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December 7, 2016, 5:59 pm by MSP
My Gift To You: Festive Style Tips   Since it's the season of giving and I've been so blessed by your support and continued positive comments. I would like to thank you all.   It's my turn-to give back. So, I've put together a list festive style tips just in time for the holidays!     From festive-casual to dressy holiday looks, I've got outfit ideas to help you get your festive look just right.    Warm wishes and holiday blessings to you and your family! Love, Leslie MSP        With the arrival of the holiday season, we often find ourselves (sometimes, quite unexpectedly) with an occasion we need to dress for. Instead of being excited about dressing up, we panic. No need t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 5, 2016, 4:34 pm by MSP
  One thing is for certain-things never stay the same. Time moves on, we get older, and the styles we wear change. It's hard to know how to stay current and age appropriate at the same time. However, you can relax, because that's where I come in! As your "cyber stylist" I'm here to help you look fabulous in the body you've got today-and to help you keep a modern look to your style. That's what this week's article is all about...14 Fashion Rules to Break. By knowing how to change the way you wear something, or how to wear it in the first place-you'll never second guess yourself, or your style! Can you wear a navy dress with black accessories? Is it still a fashion "no-no" to mix navy and black, or how about brown and black together? No one wants to stand out...certainly[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 28, 2016, 3:21 pm by MSP
  With Christmas less than a month away (Yes, can you believe it?)'s time to plan festive outfits.  As the holidays roll around, we quickly find ourselves stressing because there are so too many things to do, yet we have so little time. This year...Make it easier by planning a few festive outfits AHEAD OF TIME! If you are suddenly invited to a festive event, what will you wear? Or, perhaps you do have an upcoming holiday party you will be attending. Again, what are you going to wear? Don't turn down that invitation. I've got so many festive outfit suggestions for you-using most of what's already in your closet!   This week at MSP: Stylish clothing suggestions for every festive event you might attend this holiday sea[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 21, 2016, 1:25 pm by MSP
  It’s funny how we can go through life day-to-day, then suddenly, we need to dress for a special occasion, or we just want to look really nice and we completely fall apart. Perhaps in the past you've declined an invitation because you didn’t know what to wear. (Does this sound familiar?) Let's not let that happen again! With more style confidence and the LIST of "How to Wear It Right"…you can dress for any occasion and with conviction! Start with babysteps. If style is new to you, you've got to give yourself time (babysteps) to learn how to apply the style principles being taught. There are so many things to learn about dressing well, like dressing to balance your proportions, dressing for your body's particular shape, how to play-up assets [ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 14, 2016, 4:26 pm by MSP
  Finally, the mornings are cool enough you must grab a fuzzy sweater (or warmer jacket) before heading out the door. It's a refreshing change to feel the cool crispness in the air, and a joy to witness the brilliantly hued leaves. The fall season also means the return to wearing layered clothing to stay warm. Wearing layers in an opportunity to look more stylish, but it can also go wrong quickly if you don't get it right! This week: 4 Steps to a Perfectly Layered Outfit!   Wearing shirts and sweaters in light layers will not only help you adjust to the fluctuating temperatures; it's also a very stylish way to dress!   One of the best things about cooler weather is wearing a pretty layered sweater to stay warm (and of course, endulg[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 7, 2016, 2:52 pm by MSP
  Over the years as a fashion stylist, I've found that women really want to feel comfortable in their clothes, while having a stylish edge. Yet many women when dressed casually, feel sloppy, and not stylish at all. Being in a hurry on most mornings only adds to this vicious cycle of feeling un-styled. So, what's the answer??? "Grab N' Go" outfits will save you from the style doldrums! Every woman needs a few "Grab N' Go" outfits!    Imagine, being able to grab a hanger with a complete outfit ready-to-go....including the accessories. How good would that be? It would certainly make the mornings so much easier...and the best part is, it will make your day more stylish too! No matter a woman's lifestyle; every woman wants to look good and feel[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 31, 2016, 3:01 pm by MSP
