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April 9, 2021, 10:18 am by MSP
    Has your appearance grown tired looking? Need a few ideas to freshen up your image? Here are 8 tips to help you refresh your style! TIP: pay particular attention to #1.     1. Mix high and mid-priced items with low. Invest in core pieces, then pair them up with mostly inexpensive clothing and accessories. Spend a little each season to update items like trendy tops and necklaces (MSP’s Spring Preview will give you the “scoop” on the latest spring trends and colors!).   2. Add animal print to anything. Animal prints can be used as a neutral. One piece is all it takes to add a little something special to your outfit.   3. Shop your closet first. Chances are there’s already something similar to what you want..[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 5, 2021, 7:35 pm by MSP
  Sometimes we make things more complicated than they need to be.  We have a way of complicating things, especially when it's something we are unsure of. We very well may be able to handle the task...IF we had the right mind-set. The same can be said about how to improve our style. IF we really knew what to do, then perhaps we'd do it. This week, we set ourself up with a "can-do" attitude-and we go back to basics. Sometimes you just need to un-complicate things to reveal the true beauty and simplicity.    The best wardrobe is based on simplicity...a good wardrobe is all about the basics. How functional is your wardrobe?  A simple wardrobe is not only stylish, it's a functional one. Can[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 29, 2021, 3:25 pm by MSP
  From Ordinary to Extraordinary   Your style should always be evolving--never staying the same. Don’t just settle on one style (for years) and then think that’s how you should always dress. Let your style evolve, change, and move forward. Dress for today. The body you have today, as well as the current styles and trends, are not the same as they were in years past.   Assess what’s in your closet. Decide what needs to go. By decluttering your closet (at least 2 x’s a time year: every fall and spring) your style will move forward because you’ve removed the clutter that’s holding you back.   Move forward by letting go. Let go of clothes that are aging you! Update your style as a form of self-love. It’s time to st[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 22, 2021, 3:37 pm by MSP
  Question: Since the pandemic, do you have no place to go (Read: no real reason to dress up)? Whether you do have some place to go, or not, dressing has become more casual than ever-dare I say it; even sloppy. It seems many of us have lost our style "mojo" and want it back. As you look through your closet at every possible item you could wear-nothing looks good. That's when you realize; you're in a style rut. It happens, and this year it's super-frustrating!  You need something to change in regards to your style (or rather, your lack of style). Relax. MissusSmartyPants is here for you. This week's article, "How to Climb Out of a Style Rut-Pandemic Edition". These timely tweaks will help you transform your casual style[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 18, 2021, 7:33 pm by MSP
  STYLE TIPS FOR SHORT & LONG WAISTS...   Wherever you are short, add length. Wherever you are long, shorten that area on your body.    For example, if you have a short waist, a belt worn over your top at your hipbone lengthens your torso visually. For ladies with long waists, a wide belt raises the waist and visually lengthens legs.       How do you measure up?   Take the "hand test"...   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 15, 2021, 10:11 am by MSP
  THIS WEEK: I'm sooo excited. I'm using only 3 pieces and remixing them into 9 outfits. Once you see how easy it is to "remix" like a pro, you'll want do this with your own wardrobe.  Come, see how to "Remix". Find out what to wear, and how to wear it. First of all, you may think I have lot of clothes. But, the truth is, I don't. My wardrobe is not large, nor is my budget...but, what I do have is good REMIX SKILLS! Find out how to s-t-r-e-t-c-h your wardrobe into something amazingly stylish! Learn the secrets to closet remixing!    Stylish, yet only a small core wardrobe. That's what remixing is all about... Learn how this week! As a stylist, my wardrobe is built upon "smart" clothi[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 8, 2021, 12:36 pm by MSP
  It's spring... and the start of something really BIG. The Spring Preview! It's March, and this week all the pretty spring fashions are highlighted just for you. Even if your weather is not yet cooperating, just seeing these lighter and brighter spring colors and fashions will get you planning your warm season wardrobe today! Scan through the new spring fashions, trends, and colors and decide what new things you want to add in your wardrobe.  After a year of at-home slouchy. We are starting to crack the Covid cocoon. It's time to rejoice in new fashions while continuing to enjoy our at-home cozy clothes as well.    Prepare for spring. Start today by clearing out your closet-clutter (if you aren't wearing it,[ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 1, 2021, 2:37 pm by MSP
