Seasonal Colors and Color Season

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  1. I am a Winter in coloring. When I look at the colors for Fall, I don't know what to add to wardrobe that would fit my color season. Do I just skip this year's colors?

  1. Re the 2017 colours for a person with Winter colouring, I've just looked at the Pantone colours for Fall 2017. There are versions for London and for New York. On the London version there are Flame Scarlet and Royal Lilac, pale pink and Bluebell. I think these are in the Winter spectrum. On the New York version there is Grenadine, Navy, pale pink, gray and Grenadine, Marina Blue. And Black and White can always be added. I hope this hasn't made you more puzzled than before. :)

  2. Thank you. I will look at those options.

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