  Some things in life are taxes and getting older. Another thing that happens as we age...we tend to gain a little "extra" around our middle! Between dealing with an over-scheduled life, and natural shifts in our hormones; before we know it...we end up with extra flesh around our waistline! What's a SYSter to do when she wants to look fabulous? What is the best way to dress when your waistline has become somewhat undefined? Should you continue to squeeze into what you've always worn, or hide under something loose and baggy? The correct answer is NEITHER of these. Both are poor dressing options for women with undefined waists. Both (squeezing into tight clothes or wearing baggy ones) will make you look bigger than you really are! [ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 24, 2016, 3:39 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters, Since it's the start of cooler weather, I figured I'd email you to see if you have any dressing dilemmas that pop-up this time of year. For example, how to wear boots, with so many skirts, dresses and pant options-deciding what style of boots to wear can get confusing. Boy, did I get more than I bargained for....I got deluged with sooo many awesome questions! So many questions-not enough time. Phooey on that! Instead of answering a few of your fall "personal style Dilemmas"...I'm answering ALL of them! This week's style article (with your questions & my answers) will post this Thursday in all 5 body type Personal Profiles-simply log in and view your question-answered!     Get fall started with improved style... Ord[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 17, 2016, 2:12 pm by MSP
  Great style is attainable for every woman. I know this in my heart of hearts. However, I know there are plenty of women out there that would disagree. Their reasoning might be that some women are born with a "fashion gene" and others, are not. I couldn't disagree more. As a stylist, I have worked for years with women who thought they could not be stylish, and yet I've managed to change their opinion. How did I do it? I showed them a few fashion tricks, shared a few tips, and got them into a great fitting jacket-just right for their shape!    A great fitting jacket can balance every woman's shape. This week I'll show you the best jacket styles just right for you! Style is a learned behavior. As women learn about style wee[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 10, 2016, 2:55 pm by MSP
  Denims. As the weather cools, we begin to pull out our denims and blue jeans and wear them more and more. Soon, they become one of our regular go-to items. Wouldn't you like to know your blue jeans are the most flattering for your shape? Our typical fall/winter outfits often consist of one of our favorite pairs of jeans matched up with knit tops, fuzzy sweaters, long tunics, a jacket and cardigan, plus a fun scarf added for good measure. This cold weather "uniform" is perfect; however the key is to make uber-perfect is to make sure our jeans fit well. Are your jeans flattering your body? Are you sure your denims are making the most of your shape? Are you wearing the correct size, the right cut, and style with the right pocket placement? Are your back pockets[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 4, 2016, 11:37 am by MSP
  I recently read an article that stated two-thirds of women admitted to hoarding clothes that don't fit them. So then I wondered, why are women keeping clothes they can't wear? Most of these women interviewed hoped that someday...somehow they'd fit into these clothes again. Others had kept clothes that didn't fit them for sentimental reasons (or because they were so expensive) and they were attached to the memory (or how much they paid) and simply couldn't part with these clothes. If you think about it, these “reasons” for keeping clothes that don’t fit are silly--but most women admit to doing this. Question: Do you have clothes in your closet that don't fit? If so, why are they still hanging in there (literally, LOL)? Let's share and learn from each other. Shar[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 3, 2016, 6:25 am by MSP
  Common sense tells us when something does not fit. We can't button it up! However, there is so more to fit than whether we can or can not button it up. Fit has to do with our clothing's sleeve length, the correct pant length, our jacket's hem length, and so much more (all based on your body's shape). Why does proper garment fit matter? Shouldn't you just wear whatever you want? Of course you can wear what you want-however, not knowing proper fit means you will draw your body's shape off balance with ackward proportions, look heavier, look sloppy and just appear less than stellar? Why look "less than stellar" when you can shine and look fabulous in proper fitting clothes. #1 question I'm asked, "What is the real secret to great style?" The answer may[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 26, 2016, 3:37 pm by MSP