  3 Steps to Casual Chic   It is wise to review the meaning of "casual chic". Since most of us live in a casual environment; especially since the start of the pandemic, our dress has become super-relaxed. However, all too frequently, when left to our own devices, our casual outfits miss the mark-style wise. When we have no reason to “dress up” we often end up dressing way too casual, or perhaps even looking sloppy. Eeek! What’s a SYSter to do? What does casual chic mean? If you work outside the home; your job usually states a dress code, often it’s casual-dressy attire. However, the "rules" can be confusing and hard to decipher. When uncertain, we end up either being too dressed up, or way too casual. Tips in this week's a[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 25, 2021, 4:12 pm by MSP
     I've talked about "makeup and the older woman" before-and I feel it's so worthy of mentioning again. Why do I say that? Because I'm out there like you; amongst women of all ages. What's most obvious is when an older woman attempts to look years younger (or tries to cover up her age) with an overly made-up face! So, here you go again. A few tips to help you re-think or perhaps, adjust your own makeup application.        Staying groomed and using just the right amount of makeup to enhance your features will help you (the aging woman as well as the young woman) look your best. Under groomed: no makeup, bushy brows, unstyled hair and baggy clothing looks bad; and more importantly[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 22, 2021, 1:08 pm by MSP
  Let's get back to basics. With the next couple of months being rather cold, we'll still be spending a lot of time indoors. Let's make this "in-between" time, time well spent. Devote some time organizing your closet and wardrobe.  This week at MissusSmartyPants: A master wardrobe plan. WHY? Because the secret to a truly successful wardrobe lies within having the right basics. What basics should you own? While it might vary from woman to woman, depending upon lifestyle, there are 10 wardrobe essentials every woman should own. These 10 basics give you a good core wardrobe. With these 10 pieces you can create the most outfits-yet it's only ten pieces. This means, you can invest in better quality clothing and [ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 15, 2021, 2:17 pm by MSP
  Spring 2021 colors are popping up at your favorite store's websites.  What "new" colors are you excited wear this spring?  Plan your spring wardrobe!  It's like "arm chair" gardening in February when the soil is still frozen. Now is the time to plan your spring wardrobe. A well thought out wardrobe plan using a few colors will help you reap the most style from spring into summer. Plan your spring wardrobe by selecting your BEST wardrobe colors... This week I’m helping you select your best wardrobe colors. To choose the best colors for your wardrobe, you must consider 3 very important factors--your skin, your eyes and your hair. Your personal coloring gives you clues to the colors you wear best in makeup and with yo[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 12, 2021, 1:48 pm by MSP
  THE #1 SECRET TO LOOKING FAB IN YOUR JEANS!   The #1 secret to looking fab in your jeans is a public service announcement, of sorts. It's MUST-KNOW for my MSP SYSters!  Pocket placement. That's THE secret to looking great in your jeans! The fact is: Your pocket placement will either make or break how you look in your jeans. Yup. Correct pocket placement will make you look sassier, more youthful, and like you’ve had a butt lift, or a couple of pounds removed (I think you’re getting what I’m talking about here, lol). It’s critical to get your pocket placement at the “sweet spot”. Here’s how: 1. The back pockets need to be placed in the center (and slightly lower) of your rear. (Not high and tight, or low and wide.[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 8, 2021, 1:34 pm by MSP
  Women are always looking to better their style. I'm no different. I'm always trying to figure out new ways to create a better outfit. From adding new colors with my basics, to wearing accessories differently. We all (including me) can become green with envy when we see another woman really owning her style. What's her secret? Why does she look so fab? Well, it can be a variety of things; from knowing what flatters her shape, to wearing clothes and accessories just right.  Start with jackets. It's a style "secret". It's a "third piece" that not only completes your outfit, but actually helps you look put together. Question: Always wearing the same boring knit top and jeans? Want to look better? Add a sharp looking jacket-then suddenly-you've got a polished o[ More |  Email |  Print ]

February 1, 2021, 1:17 pm by MSP
