Leslie, you help heal my style apathy

Started 2 weeks ago.
  1. Dear Leslie, I subscribe to your site, but like some people who join a gym but never go, I actually have to make myself go to your site. This morning I did, and read about what stylish women actually do to get that way. Time, care, grooming, to start with. I'm off to a job soon, I'm an organizer who has to dress in clean-cut "work clothes" like stretch pants and long-sleeved tee. But I will take the time to check my makeup and hair, and arrange a nice scarf, matching socks (no kidding, I often leave the house wearing mismatches)...Thank you, I am learning to care for my looks, ie: myself. And I will also get out more, seek fun events. I'm divorced for 8 years now, and I realize I depended on my partner for fun activities. I haven't dated since my divorce, I think you are helping me with more than clothes, really great lessons on self care. Love, Dorothy

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