  Each season the fashion industry introduces new fashions to entice us to buy. However, our fashion sense is also strongly influenced by social media (online, T.V. magazines, social apps) about what we should buy (and wear) to be current, and fashionable. We watch (and often admire) celebrities, and others public figures that dress well and want to emulate their style. However, current celebrity style didn't just happen; their styles are "reworked" looks from the past.  Today's celeb is critiqued and criticized within seconds about everything they wear. The outfit they wore to dinner, to the nightclub, or even the grocery store, gets hundreds (if not thousands) of Tweets each day. Within hours, that's all social media is talking about; who wore what and[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 19, 2016, 2:24 pm by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSters, I'm not French, but after visiting France, Paris in particular, I was enticed by the Parisian's uber-chic way of dressing. In fact, I really admire it. I made a lot of mental notes of the street fashions and the way the Parisian women dressed...piece by piece. After a week, I was anxious to rush back home and try to replicate a few of these chic outfits I saw. But, there is more to their style than just a few fab looks to copy. The way they dress goes deeper than that-it's a lifestyle and certain healthy attitude about a woman's clothing and body. French women tend to follow this fashion rule, "Bon chic, bon genre" when translated means, "good style, good attitude". In other words, dressing well matters for your well-being. I say the French wom[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 15, 2016, 4:38 pm by MSP
  Dear MissusSmartyPants, You mention the importance of having more basics in your wardrobe frequently, but I'm not sure what constitutes a basic. I'm assumming it's clothing that are simply constructed, but won't that make your wardrobe boring and plain? Can you help out a style newbie? Why should we have more basics and exactly what are they? Many thanks, Carole What's a wardrobe basic? MSP HERE: Dear Carole, That's a great question. Wardrobe basics are the foundation (or strength) of your wardrobe. Your wardrobe should be 70-80% of these basic items: dark denims, dress slacks, casual pants, classic shorts, cotton v-neck sweaters, cardigans, button-down shirts, dress blouses, cotton tees (various sleeve lengths), basic sheath dress, A-line skirts[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 12, 2016, 3:59 pm by MSP
  Fall is here...well, officially it starts September 22, but it is wardrobe planning season.  It's also week two (2) of the Big Fall Preview! Get excited...really excited because it's definitely time to plan your fall wardrobe. The weather is just beginning to show signs of change, and before you know will be wearing warm fuzzy sweaters again!    This week at MSP: Get the latest in fall handbag trends, new shoe styles + trendy autumn colors... Wear colors like: deep-mossy green (Lush Meadow), gray as your new neutral, adding lots of a deep red (Aurora) as well as other rich jewel tones, like amethyst and sapphire.    Find out which trends you'll want to add this season... and how to wear t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 5, 2016, 5:18 pm by MSP
  Fall is on its way! This means now is the best time to plan your fall wardrobe. Whether you want to completely revamp it, or just add in a few new things, MissusSmartyPants is ready to help you!   This week get started planning your fall wardrobe with your copy MSP's "The Big Fall Preview".   This in-depth style guide is one you'll use all season long! This complete fall guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things style related to fall fashions and trends. Want to perk up your style? Don't know what to wear? You will find the answers in MSP's "Big Fall Preview 2016".   This seasonal guide is perfect for helping you plan your fall wardrobe, as well as edit your current one. It's full of the latest trends[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 29, 2016, 4:21 pm by MSP
  This week: The Power of Accessories Lately, I’ve been thinking about what exactly makes some women so stylish, while others not so much. Every time this question pops into my mind, I come to the same conclusion-it’s the accessories that make all the difference. Yes, accessories are that powerful!   For example, say you and I are wearing identical outfits. Our basic outfits will look completely different depending upon how we each put together our look using our choice of accessories, shoes, and handbags. Every woman has her own unique spin or take on accessories...and that's a good thing! It's how you accessorize your outfits shows off your uniqueness and personality.     THIS WEEK: Learn some flattering techniques that wil[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 28, 2016, 3:44 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters,  Recently I was interviewed by a local retail magazine. They asked such great questions, I thought I'd share! Here are the 12 questions, and my answers. Enjoy. 1. What do women really need in their wardrobes? Here is a basics list of what most women should have in their wardrobes. You may need to adjust it according to your particular lifestyle, but remember the key to any successful wardrobe is having items that are fairly simple in design, and ones that can easily be mixed and matched with other items. Please note: this list is not broken up into seasons. Some of your items will be year-round, while some will be more seasonal. A “basic” can be defined as: a solid colored (typically not a printed fabric) item, simple, classic, [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 24, 2016, 3:54 pm by MSP