  THIS WEEK: I'm sooo excited....because it's a "Closet Remix" week!  (FYI: This complete article will be posted Thursday in all 5 Personal Profiles for style members)   Take a peek inside my closet. Find out what I wear, and how I wear it. First of all, you may think I have a lot of clothes. But, the truth is, I really don't. My wardrobe is not massive, nor is my budget unlimited...However, I do have amazing REMIX SKILLS! Find out how you can s-t-r-e-t-c-h your wardrobe into something fabulous and yet sooo stylish!   Learn the secrets of closet remixing! As a stylist, my wardrobe is built upon "smart" clothing purchases.    One of my favor[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 26, 2021, 7:50 am by MSP
  11 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Old   Just like makeup, your clothes need to evolve throughout the years. What you once looked great in (years ago) would probably make you look old now. We get that. We are older and we don’t wear the same things we once wore in high school. But, do we really get what’s making us look old now?     THIS WEEK: Let’s explore how to look “age appropriate” yet fresh and up-to-date, like this...         After culling over my top style “Don’ts” women make over and over (unfortunately)…here’s my list of the top 11 things to avoid with your style...     Get "11 Style Mistakes That Make You Look Old" this week with a MSP Person[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 18, 2021, 3:09 pm by MSP
  If you know me, you know I often quote Coco Chanel. I find her quotes about fashion "spot on". Since I passionately believe every woman should become all she invisions she can be; this quote (below) conveys that a woman's clothing reflects her true self. This is pretty powerful stuff. Think about it for a moment-your clothing casts out an image of your persona. Now, think about what your current clothing is saying about you. Do you like that message? With Coco Chanel's quote in mind: "Adornment is never anything but a reflection of the self"....How can I help women dress with more confidence so that her clothing reflects her inner confidence? Guess what? I've put together my "short list" (10 things) every woman needs to up her style confidence. That's[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 11, 2021, 1:49 pm by MSP
  More than likely you don't want to shop right now. I get that. Most of us are still getting over the holidays, plus our wallets can't afford too many more purchases. However, if you can stretch your budget a bit more; there are some awesome sales going on. Buy wardrobe basics now. January is full of end-of-season sales. At these sales, find items you can wear now...and into the spring.    January is full of end-of-the-season sales. This means spend a little, get a lot!   Spend (wisely) and save. In other words, in order to have a better wardrobe (more outfit possibilities) you need to make smarter purchases. By building your wardrobe of quality basics, ones you can wear now and into the spring, you will be extending your[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 4, 2021, 12:04 pm by MSP
  A fresh year, a new calendar, and a clean start. However you wish to look at the start of 2021, without a doubt, it's a chance to begin again. From fitness to working on a better budget; whatever goals you wish to attain, the first of the year is a perfect time to get going. Motivation to move. Start of the year with more movement. It does matter where you are on your fitness journey-just vow to move more. From morning power walks to daily strolls, or full-out HIIT workouts-put weekly fitness on your calendar-just like you would any appointment. When you block out the time you have the best chance for making it happen.   Fresh sneakers in a fun color is a spendid way to motivate more movement! Nordstrom On Cloudflow Running [ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 28, 2020, 1:55 pm by MSP
  The Power of Color Color is an incredible fashion tool that's often taken for granted. However, if we knew its power, we'd purposely employ it's benefits every_single_ day. We are naturally attracted to color; it stimulates us emotionally, physically, and even brings out behavioral responses in us. We don't just notice colors; we feel colors. They can not only reflect our mood, but often alter them as well. Every fashion decision we make has a color connection and sends a message to others that reflects our personality. Choosing colors wisely can work to your advantage because color can elevate your style game.     Savvy MSP SYSters know color can add perceived worth. Certain colors look more sophisticated and stylish, so choosing thos[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 20, 2020, 9:25 am by MSP
  Looking for a quick and easy way to improve your style? Have you ever considered accessories are the answer to your fashion dilemma?  Accessories are the quickest way to get your style together without spending lots of money! Accessories can do wonders for even the most basic or plain outfit. They can take your same ‘ol basics and instantly give them a new updated look (and at a fraction of the cost you would pay if you purchased more clothing)!   Use accessories to up your "style game"! Accessories can... 1. Pull unrelated pieces together 2. Transform an outfit into a completely different look 3. Make you look taller, thinner, richer, or whatever   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 14, 2020, 8:12 am by MSP
