrobes.    This week at MissusSmartyPants: we create are own wardrobe master plan. WHY? Because the secret to a truly successful stylish woman starts with the right basics. What basics should every woman own? While it might vary from[ More |  Email |  Print ]