    Mix high and mid-priced items with low. Invest in core pieces, then pair  them up with mostly inexpensive clothing and accessories. Spend a little each season to update items like trendy tops and necklaces (Use MSP’s Seasonal Previews (every fall & spring season) to will give you the “scoop” on the latest trends!).     8 Ways to mix "spendy" & "trendy" items together successfully...   1. Add animal print to anything. Animal prints can be used as a neutral. One piece is all it takes to add a little something special to your outfit.   2. Shop your closet first. Chances are there’s already something similar to what you want...hiding right in your very own closet!   3. Invest in piec[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 22, 2016, 12:44 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters,  Here in the South, our weather continues to be warm, yet quite pleasant with humidity levels starting to diminish. With cooler mornings on their way, soon a light jacket or sweater will be needed before heading out the door. Welcome fall. This change in weather is truly inviting and refreshing. It's almost fall! By preparing now; ahead of the new will feel right in step with the latest fashion and trends-yet there is no need to buy a thing! This week's article is about s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing your current warm season wardrobe into fall. It's about using those summer items to create chic and "trendy" outfits for fall.  This week, you will get lots of clever ideas that will show you how to wear (and layer)[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 18, 2016, 7:57 am by MSP
  Last week I received an email from a twenty-something SYSter excited about the upcoming fall season. She was wondering what she should buy now for fall. She was thinking ahead and getting anxious about the new styles she might wear when the weather cools. One thing this young mom said that I thought was extremely intelligent was: "I know I need to purge before I splurge". I love this! She's right, by taking the time now and editing out what's not being worn, she'll be able to make sense of what's left in her closet...and can then start planning her fall wardrobe.   This SYSter has a limited budget (don't we all?) and requested my suggestions for planning a fall wardrobe help keep her on budget. SYSter, your prayers have been answered!  &n[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 7, 2016, 2:34 pm by MSP
  Short on cash? From summer vacations to back-to-school shopping, your budget will be busting at the seams. This leaves nothing left in your wallet for refreshing your wardrobe-just as the seasons start to change! This week's article is perfect for the budget-strapped SYSter, because it's about how to take a few key pieces and re-mix them for fall.  You can create a multitude of outfits using only a few key pieces. It's your "remix" skills that will make your style great, and extremely affordable. That's the best part; there is NO NEED TO SPEND MONEY! Wardrobe Stretching Ideas will show you how to put together better style using what you've already got. What's a sundress and print skirt have in common? They are both summer basics that are in this week's a[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 3, 2016, 5:57 pm by MSP
  It's August. Take advantage of the warm weather before summer ends and take a vacation or steal a long weekend away! When I saw this packing tip, I knew I had to share it with you.   Go ahead and pack a few wardrobe-changing necklaces! Simply "press n' seal" your jewelry, then roll them into your suitcase. No worries about them getting tangled!   Need more help packing? Check out USA Today's fabulous list of 10 packing tips every traveler must know.   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 1, 2016, 3:35 pm by MSP
  How to Mix Patterns Like a Fashionista   When I say pattern mixing, do you instantly think, "Oh, no! I would look like I dressed in the dark!"    Mixing unexpected patterns and prints has become a huge fashion trend, and I for one like it! Of course, there can be a fine line between looking stylish, or like a hot mess! I'm here to help you get it right.   Look chic and on-trend. Yes, you can look stylish and chic by mixing several patterns in one outfit. Use MSP's "does it mix" chart + 6 mixing guidelines shared in this week's article for style members, "How to Mix Pattern Like a Fashionista" will help you get your look right every time. No more guessing. Look at MSP's chart to find the pattern you want to mix-th[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 24, 2016, 3:43 pm by MSP