  Could there be anything better than looking fab with a balanced shape? Umm, no! When your body looks balanced, you look fabulous.  Balance is everything. It's a matter of proportions, actually. Think about it, every time we eat, we try to balance the proportions of our food. We don't want to eat a whole pound of meat, or too much candy at one time because it's not healthy, or balanced. We are always trying to find the correct balance of fats, carbohydrates, and proteins. The same can be said about what we wear each day. We should be trying to find the correct proportions in the clothing we wear. We need to know our best styles and hem lengths of tops and jacket (this is super-important) in our clothing. Our best lengths are ba[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 10, 2020, 9:30 am by MSP
  Why select only one color for the year 2021, when you can choose two!   Pantone, which is famous for its color matching and creation system, hinted in its press release that it selected these colors to represent the uncertainty people may feel going into the new year. The gray is meant to be interpreted as “solid and dependable” while the yellow is “bright and cheerful.”     Colors signal "resilence and hope". “The union of an enduring Ultimate Gray with the vibrant yellow Illuminating expresses a message of positivity supported by fortitude,” said The Pantone Color Institute’s Executive Director Leatrice Eiseman, in a statement. “Practical and rock solid but at the same time warming and optimistic, this is a color [ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 9, 2020, 2:07 pm by MSP
  It's Sunday. Take this day to slow down and renew your spirit. It's also a good day to hit the "reset" button for the new week ahead.  Slow down and enjoy this amazing day. Sometimes just doing nothing is a gift to one's self. Perhaps you won't get a lot accomplished today, and that's okay.  However, if you feel like you have the weight of the world on your shoulders...maybe it's your handbag that's weighing you down! Take 15 minutes and clean out your handbag! Lighten up that extra load of stuff you carry around and really don't need. Toss the trash, organize. Set the tone for the new week ahead-and feel lighter (especially in the shoulders) and more energized!    Got handbag clutter? Take 15 minutes to tos[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 9, 2020, 1:40 pm by MSP
  Gosh, I'm asked this question a lot, "How do I dress up a basic white shirt?" Instead of describing the many ways you can wear this basic, I thought it might be better to show you.    Here are 3 ways you can wear your white button-down shirt...   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 5, 2020, 1:27 pm by MSP
  We hate to admit it, but looks do matter. At first this sounds shallow, but many studies in human behavior, psychology, etc. have proven it's a fact: we sum up appearances of others, and they do the same about us. Mostly we make subconcious assumptions of others for our own well being, like: is this person kind, are they a threat to me? Judge and be judged. Our clothes aren't just something we wear; they can help us make a good impression. Our clothing choice is what people see and part of what makes us unique. This is not to say you must have lots of money, or wear fancy clothes in order to make a good impression. Quite the contrary; it's more about being well put-together and neat and clean that matters.    Looking your best ca[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 3, 2020, 8:02 am by MSP
  What's your closet missing?!?...   Dear MSP SYSters,   I've spent many years as a stylist...and one thing is for certain, I still love clothes. Parting with them is so hard to do. I’ve found over time I've become a "collector of clothes". Lots of years, lots of do the math. My closet is always way too full of clothes, shoes and accessories. But, by seasonally decluttering, editing and organizing, my closet stay in-check. By regularly culling through my closet also helps re-focus my attention on the 12 essentials I wear over and over.   While every woman’s style is different, there are a few things (12, to be exact) that deserve a spot in your closet. Do you have these 12 essentials in your clos[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 30, 2020, 3:13 pm by MSP
