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August 14, 2018, 8:47 am by MSP
  A good looking woman (YOU) always wears colors from her Seasonal Color palette. Combine knowing the right colors along with dressing for one's body type and you've got one incredible looking woman. Regardless of age, height, shape...a well dressed woman shines with confidence.   Pamper yourself with a MSP Seasonal Color Analysis today!  Even Coco Chanel agrees with me (smile, wink, wink)...   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 13, 2018, 12:58 pm by MSP
  It's week two (2) of the Big Fall Preview 2018! You've been waiting, but finally the time has arrived. Time to PLAN your fall wardrobe. The weather is hot, but the stores are full of fall merchandise. It's time to plan a few outfits (ahead of time) and get in-the-know about the new fashions and trends. Don't get caught off guard. The weather will change soon, and before you know'll be grabbing a sweater again! Plan your fall wardrobe with MSP's Big Fall Preview (part 1 &2)!   It's fall (at least in the style world). Soon, you'll need a sweater and "pumpkin-spiced" everything will be everywhere! This week at MSP: The latest trends that are hot for fall, and how to wear them!   Wh[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 6, 2018, 1:40 pm by MSP
  It's that time of year again! Time to start planning your fall wardrobe.  Whether you need a complete wardrobe revamp, or just want to add-in a few new items; you'll want MSP's guide: "The Big Fall Preview 2018". This fall-winter style guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things style related. It's made for planning your fall wardrobe, as well as for editing what you are currently wearing. It's full of the latest trends and colors to help you quickly update your look with only a few choice selections. From the latest "must-have" accessories to the latest in fall'll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Stay in-the-know so your style will look up-to-date + you'll make smarter wardrob[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 30, 2018, 3:02 pm by MSP
  I just spent six long hours inside a client's closet. She employed me to help her decide what stays and what goes. Her closet was so crammed full of clothes there was no way you could possibly add another top or look through the racks to find something to wear! Too many clothes is actually a problem. Why? Because all these clothes are mostly bad purchases; essentially-clutter! This client said she loved to shop, but somehow with all these clothes she still didn't feel stylish and had a hard time finding somethin to wear.   My client hoped I could make sense of all her clothes (she had so many). What she really needed was a wardrobe plan (something she clearly didn't have)...Plus a STOP button on shopping. She certainly came[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 23, 2018, 1:02 pm by MSP
  12 Amazing Style Tips You Never Heard Of   Every morning when you get dressed, wouldn't it be nice to know if you can look even better? Sounds good, doesn't it? This week MSP is sharing 12 amazing tips (that are often only known by fashion stylists) that could quite simply change the way you look and feel about yourself from this day forward! These 12 tips are... AMAZING!   You will get makeup tips, closet organization ideas, see how to adjust your dressing proportions for a balanced shape + tips on how to wear accessories right--and so much more!   Find out how to look and feel your best for your body type + get this week's style article!   I've done the research f[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 13, 2018, 5:27 pm by MSP
  How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashionista   When I say pattern mixing, do you instantly think, "Oh, no! It would look like I dressed in the dark!"    Mixing unexpected patterns and prints has become a huge fashion trend, and I for one like it! Of course, there can be a fine line between looking stylish, or looking like a hot mess! I'm here to help you get it right. Go bold with pattern mixing, or keep it simple-the choice is yours. Either way you will look more stylish and more than likely you will get twice the use out of the clothes you already have.   Look chic and on-trend. Yes, you can look stylish and chic by mixing several patterns in one outfit. Use MSP's "does it mix" chart + 6 mixing g[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 9, 2018, 3:09 pm by MissusSmartyPants
  You joined MissusSmartyPants to look and feel more stylish, plus stay up on the current trends. Yes, all of this happens as you gain knowledge and enjoy the weekly posts.   However...the MOST EARTH-SHAKING STYLE ADVICE COMES THIS WEEK...     This style advice is life-changing, and quite frankly it's just about all you need to put your style together. It's ageless, classic and for every woman, every shape. So, what the heck is it? It is the art of proportion. Knowing how to apply this knowledge of proportion means you'll re-think your daily outfits. Knowing the difference between a bad look (for you) and one that makes you look amazing means you'll never feel frumpy again. (See I told you this is for every woman)   Do [ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 6, 2018, 7:47 am by MSP
