FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

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What does SYSter mean? That's you! SYSter is an acronym for Show Your Style! It’s what MissusSmartyPants and this website is all about~improving your personal style.

MSP means MissusSmartyPants (she’s the know-it-all of style)


What do I get as a paid member?

You will get quality Style Articles (to help you improve your style in baby steps) and body specific shopping guides every Thursday. There are also other static style articles to help you build a wardrobe plan. Once you are signed up as a paid member, a ‘reminder’ email is sent to you so that you can login and view the latest information. You always have access to the latest 4 weeks of information at one time.


Personal Profile System

What is the Personal Profile System all about?

The Personal Profile System was created by Leslie aka MissusSmartyPants to help women everywhere discover how beautiful they can be just by dressing for their body type and learning some key elements of style. Leslie has demystified style so that every woman can feel beautiful in her own skin!


Login help

How do I view the Personal Profile weekly Style Articles & Shopping Guides now that I’m a paid member?

1. Type in your Username and Password in the gray box in the upper right-hand corner of the website.

2. Click on the "Log In" button.

3. You will be taken to your "My Account" page. 

4. On the right-hand side of this page click on the blue link “My Personal Profile and Style Articles”...this link is right next to the body image on the page. Yipee! You are now in!


Renewing membership

How do I renew my style membership?

Prior to your style membership expiring, you will be notified via email. This is a friendly reminder to come back and renew. To renew, simply fill in your Username and Password in the upper right corner. You will be taken to your “My Account” page. Click on the blue link: Membership Renew. Under Renew, use the pull-down arrow to select the body type and length of time you wish.

(If you wish to renew but want to purchase a "bundled" package, simply click on "Body Types" or "Seasonal Colors" pages above and find the "bundled" package you wish to purchase)


Editing your address, email address or changing your password

How do I update or change my personal information?

You can edit your information once you have logged into your ‘My Account’ page. Simply fill in your Username and Password on the upper right corner of the screen. Once on your “My Account” page...simply click on the appropriate blue link to make the needed changes to your information. *The only thing you can NOT change for yourself is you body type. If you need to change body types, you will need to contact our customer service.


Redeeming Gift Certificates

Once you have decided what you wish to buy...simply proceed to check out. The radio button is defaulted to "credit card". Select "Gift Certificate" instead as your payment method. Once you do, a "gift code" box will appear. Enter your gift code in the box as form of payment.



What is an ID Me?

An ID Me is a service Leslie offers where she will personally select your body type. If you are not sure, this is the best way to get started with the Personal Profile System.

I purchased the ID Me service with membership, so what do I do now? You need complete the ID Me questionnaire (that is emailed to you) in order to be placed in the body type that is best for you. Leslie will personally email you back how to login and view your body specific style information.


Body Type

I picked the wrong body type, can I change it? In order to change to another body type you will need to send us a message under the ‘contact us’ link. We are happy to make a one time change for you.

I’ve gained or lost weight and I think my body type is now different. The most important part of this style service is to dress for your body type, so if an adjustment needs to be made, let us know. Click the ‘contact us’ link and leave us a message which body type you need to change to.


International SYSters

I’m in the Southern Hemisphere and your seasons are opposite to ours, will this service work for me? The most important aspect of MSP is the correct styles and fit for your body type. This style is seasonless! Since your seasons are opposite to the U.S. you can print out (or save) the fit and style guidelines for your own personal use and keep them to refer to. Of course these fit guidelines can be used year round.

I’m outside of the U.S. and we don’t have the same stores, so how can this style service be helpful? You may not be able to use the stores that Leslie suggests, but the style and fit guidelines are the same and most important part of this service. However, many of the stores that MSP shops do ship internationally. Feel free to print out and take the weekly guides with you to the stores for your own personal use.



Do I have to be a paid member to use the Style Forum?
No. You do not need to be a paid member. This is a PUBLIC forum all you need to do is register with a username and start posting. You will find lots of style help from other SYSters just like you (whether you are a paid member or not). Most of the conversations are about the latest style postings and how to apply them to your current wardrobe. Paid member or not, you will love being part of this fabulous group of women!

Can I share a photo with my forum posting? Yes, you are welcome to post an appropriate photo with your forum posting. IMAGES must be 2 MB or less.

Are there any rules when posting in the forum? Yes, of course there are rules! Please be kind and respectful of others. You don’t want to hurt women’s feelings since often they are are ‘putting themselves out there’ for others to comment on. It can be a touchy issue so please abide by the ‘Golden Rule’ and THINK before you post!

Can I be banned from the forum or my post removed if considered offensive? YES! MSP and the style crew will monitor the daily postings (as well as add in their comments from time to time). Anything regarded inappropriate will be removed at our discretion.




MSP accepts Paypal, Visa and Mastercard credit cards as well as debit cards displaying those logos. You are also welcome to mail-in a paper check or money order. All non-U.S. orders must be payable in U.S. dollars.


Cancellations. Any cancellation of an order placed will result in a charge $5 for processing.


How do I contact MSP... Contact Us