  Looking good in your clothes is all about the fit of your clothes.   Common sense tells us when something does not fit... we can't button it up! But there's more to fit than whether we can button it, or not.  Q: How do we know when our clothes fit us poorly and are NOT flattering?   Sassy and stylish. Isn't that how you'd like to be described (regardless of your age, height, size, shape, etc)? This can be YOU if you know how your clothes should fit your body. When clothes fit correctly  you'll look your best (aka: sassy and stylish)--and even appear slimmer. This week, learn about correct fit and what signs to look for. Alter, alter, alter. Sometimes getting the right fit requires an alteration--or two. The f[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 24, 2020, 6:57 am by MSP
  As we move towards the end of the's a good time to assess where you are thus far. How are you doing with your style? Examine your life thus far. Right now, take a moment and think about life. What does lving a good life mean to you? Are you succeeding or do you feel you are coming up a bit short? What things do you still wish to do? Do you have any regrets? What can you do to make your life better? Lately, I've been pondering this topic of "life" and something amazing happened. While browsing fashion websites, I somehow stubbled upon this video. The Good Life Project. I immediately paused. It asks 29 people to explain the meaning of a good life. As you can imagine you get 29 different answers! These people share their opinions with heartfelt r[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 22, 2020, 7:40 am by MSP
  Use this week’s article “Dressing With An Ageless Vibe” to get that ageless vibe all women are after.  Follow the included lists in this week's article: “Old Style” vs “New Style”, “Chic Accessory Essentials” and “Chic Wardrobe Basics” to help you work with what’s in your closet right now.         Here’s additional tips to help you work with what you’ve got in your closet right now:   __Wear your LBD (Little Black Dress) with unusual accessories or colors. For example, wear a dark brown belt & dark brown accessories for a sophisticated look w/ your LBD.   __Mix dressy and casual items together--in one outfit. Why not? It’s an u[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 16, 2020, 4:47 pm by MSP
  Move over "old" fashion rules, this SYSter is dressing with new "Ageless" style!  Nothing ages you more than: an overly matching outfit, wearing clothes from all one store, looking like you didn't try at all, or wearing clothes too young. Don't let any of this happen to you. In fact, get "Ageless Style" by using this week's list of Old vs New fashion rules, plus the list of wardrobe essentials, and the list of must-have accessories. All this will keep you looking current.      No more guessing what's aging you! Get your copy of this week's article "Dressing With An Ageless Vibe" with a current MSP style membership. MSP’s Weekly Style Mission You are special, want to dress that way?  Here's how to look special[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 7, 2020, 1:00 pm by MSP
  What could be better than stylish outfits "ready-to go"?  Perhaps you have just cleaned out your closet (or maybe this week's article will inspire you to do so)...getting outfits altogether on one hanger is a lifestyle game-changer. This version of "Grab n' Go Outfits" are for fall, and are more relaxed and casual since we are spending more time at home. However, they are still fab outfits ready-to-go...and all on one hanger!      Imagine, grabbing one hanger with a complete outfit (including the accessories) and quickly dressing from head to toe. No more searching through the closet, trying to put something together. Think of how easy your mornings will be. Start off your[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 2, 2020, 9:40 am by MSP
  Chic and Casual How can these two words "casual and chic" be in the same sentence? Usually casual means dressed down and comfortable, while chic refers to stylish and elegant. Casual and chic combined means you get the best of both worlds. It's a blend of comfortable along with just the right amount of elegance.  Casual and chic style means you "get it". You get how to put together casual and chic into your outfits thanks to MissusSmartyPants. You will find yourself having lots of "Aha" moments with your casual style when you follow this 3-step plan. Putting together casual outfits that have a touch of elegance that are based on your body type will energize you like nothing else. You will be able to put together casual and chic&[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 26, 2020, 2:58 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters,  With every new season MissusSmartyPants gets an inbox full of style dilemmas. With so many MSP SYSters asking for help; it's hard to answer each one individually. Questions range from: how to wear tights with fall skirts and dresses, how to choose the right color of tights based on shoes, plus questions about the right length for jackets and coats... plus so much more! Of course, MSP is always happy to help a SYSter out. After a brief discussion, we at MissusSmartyPants decided the smartest thing would be to answer ALL of these questions at one time. Yes, brilliant.  What's the #1 style question for fall? How to wear fall hosiery. Opaque tights are perfect for fall. Just like puffer jackets, tights are an awesome wa[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 22, 2020, 9:18 am by MSP