  As I promised, here's how I wore a brooch this week.  I had a business meeting to attend, but on that day it was going to be a sweltering 95 degrees. So, wearing something simple (read: cool) was the order of the day. The simple addition of a brooch made my simple top and skirt look special and pulled together. Wouldn't you know it...I got a few nice comments from a couple of ladies that loved my brooch and thought it was a perfect accent to wear that day. Brooches are perfect for summer wearing. Unlike a bold necklace (and often a heavy necklace), they don't heat you up when you are trying to wear as little as possible!   Wearing a brooch like this is good because it brings atttention upward. If you are petite[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 2, 2018, 1:51 pm by MSP
  This summer let your accessories do the talking! YOU are the stylish one no matter where you go or what you do. When you're wearing awesome accessories...your style rocks!    Fun Fact: Accessories are a woman's BFF.  Looking chic and stylish means your accessories are on-point.  Without ' are just wearing a top and bottom!   Mind the gap. One of the best things about accessories is they have the ability to to bridge the gap. You can create different looks by simply changing your accessories. For example, a simple dress can go from everyday casual to a dressy night-time look by simply using different accessories. This means you don't need to have an extensive wardrobe! [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 25, 2018, 2:00 pm by MSP
  The Heat Is On! When it's hot...really, really hot out...dressing stylishly gets tricky. It’s this time of year that most of us start giving up on style and put on "whatever" on for the sake of coolness and comfort. I get that. However, you can still look awesome when it's blazing hot. When your clothing sticks to your hot, sweaty body... and the thought of adding a layer or anything else fussy is out of the question, what's a style SYSter to do? Look to MissusSmartyPants to keep you from melting away!     Similar: Francesca's Crocheted Ivory Ruana   This week, I've got creative ways to dress chic in the blazing summer heat. These suggestions will help you look (and feel) cool[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 18, 2018, 2:05 pm by MSP
  There it was. A message I needed to read, and more importantly, to believe in.  This message was a reminder to me to find "balance" in all aspects of my life.   This week, together we will use this timely reminder to find balance with our clothes and our accessories.      Do you sometimes wonder how things come to you at just the right moment? I'm not sure how it happens, but when it does, I call it providence. This message (actually it's a sticker) was left on the countertop in my gym's locker room. It was left there intentionally to share with others who need it. Reading its message made me smile (and reflect about) how despite everything (my week having been particularly hectic) that we all have so[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 15, 2018, 3:08 pm by MSP
  Don't Pretend It Fits: We've all been there, standing in the dressing room and convincing ourselves that the button will magically stay closed when we get home (and then, of course, it doesn't).   These are the times where we have to accept that our bodies have changed in one way or another, and buy clothes that fit. Because you know what happens to the clothes that don't fit (cue garbage bags being dropped off at Goodwill here). [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 11, 2018, 2:00 pm by MSP
  "Buy the best quality you can afford"...this is the mantra every MissusSmartyPants SYSter knows well. They know this is the best way to build a quality wardrobe, because a good core wardrobe is key to creating stylish outfits. But, what if you could purchase these top-quality pieces...yet at really low prices? Well then, that would be even better! The time is now. The summer months of June and July are sales months. This IS the best time to score quality pieces at bargain prices! Stores are just beginning to mark-down items so they can clear out most of the summer merchandise. Soon, early fall clothing will replace summer ones. Mid-season gives you deep discounts-yet you'll still wear these basics all the way into fall. Ladies, this is the time t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 4, 2018, 1:15 pm by MSP
  "Shoes might not make the woman, but they sure can make the outfit!" ...MissusSmartyPants   One of the most frequently asked questions I get is... "How do I know which shoes to wear?"   For example, which style of shoe is right for a wide-legged pant, and what's best for wearing with a pencil skirt? How do you know when you've got it right?    This week MissusSmartyPants helps you choose the right shoes for every outfit! Shoe Keeper from   Shoes matter more than you think! It's a proven fact that when people first meet, they check out the other person's complete outfit... from head-to-toe. Think about DO do this; don't you? You notice the other person's footwear (ofte[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 30, 2018, 2:33 pm by MSP
