Body Type

Share your "Aha" fashion moments about dressing for your particular body type!


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jengil1 1 Hahaha, that was me! jengil1
2 weeks ago
MorganClegg 1 Seasonal Colours?? wonderer
4 months ago
rrat121 8 new spring fashions 1 wonderer
6 months ago
sarah44sing 2 KNOCK KNEES/BOW LEGS Marceline
5 months ago
dmurray 1 Belly ReneeC
8 months ago
Janae 2 Am I a "D" now? natasha
9 months ago
Marceline 6 Trouble with "A" top advice LindaAdams
11 months ago
jengil1 2 Help deciding body type jengil1
2 weeks ago
jhisrich 3 scarves for short women? jhisrich
1 year ago
darcy827 2 Mis-identification of Body Type? darcy827
1 year ago
patfoskett 7 Packing wonderer
1 year ago
patfoskett 4 What should I wear wonderer
1 year ago
Janae 3 Bra help for C, please! wonderer
1 year ago
Lucinda 5 How to know if you are changing a body shape? From B to C? karenjones1048
2 months ago
dchownin 12 Steal Her Style Article wonderer
1 year ago
searose55 2 Not sure which is my body type wonderer
1 year ago
mil63 4 Knee high boots /type B /petite 5 feet tall mil63
1 year ago
LindaCram26 1 Balance Basics for Body Types wonderer
1 year ago
dmeyers57 2 Body type change wonderer
2 years ago
GG 8 Where Can I Find Styles Appropriate for a Baby Boomer? lizdescant
1 year ago