  Dress chic!   Pair blue and black together! By pairing colors together that are not traditionally ones that you think “go together” you’ll find you are tapping into new chic way of dressing. Use these guidelines below to help you (also use these suggestions for pairing brown and black together, bright pink with red, charcoal gray and tan).   Here's 4 tips for creating chic color combinations successfully...   1. Keep the colors deep. Pair rich black and dark blue together. Faded items don’t work as well.   2. One item should have texture. Texture adds depth (and interest). For example, black pants look fabulous with an iridescent ink-blue top. You can also look for woven fabrics, perhaps suede, or even a colorful sc[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 19, 2020, 11:32 am by MSP
  This week, we're talking about denim! I love blue jeans, don't you? As the weather cools, we start wearing our denims or blue jeans more frequently. Soon they become one of our "go-to" fall staples. Gravitating towards comfort and warmth often means wearing our jeans <<grin>> A fall uniform. A typical fall/winter outfit usually consists of one of our favorite jeans matched-up with a knit top, or fuzzy sweater, or even a long tunic, fitted jacket or cardigan-plus a colorful scarf added for good measure. A cool weather "uniform" is good to have in our back pocket (pun intended) but the real key is to not let our outfits become boring. We need to mix up our style to keep our jean outfits fresh. We also MUST also wear the rig[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 15, 2020, 9:45 am by MSP
  It's fall, y'all. It's scarf season! One of the best accessories (especially in cooler months) are scarves. Having said that, after awhile wearing scarves the same way over and over gets rather dull. How else how can you wear your scarf? What unique ways can you tie your scarves so that you create fun and interest to what you're wearing? I'll continue to share how I wear scarves throughout this fall season. However, Nordstrom did a fabulous job of showing how to tie a scarf: 4 scarves, 16 ways! Here is the link a short 3 minute video that will surely liven up your fall wardrobe. FYI: my favorite is the Pretzel (it's the second scarf tied on this video). Check out these awesome scarf tying ideas! Nordstrom Scarf Tying 16 Ways [ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 12, 2020, 9:13 am by MSP
  It's a new week at MissusSmartyPants!  And this week I'm thrilled to share with you: THE top secrets to looking fab in your clothes. So, get ready...because these tips will revolutionize the way you dress...they are game-changers, style wise!   By far the most common (and irritating dressing concerns) women have is: Hiding muffin tops and back fat.  This week we banish them both...forever!   Yup, this week's topic sure does sound unbelievable..."How to Banish Back Fat & Muffin Tops-Forever". However, you and I both know the truth... there is no magic wand that will instantly erase tummy bulges and back fat. What we can do is dress in clever ways that[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 5, 2020, 6:21 pm by MSP
  October's air is cool and crisp. It's ideal weather for heading outdoors and enjoying the vibrant fall colors. Take advantage of your local farmer's market or pumpkin patch before the weather turns really cold. If you need some warmth, a jacket or coat, or a couple of light layers will do. However, soon you'll need a real winter coat or jacket. This is the best month to procure a new coat or jacket. The selection of coats is at its peak. Choose from top-quality jackets and winter coats...while the prices are just starting to drop! Searching now means you'll get a good price on a quality basic you'll wear for seasons to come. This gives you the best CPW (Cost-Per-Wear)! It's going to get cold! Don't be left out in the cold ([ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 28, 2020, 8:37 am by MSP
  While we aren't yet wearing cable-knit sweaters or sipping hot cider; we certainly can envision ourselves bundled up in the latest warm sweaters. With so many new sweater styles this fall...from cowl-necked ones, to something with ruffles or bell sleeves, deciding which sweaters to add, and in what color is going to be fun. As the weather begins to cool here in the mid-south, we are starting to wear light sweaters in the morning, while the real "sweater weather" is still weeks away. This week's article highlights the new trends along with classic sweaters, PLUS show how to layer perfectly in 4 steps. You'll be ready just in time for the cooler weather.    Is it a pullover, or a cardigan, lol?!?     [ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 21, 2020, 2:59 pm by MSP