  How do you know two colors are going to look great together?  The colors you wear together should be similar in intensity so that your look is cohesive. In other words, pastels go together and jewel tones should be worn together. It's all about color saturation. It is best not to mix saturation because more often that not, it won’t look quite right.   Try these pleasing color combinations:    soft pink and mint green   soft pink and heather gray   mustard yellow and amethyst   Or deep color combinations...   fuchsia and navy   navy and kelly green   Again for a stylish look, keep the color saturation equal in your top a[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 28, 2018, 3:24 pm by MSP
  Yipee!!!! This week marks the start of the summer season... Wouldn't it be nice to have a few stylish outfits ready-to-go?    Want to look stylish all summer long?  You can! With this week's "The 'go-to' Guide for Summer Outfits"  you'll have what you need to look fab all summer!   When the summer heat starts, it's nice to have few 'go-to' outfits ready. I use templates (that I've created)...and this week I'm sharing them with you. This "template" way of dressing makes me (and you) look stylish in a blink of an eye. Last weekend I went out for dinner and a movie. I wore a textured pencil skirt, a peplum knit top and soft-pink kitten heels. It was an easy-peasy outfit for m[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 26, 2018, 7:59 am by MSP
  It's the start of travel season and one of your best "go-to" pieces is a maxi.  Maxi skirts are comfortable, keep you cool (yet covered) and can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for travel!     Shown above are 5 ways to wear a maxi skirt ... __Add a soft, lightweight denim jacket __Add a bright-colored tank top __As a beach cover-up __As your traveling outfit w/ flat slip-on sandals & trendy tee __For an evening dinner. Dressed-up with wedge shoes and dressier top   My MSP Style Membership made all the difference in the world! Dear Leslie, Hopefully this won’t be too lengthy! I signed up for your style services after hearing you on an interview with Hannah Keeley in [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 21, 2018, 5:53 pm by MSP
... It's re-mix week at! This week learn how to create some pretty cool outfits using only 4 items. That's right-using only four pieces you can create over a dozen outfits!   Take only 4 pieces and create over a dozen outfits! That's right, over 12 outfits. These stylish looks are ones you'll surely to want to copy. By learning how to maximize your wardrobe cool things happen... you learn how to be more creative with only a few items...and that's makes you, one stylish gal! Do the style math. Take a few clothing items, mix them...and see your style multiply! You will soon realize the importance of a good core wardrobe. The truth is, you really don't need a vast wardrobe to be stylish! You have enough in your closet right now. Don't s[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 16, 2018, 7:08 am by MSP
    1. BE CREATIVE. Fashion and style is all about creativity. Creativity really comes in handy when you’re trying to get the most style for your budget. Your entire wardrobe magically expands when you realize the variety of ways to maximize what’s in it. Seek inspiration everywhere (women you come across, online, in magazines, on TV). Adapt the ideas to fit your body/lifestyle/budget.    2. JUST BE YOU. Become familiar with what works for your body type, skin tone, lifestyle and personality. Staying within your comfort zone of style reduces the time it takes to shop and increases your style successes. You’ll be able to shop with more focus which is helpful when your hunting for treasures in the clearance section.   3. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 14, 2018, 3:04 pm by MSP
  Suitcase Chic: MSP's Travel & Packing Guide 2018 It's travel season. But, before you plan your get-away, whether it's a long weekend, or a 2-week international trip-be sure to use this week's handy packing guide! It's full of amazing tips to make travel easy and fun. It's 2 for 1 week. This week you will also get MSP's wardrobe planner: what to pack + how to pack it. It's a visual guide of what to wear each day of your trip. It's the must-have tool for packing chic and with less...I call it, "Suitcase Chic".   One of my favorite travel sayings is...  "Remember, in your travels you'll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had." Vacations are about creating special[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 10, 2018, 7:37 am by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
