Hot climate dressing for C type figures

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  1. We are told that C type figures look their best wearing dark colors on their bottom half. I live where it is (still) quite hot. I am trying to wear my dark wash jeans (with lighter colored top, appropriate jewelry or light weight scarf for accent, stylish purse, cute shoes, etc.) on days when I go out and about--but it is often just too hot for those dark colors! Although I would love to be able to wear one of those cute jean skirts, my legs aren't that great, And even though I am a trim 68 yrs old I need to remember to dress age appropriately. Need suggestions for dressing my C figure, for physical comfort and for casual life style, in south Florida.

  1. I would probably wear maxi-dresses or maxi-skirts if it was very hot. If you need to wear trousers, then loose cotton ones, rather than jeans, would be cooler. As to dark colours on the bottom half, in the summer here (UK) lots of people wear white jeans or white linen trousers, whatever their size or body shape, or age.

  2. Hi Karen. In Australia I tend to wear linen, hemp, bamboo blends or lightweight cotton in the hotter months. I have bottoms (pants, short and skirts) in navy, black and taupe in these fabrics and they mix and match very well with a variety of tops. I also wear some white when it's summer but it doesn't stay pristine for long so I don't wear a lot of it anyway. A column of colour such as a maxi dress is another alternative and could be a solid dark colour or a print (maybe with a dark background).

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