  Just when the season begins to show signs of change...along comes something new, fun and exciting! ... It's re-mix week at MissusSmartyPants! This is a BIG WEEK at MSP.  Find out how to build stylish outfits using only 4 items. Yes, that's right. You will be able to create over a dozen different looks using only four pieces! 4 items equal 12 outfits! That's right, 4 = 12 outfits. That's my kind of math! These stylish looks are ones you'll surely to want to copy and wear. Learn how to maximize your wardrobe potential while saving, more importantly, learn how to be creative using just a few items from your closet!       Before you shop; work with what you've got.&n[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 14, 2020, 8:39 am by MSP
  It's week two of the Fall Preview! The weather will soon show signs of changing (cooler mornings and evenings). Plan your fall wardrobe now. Before you know'll be wearing fuzzy sweaters again!    Break out the pumpkin spiced latte!'s fall, y'all!!!! (at least in the style world)   Start rotating your wardrobe.  I recommend a wardrobe edit every six months. Every spring and every fall to keep your closet organized for the current season, and prepare it for the next. It's even better if you can edit/organize/declutter your closet every 3 months (at the beginning of each season--spring, summer, fall, winter). The key to better style is...(are you[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 8, 2020, 10:48 am by MSP
  It's time to prep your wardrobe for fall.  Whether you are planning a complete revamp, or just wanting to add-in a few new items this season; you'll want MSP's handy fall guide: "Fall Preview 2020". This fall-winter style guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things related to style. This guide is for planning your fall wardrobe as well as for editing your current wardrobe.  The Fall Preview 2020 is full of the latest trends and colors to help you update your closet. From the latest "must-have" accessories to the latest in fall'll have everything you need to have a stylish fall season.   Make smarter wardrobe choices by staying up-to-date with MSP's Fall Previ[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 8, 2020, 10:31 am by MSP
  Dear MSP, First of all, I'd like to thank you for your brilliant content!  When a friend recommended this service and even sent me a gift certificate, I hesitated to start the subscription for quite a while because I assumed it would only be about new trends and all this stuff I needed to buy (and couldn't afford). I was pleasantly surprised to find it extremely practical and interesting advice for dressing for your body type, visual balance, what draws the eye to where, color, etc., as well as lots of new ideas for putting together things I already owned.    Before, I wouldn't have described myself as frumpy, but the past couple years or so, I have spent perhaps the least in my life on clothes due to very tight finances, and yet[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 3, 2020, 8:37 am by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSters,  It’s a sign of the times. I'm now getting emails asking for help regarding what to wear while trying to lose “the quarantine 15”. You know, those pesky pounds you put on while staying home during the early days of this pandemic. Too often women think they must wait until they lose “X amount” of weight before joining MissusSmartyPants. The Style Crew is ready to help you today! Dress for today; and whenever you need to change body types--we will do it for free! As a fashion stylist/ personal shopper I’ve worked with lots of ladies while they were on weight loss journey. So I like to share with you today my top tips to help you look stylish and feel fab while you are losing weight. Also, keep in mind, wearing clothes that fit your[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 31, 2020, 3:37 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters,  September is here! While it's not yet fall, it's time to start thinking about the new season in our wardrobes. Fall officially starts September 21st. However, with cooler mornings and warmer afternoons becoming the norm, wearing light layers is something we will start doing regularly. Welcome: summer into fall season. The change of seasons is now upon us!     This week's style article is about s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing your warm season wardrobe into chic and "trendy" outfits for fall. This week, you will get lots of clever ideas that will show you how to wear (and layer) items you've already got (and have been wearing all summer) into fabulous fall looks. This week you'll be ahead of the game (or in this case, ahead of[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 24, 2020, 2:30 pm by MSP