Sometimes we make things more difficult than they need to be. I know I'm guilty of doing this all the time. I find it's my need for perfection that leads me to know everything about something...before I even dare take one-step forward. I call this "analysis paralysis" and it gets me often, lol!   Instead of a complete third degree investigation-I'm opening my eyes and my mind and just getting in there and DOING IT. Whatever it is that's new to me, I'm going forward and learning as a go.    Most of this "wait and figure it out" attitude pops up its ugly head when it come is to learning new technology. I hesitate to push buttons and easily get frustrated. However, on the flip side, when it comes to my fashion-I'll take lots of chances and[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 7, 2018, 3:11 pm by MSP
  Are you staring into a crammed closet full of clothes, yet you can't find anything to wear? As you look through every possible item you could wear-nothing looks like a good option. This is the time you realize; you're in a style rut. Yes, it happens and it's super-frustrating!  You need to do something quick in order to change your style (or rather lack of style). Relax. MissusSmartyPants has got your back with this week's article, "Sure-Fire Ways to Get Out of a Style Rut". These timely style tweaks will transform your style what are you waiting for?   This week, MSP has the right "tweaks" to help you get out of your style rut!   Style ruts happen. Over the years, I've found the r[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 30, 2018, 2:06 pm by MSP
  We prepare our yards for spring and spruce-up our front porch at the first hint of warmer days. But what about our wardrobes? Do we move our out-of-season clothes to the back of our closets and prepare our wardrobes for spring? Spring has sprung! Have you stored away those thick winter scarves and fuzzy sweaters until next year? Most women don't. And this is what creates chaos in our closet. Over time, you end up looking at too much of this stuff every day... and 80% of this "stuff" never gets worn! Why do this to yourself? Wouldn't it be better to go into your closet and pull out something fabulous that goes with everything else? This week at MissusSmartyPants...this style simplicity will be yours! This week: learn how to create a few "capsules" within you[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 23, 2018, 5:01 pm by MSP
  Need a few tips to look slimmer in your clothes?  I thought so...and here's good news: NO abdominal crunches are required!    This week, dress in clever ways that will make you appear slimmer (and minimize your waistline).   Below, are two typical outfits most of us might wear. But, did you know these outfits could be a lot MORE SLIMMING?!?!     YES you can look 5-10 pounds slimmer~Instantly! While the above 2 outfits look okay...there are better ways to dress using these SAME PIECES that will make you appear much slimmer! Find out in this week's article-how to wear these outfits better (that means SLIMMER).   You will look amazingly awesome when you dress in clothes that cleverly slim you us[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 16, 2018, 2:18 pm by MSP
  What's going on? Is spring hitting the "Reload" button? More than likely your current weather is still pretty darn frigid. Perhaps you are still wrapped-up in layers with a snow shovel in hand-wondering when spring will finally arrive. Guess what? It's going to warm up in the next few weeks, or so. Will you be ready for it? More than likely when the warmth comes your way-you'll grab for a pair of shorts, crops or capris. Be ready with a few stylish pairs.   This week: The Definitve Guide to Shorts, Crops and Capris This is the short guide to use all season long!   Recently, I helped several personal shopping clients build their spring/summer wardrobes. THE topic that came up each time was what to wear when it gets hot, really hot out[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 6, 2018, 8:03 am by MSP
Dear MSP SYSters, Nothing gripes me more than being told I can not wear something because of my age. Really? Just exactly who decided certain articles of clothing should no longer be worn by woman who's over a certain age? Is thirty, forty, or even fifty-or beyond too old? Of course we need to assess our own bodies and decide what's best covered up and not exposed. But, what we wear should be of a more personal choice-not necessarily an "age" related thing. By using a full-length mirror and reviewing our backsides as well our complete look, most women can come to an intelligent decision whether they should be wearing something, or not. A good rule of thumb is; if you have doubts, then you should not wear it. Listen to your gut. As a stylist who has hel[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 4, 2018, 4:27 pm by MSP
  3-Step Smoky Eye Dear SYSters, With so many spring special events (weddings, proms, wedding and baby showers, date nights, outdoor concerts, etc.) right around the corner-putting together your best outfit, hair, and makeup are a must.     Use these 3-Steps to an Instant Smoky Eye....   1. Apply a light eye shadow all over lid- from top of brow bone to your lash line.   2. Use a soft kohl eye pencil and apply 2 downward lines, 2 horizontal lines (for a hashtag appearance) on your outer bottom portion of your lid.   3. Gently smudge applied eye pencil for a soft, smoky look. Add a shimmer eye shadow over-if desired.     [ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 2, 2018, 2:00 pm by MSP
  "I think women are realizing that maybe they don't need a closet full of clothes.  They just need the RIGHT clothes" ~ Michael Kors   How functional are the clothes in your closet? Can you rely on them to help you create an outfit when you must dress for a specific occasion? Can you go into your closet and easily put together something fabulous when you are short on time? Too often, we don't have what we really need in our closets. The answer to most of your dressing dilemmas starts by actually simplifying your wardrobe. That's right. A better wardrobe starts with the WARDROBE BASICS. Most closets are full of clothes hardly worn. Up to 80% of what’s in our closet are not worn on a regular basis. Every morni[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 1, 2018, 8:21 am by MSP
  Fashion meets inovation! How cool is this?! Check out this fab shirt/dog's a must-have for your spring shopping list!     Stretch jeans with a hand-held receiver! Yes, you will no longer have to hold your smart phone up to your ear and look silly. Imagine, having a long conversation with this long-corded receiver while walking the mall-it's got awesome hand-held convenience you will love! Life doesn't get any better than this! Here are a couple more reasons why these jeans are a "must" for your spring shopping list: 1. You are silly if you believe me 2. I'm totally playing a joke on YOU 3. It's APRIL FOOLS!!! Love, your prankster stylist Leslie :)       [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 26, 2018, 12:47 pm by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants
  Some women naturally have a unique sense of style and putting together outfits comes easily to them. For others? Not so much. That's where I come in. As your "cyber stylist" I'm here to assist you.   Since I've got a passion for fashion...I share everything I can to make you successful with your style. From last week's article: "15 Pieces = 1 Month of Outfits" to the "Big Spring Previews". Everything you need to "up" your style!   Keeping you in the know on the latest trends-plus essential style tools-helps you succeed at style... And that's what MissusSmartyPants is all about...    Huh? Start with and pair what with what? What exactly are the 4 Steps to Chic? Find this week's article!   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 21, 2018, 5:38 pm by MSP
  How To Spot A Good Deal   Dear MSP, Could you please explain how to spot a good deal on clothes? I have a gift card and when I go shopping I get nervous that I may not wear what I buy. How do we know that we are making a smart purchase? By the way I love your weekly shopping guides! The pictures are so helpful to me and my “C” body type. I am ready to start shopping better! Syster in FL MSP HERE: Dear Florida SYSter, That is a good question. A bargain is NOT a bargain if you end up not wearing it! Think about “cost per wear” before you buy. Some items will cost more than others. Divide the amount of times you wear it, by the price of the item. The Wardrobe Basics (in your Personal Profile) are clothes that will have [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 19, 2018, 3:42 pm by MSP
  It's the biggest week ever at! All you need is fifteen (15) pieces. That's right. With just fifteen pieces you will be able build a whole month's worth of outfits!  Amazing? Yes, it is. This week, you will see how to set up your basic wardrobe into outfits you will wear all month long. Follow this easy step-by-step plan. This method of dressing will enlighten you and show you how easy and fun it is to be stylish! This is something that will improve every woman's confidence. Hit your style "Re-set" button. Personally, when I find myself feeling like I have lots of clothes, but nothing to wear - I enlist this dressing technique of starting with one basic piece. It helps me get creative again, and uses what's in my closet. &nb[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 18, 2018, 12:57 pm by MSP
  It's Sunday. Take this day to slow down and renew your spirit. It's also a good day to hit the "reset" button for the new week.  Take time to slow down and enjoy this amazing day. Sometimes just doing nothing is a gift to one's self. Perhaps you won't get a lot accomplished today, and that's okay. However, if you often feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders...maybe it's your handbag that's weighing you down! Take 15 minutes and clean out your handbag! Lighten up that extra load of stuff you carry around and really don't need. Toss the trash, organize. Set the tone for the new week ahead-and feel lighter (especially in the shoulders) and more energized!    Got handbag clutter? Take 15 minutes to toss the trash and organ[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 15, 2018, 10:17 am by MSP