  Get that "casual chic vibe" you've always dreamed of. Late summer is the perfect time to reinvent your style. It's something every woman can possess...and this week I'm going to prove it to you!   This week: The secrets of chic style are revealed!   Even if you dress casual everyday, there are amazing ways to amp-up your style! This week's article will "dissect" the difference between "average" looking to "chic style" to help you re-create it for yourself!    Get this week's article "Late Summer Style" with your purchase of a MSP Personal Profile!   MSP's Weekly Style Mission This week's Style Mission: Dress up (really nice) one day this week. It's ev[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 17, 2020, 2:27 pm by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSters, Have you noticed, despite your decent-sized wardrobe, you always wear your same favorite pieces? They are your "go-to" ones that you wear over and over. Don't you wish you had a few new style ideas to use with your basics to get a more put-together look?  Lucky for you, this week, I've got a list of 15 key items to elevate your style. This list is above and beyond the basic wardrobe essentials.    Lose the snooze style..ELEVATE YOUR STYLE TO A NEW LEVEL! Look chic and fab by adding these 15 items into your regular wardrobe mix. ​Join today and get "15 Key Items to Elevate Your Style"...+ a body specific dressing plan   MSP's Weekly Style Mission [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 10, 2020, 2:51 pm by MSP
  Closet decluttering can be a life long struggle. It was for me...until I started dressing using capsule wardrobes. Prior to capsule wardrobes, I’d go through my clothes each season, rearrange my closet, remove a few things, and then add in even more. I felt I needed to welcome a season by going shopping for more clothes. Do you see the vicious cycle I had going on? Finally last year, I decided to clean out my closet for good; and when I did, a lot of questions and suppressed emotions came bubbling up: Guilt: “Why did I spend so much on things I ended up not wearing?”  Irritation: “Am I going to have to do this all over again in 6 months?” Panic: “If I let it go, will I miss it, and I might not [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 3, 2020, 3:31 pm by MSP
  As a woman with aging skin, the topic of skincare is near and dear to my heart. Since I'm nearly 60 (wow, did I just write that?!) I'm doing my best to care for my skin. I wash it with a gentle cleanser every morning and each night, plus I wear a moisturizer daily that has sunscreen in it. But, am I really doing everything I should? Is there more to skincare? With a plethora of products on store selves, at makeup counters and online, there are so many options; just how are we to know the products we need? Or for that matter, the products we don't need? Good skin makes us look more youthful. That means caring for our skin is hugely important. Looking possibly years younger than our chronological age only happens with good skincare.   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 30, 2020, 9:34 am by MSP
  As busy women, we're occasionally guilty of accumulating a huge pile of clothes. Usually its hidden in the back of our closet or stuffed into a drawer-out of sight. Hey, it happens. On the other hand, a cleaner closet would give a us clearer mind and make finding something to wear so much easier. Part of the problem is this accumulation: the stuff you should be tossing but haven't because you're too busy or a bit sentimental.     Let me help you clear the clutter. Print this list out and get busy this weekend. I guarantee that getting dressed on Monday morning will be sooo much easier.   Toss these 11 things from your closet: 1. Broken or wire hangers (organize by investing in all one-style hangers) 2. Anything damaged beyond r[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 27, 2020, 10:56 am by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSters,  I'm not French, but after visiting France, Paris in particular, I was enticed by the Parisian's simple-chic way of dressing. In fact, I really admire it. I made a lot of mental notes of the street fashions and the way the Parisian women dressed. I dissected each outfit...piece by piece. After a week, I was anxious to rush back home and replicate a few of these chic outfits. But, there's more to their style than just a few fab looks to copy. The way they dress goes deeper-it's a lifestyle and certain healthy attitude about a woman's clothing and body. French women tend to follow this fashion rule, "Bon chic, bon genre" when translated means, "good style, good attitude". In other words, dressing well is [ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 20, 2020, 2:40 pm by MSP
  Five Minute Fast- 5 Outfit Templates Pressed for time...again? Urgh! It's so frustrating when you are running late and can't find anything to wear! When mornings begin like this, it sets a negative tone to your day. It also can make you feel out-of-sync when you look un-styled all day. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up and know you've already got something fabulous to wear? You already know your outfit is planned and set aside. There is no rush to your mornings, and they are relatively stress-free because you used "MSP's template" way of dressing. Got 5 minutes? Perfect. That's all the time you need with MSP's summer templates. In five minutes fast-you're ready with a stylish outfit. TRY IT & SEE!   This week, you g[ More |  Email |  Print ]