   I've talked about "makeup and the older woman" before-and I feel it's so worthy of mentioning again. Why do I say that? Because I'm out there like you; amongst women of all ages. What's most obvious is when an older woman attempts to look years younger (or tries to cover up her age) with an overly made-up face! So, here you go again. A few tips to help you re-think or perhaps, adjust your own makeup application.        Staying groomed and using just the right amount of makeup to enhance your features will help you (the aging woman as well as the young woman) look your best. Under groomed: no makeup, bushy brows, unstyled hair and baggy clothing looks bad; and more importantly "feels" bad. On the other han[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 13, 2018, 11:25 am by MSP
  Leave it to MissusSmartyPants to guide you (and your wardrobe) to new and improved style! Over the seasons, I've shared with you tons of style rules. For example, only buy something if you can wear at least three different ways. It's not worth buying something on impulse only to have it become an "orphan" in your closet. I've also shared the value of understanding body proportions and the use of the 1/3-2/3 dressing rule. Another shared tip is having a goal of buying 1/3 less clothing, yet pay 3 times more on what you purchase. This means a smaller, yet fabulous wardrobe where every purchase was well thought out. Guess what? I've got one more "rule" to add to your style toolbox...The Third Piece Rule.  This "rule" is not new. I first [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 5, 2018, 3:14 pm by MSP
  It's week two (2) of MSP's "Big Spring Preview" The fun and the fashions continue!  This week, the remaining LIST of what to get for your wardrobe this spring...and more importantly, HOW to wear it! I've been getting lots of love regarding The Big Spring Preview (Part One)! You're welcome. I'm just as excited as you to start wearing these new spring trends as soon as the weather warms up. Luckily, recently we've had some beautiful weather here in the south. Even though it might not be warm in your neck of the woods without a sweater, start wearing the lighter, brighter colors of this spring's color palette (check out all the colors in part one).   Spring has sprung! Even if you still nee[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 1, 2018, 7:42 am by MissusSmartyPants
  16 Things to Toss from Your Closet...   As busy women, we're all occasionally guilty of accumulating a huge pile of clothes hidden in the back of our closets or stuffed into a drawer. Hey, it happens.    A clean closet would give a us clearer mind and make finding something to wear so much easier in the mornings. Part of the problem is this accumulation: the stuff you should be tossing but haven't because you're too busy or a bit sentimental. Let me help you clear the clutter.   Print this list out and get busy this weekend. I guarantee that getting dressed on Monday morning will be so much easier* *Yes, it's another post about closets! Can you tell I want to prepare you (and myself) for spring~before it arrives. Nothing is mor[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 28, 2018, 7:45 am by MSP
  10 simple...yet practical tips for organizing your clothes and closets.   1) Edit your wardrobe. The reality is, too much stuff makes anything more difficult and challenging. It’s common knowledge among professional organizers that we typically only wear 20% of our wardrobe 80% of the time. Are you the exception? If not, take a long, good look at your clothes and decide what you wear most, the least, and not at all. Remember to focus NOT on letting things go and feeling the loss—instead focus on finally having enough room in your closet to see the clothes you wear every day. Clear out the clutter and keep only what you wear and love. Bonus points for the joy you’ll experience knowing that everything you donate will bring someone else happiness. Garments[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 26, 2018, 4:05 pm by MSP
  Whoo hoo! It's almost spring and the start of something BIG. This week, part one of the Big Spring Preview. Next week, part two. It is March (on Thursday) and all the pretty spring fashions are arriving at our favorite stores. I hope you’ve had a chance to take a peek at what’s new at your local stores. Just seeing these lighter and brighter spring colors queues us that we need to start planning our warm season wardrobes now!  Spring really is right around the corner! My local weather (here in the South) shows promise of what's to come with this week's temperatures above average. As I ran errands on the weekend, everyone else had the same idea (or "excuse") to get outside and enjoy the weather that was so gorgeous and warm! [ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 19, 2018, 12:55 pm by MSP
  Change begins when you take that first step. It's this first step that often feels shaky and uncertain. Sometimes it feels more like a leap of faith. But, that's okay when it comes to your style. This newness and excitement means something good is about to happen! I'm excited, aren't you??? Get your act together (style wise) before spring arrives! This week's article: "12 Steps to Style Swagger" will energize your wardrobe and help you get your style mojo going before spring is here. This list of 12 items are clever ways to take your first step to improved style. It will amaze you how doing just one of these twelve steps can change everything-stylewise! One new "style tweak" can change everything! This wee[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 14, 2018, 8:21 am by MSP
    As a fashion stylist, I always recommend wearing a "completer" piece. What's a completer piece, you ask? A completer piece can be a variety of items from your closet. From a classic blazer, a denim jacket, to a vest--or anything else that adds an extra "pop" to what you're wearing-even a bold accessory works wonders.  A "completer piece" basically, is anything that takes your outfit the the next level. Guess what? There's another way to e-x-t-e-n-d your wardrobe! RETHINK HOW YOU WEAR YOUR DRESSES. This clever wardrobe-extending idea (more photos coming show how to wear a dress as a skirt or top or jacket: STAY TUNED!!!) Below, is an example of what I'm talking about...wearing your dresses more creatively will extend your wa[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 12, 2018, 4:05 pm by MSP
  THIS WEEK: Whoo hoo! I'm sooo excited. It's a "Closet Remix" week! (FYI: This complete article will be posted Thursday in all 5 Personal Profiles for style members)   Come, take a peek inside my closet. Find out what I wear, and how I wear it. First of all, you may think I have a lot of clothes. But, the truth is, I don't. My wardrobe is not massive, nor is my budget unlimited...what I do have is crazy-good REMIXING SKILLS! Come find out how you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h your wardrobe into something fabulous and amazingly stylish!     Learn the secrets to closet remixing!    Stylish, yet only a small core wardrobe. That's what closet remixing is all about... Learn how this week! [ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 8, 2018, 7:00 am by MSP
  Most women do not spend near enough time or thought when purchasing a new bra. If it seems like it fits, they buy it. However, stop and think about it, your bra's sole purpose is to offer you the support you need all day long. That's important, and worthy of spending time to find the right support for your body since you'll be wearing it for up to 18 hours a day.   1. Some sizes are interchangeable. Just like with clothing, you will find when trying on bras, a size 34D in one brand and a 36C in another fit the same-what's up with that?! The fact is, there is no standardized sizing when it comes to bras. So, don't get stuck on a bra size--instead focus on fit.   2. Your straps don't support you. Unlike what many women think, your straps don'[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 5, 2018, 1:56 pm by MSP
  THIS WEEK'S ARTICLE: Update Your Hair What's aging you? Often it's your hair. Its one of the most noticeable things about you and it's what people look at first. Think about what your current haircolor and hair style is saying about you right now.   It could be your unstyled hair, or your haircolor-or both that ages you. Nothing ages you like hair that's too dark, a solid block of haircolor, dull hair, gray roots, or long hair pulled back in a banana clip-unstyled.     “Life is an endless struggle full of frustrations and challenges,  but eventually you find a hairstylist you like” ~Author Unknown       Your hairstyle and hair color is a signifi[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 29, 2018, 4:10 pm by MSP
  Women are always searching for the "secret" to fab style. I'm no different. I'm always on the search for better ways to look more stylish. From adding more color to my basics, to wearing accessories in a new way-we all need to stay fresh and updated with our appearance. We can easily (me, included) become green with envy when we see other women really owning their style. What's their secret? Why do they look so good? Well, it can be a variety of things; from knowing what flatters their shape, to wearing clothes that fit them correctly.  TRUTH: Every woman can possess fab style. It's attainable because "style" is a learned skill. As you study your MSP Personal Profile weekly, you soon learn to select only the best silhouettes for your shape-an[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 25, 2018, 7:37 am by MSP
    THE #1 SECRET TO LOOKING FAB IN YOUR JEANS!   The #1 secret to looking fab in your jeans is a public service announcement, of sorts. It's MUST-KNOW for my MSP SYSters!  Pocket placement. That's THE secret to looking great in your jeans! The fact is: Your pocket placement will either make or break how you look in your jeans. Yup. Correct pocket placement will make you look sassier, more youthful, and like you’ve had a butt lift, or a couple of pounds removed (I think you’re getting what I’m talking about here, lol). It’s critical to get your pocket placement at the “sweet spot”. Here’s how: 1. The back pockets need to be placed in the center (and slightly lower) of your rear. (Not high and tight, or low and wide...l[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 22, 2018, 2:14 pm by MSP
  Another week, another fresh start. Last week nothing went quite right, so this week, I'm excited to start off on a fresh note. I'm feeling positive, upbeat, and looking forward to a fabulous week. How about you? We all have "one of those weeks" where nothing goes quite right. Between my busy (overbooked) schedule, plus several looming deadlines...last week left me short on time and frazzled. I was eager to get into the stores for some "research" and "me" time (aka: retail therapy). It never happened and I continued to feel stressed. This week is going to be different.  This week will be different. I've got an open schedule (I'll be able to look in the stores at the latest styles), I'm sharing my favorite topic (instant slimming tips) and I've[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 15, 2018, 2:02 pm by MSP
  Casual, Yet Chic At your Personal Profile membership gives you tasty tidbits of style advice weekly. Since knowledge is power, MissusSmartyPants wants YOU to feel empowered, bold, and confident. MSP wants you to totally "own" your own brand of style! A big part of that is learning how to dress well when you are dressed casually. This seems to stump many women and they often feel sloppy instead. Ah-ha! It's that moment when the lightbulb comes on in your head, and you suddenly "get it". Thanks to MissusSmartyPants, you find yourself having lots of these moments with your style. Putting together casual yet stylish looks based on your body type and your lifestyle will energize you like nothing else. You'll "get" how to put togeth[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 8, 2018, 3:40 pm by MSP
  Exercise in Style It's a new year-a fresh start. Yes, it sure can be. However, cynics often argue that these motivational messages of "getting healthy and fit" this time of year are nothing more than sales pitches. Well, they do have a point; you can get a fresh start on Febuary 2, or March 5th, for that matter. A fresh start can happen any time of year. However, what happens in January is, people collectively are wanting change, and have a desire to make things better than they were last year; this often includes becoming healthier. This week: Amazing exercise clothes that will motivate even the most timid "exercise newbies"   Looking for motivation to start off 2018? You've come to the right place. Relax, put your feet up, and perhap[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 2, 2018, 4:13 pm by MSP
MSP's Style Resolutions   It's a New Year and it's my 13th year of blogging!    I didn't quite write this out in time to make January 1st ...but here are my 6 style resolutions:     1. Wear more color. I've certainly got lots of basics in black. This year I'm hoping to add more color by adding/replacing quite a few of my basics in COLORS.      2. Wear unusual color combinations.  I just did this yesterday and if I do say so myself, it came off fabulously!!! Yesterday I wore a dark gray long-sleeved v-neck tee, a deep raspberry fly-away cardigan and a burnt amber necklace w/ my dark-washed jeans and boots! I[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 2, 2018, 8:36 am by MSP
  It's January 2018. All of the festivities are behind us now. The ornaments are packed away, or soon will be, until next year. Our living rooms get reset back to their normal arrangements, and our lives beg us to hit the "reset button". A new year always brings us opportunities for fresh starts and new beginnings. Part of starting over is reviewing what we can do better, how we can improve in areas we have failed in the past. Of course, eating healthier and moving more are always on the top of our lists. However, in order to really move our year forward on a positive note-I suggest an organized wardrobe! Wondering what your wardrobe really should have? Look no futher than this week's article, "10 Wardrobe Essentials". It's the "back to routines" mon[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 26, 2017, 8:20 am by MSP
  It's the end of the year...the best time to take an assessment of where your life is thus far. How are you doing style-wise?   Examine your life thus far. Right now, take this moment and think about life and the meaning of it. What does it mean to live a good life? Are you succeeding? Do you have things you still wish to do? Do you have regrets? This last week, as I've been deeply pondering this topic and wondering how to present it, something amazing happened. While browsing the internet looking at the latest fashions, this video somehow presented itself  to me. The Good Life Project. It caught my eye immediately. It's a video that asks 29 people to explain the meaning of a good life. As you can imagine you get 29 different answers! These people g[ More |  Email |  Print ]