  "Buy the best quality you can afford" is a mantra you often hear as a MissusSmartyPants SYSter. But, what if you could purchase the best quality merchandise...yet at bargain-basement prices? Well, then that would be even better! It's July! This month is all about summer sales. Now is the time to get what you need (and want) on top quality pieces you'll wear all the way into the fall! The savings are happening NOW! Stores are drastically marking-down summer merchandise in order to make room for fall clothing (arriving in August...yeah, I know, it's always sooo dang hot when we start seeing wool sweaters again).    It's still July…and that means sales, sales, sales! Can you say up to 70 percent off?! [ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 18, 2016, 3:04 pm by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSters, Nothing gripes me more than being told I can not wear something because of my age. Really? Just exactly who decided certain articles of clothing should no longer be worn by woman who's over thirty, forty, or even fifty-or beyond? Of course we need to assess our own bodies and decide what is best covered up and not exposed. But, that should be more of a personal choice-not necessarily an "age" related thing. By using a full-length mirror and reviewing our backsides as well our complete look, most women can come to an intelligent decision whether they should be wearing something, or not. A good rule of thumb is; if you have doubts, then you should not wear it. Listen to your gut. As a stylist who has helped many women dress well based on their body sha[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 11, 2016, 3:03 pm by MSP
  Super-Casual Mommy Style Dear MissusSmartyPants, I am in need of some serious TLC! Just 6 month’s ago I became a first-time mom to a sweet little girl. I'm a stay-at-home mom, so I don't need much in the way of clothes, but I do need some help getting out this rut. Right now, I’m in that awkward stage where I don’t fit into my pre-pregnancy clothes, but my maternity clothes are too big. I also don’t want to spend a lot of money on clothes while losing this baby weight. My current go to outfit is a big t-shirt and yoga pants. What advice can you give to this busy, still need to lose some baby weight, mom on the go? Anything that especially covers up the midsection or hips would be awesome-and oh, budget-friendly is a necessity! I just want to feel like[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 9, 2016, 10:24 am by MSP
    It's too thick or too thin, it's too curly, or as straight as it can be. Yes, it's your hair we are talking about, and its not always your 'crowning glory'. Many of us (me included) are guilty of working against our natural hair. If it's straight, we want some wave to it. If it's curly, we want it straight and flat iron and use products to keep it straight. So, when I saw this sign at my hairdresser's studio, it really got me thinking about trying to accept my hair (and perhaps on a deeper level-my true self) curly hair and all...    "Life is an endless struggle filled with frustrations and challenges... but eventually you find a hairstyle you like"      QUESTION: Are you wearing your hair in a style that a[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 4, 2016, 2:15 pm by MSP
    Self improvement starts by giving yourself permission. You really can become a confident woman that's "Style Challenged No More"! But first, you have to give yourself permission. You need to explore what it is that is holding you back. More than likely, it's part not knowing what is stylish (for your body type) and part feeling you are not worthy (self-sabotage) of improved style.  We are often our own worst enemy. Most often, it's US that holds ourselves back from being our best. We stop short and make EXCUSES why we can't do something. Self-sabotaging thoughts start to creep in and hold us back from updating our style, or from doing whatever else we deem worthy, yet fear we might not be good at--so don't[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 27, 2016, 7:14 pm by MSP
  You found the perfect handbag. Or so you think. Most women have a 'check list' of needs they expect from a handbag they are considering purchasing. From a certain amount of compartments (for cell phone, keys, personal items, etc.) to a certain size, or a particular color, etc. Does this sound similar to your checklist for a new handbag? Did you ever stop and think about the SHAPE of your handbag? Is it flattering for you? How about the size of the handbag in relation to your own body size? Does it matter? Which styles are best; and which ones should be avoided and why?   Most of us carry a handbag every day...and that means it should flatter our body! YOU are your handbag. Yes, that's a mighty bold statemen[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 24, 2016, 4:42 pm by MSP
  Pictured above is MSP's Favorite Go-To Summer Outfit: A stylish tee, chambray shirt (if needed), knit pencil skirt, and cross-the-body handbag + a pair of stylish flats.    What's your "go-to" outfit for the summer heat? If you don't have a few "go-to" outfits for hot weather, take a few minutes inside your wardrobe to plan them. Knowing ahead of time what you'll wear, makes dressing stylish on a summer's day....a breeze!   How to plan your summer "Go-To" outfits:   1. Start with the bottom you want to wear 2. Now, add a coordinating top 3. Add a third place (light layer, if needed) 4. Add one trendy accessory (or handbag) 5. Wear stylish shoes   Get more[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 16, 2016, 5:47 pm by MSP
  12 Amazing Style Tips Every morning you dress, wouldn't it be nice to know few "secret" things that will make you look and feel even better? It sounds good, doesn't it? This week MSP shares with you 12 amazing tips (that are mostly known by stylists). These 12 tips could quite simply change the way you look and feel about yourself! Why? Becasue these 12 tips are... AMAZING!   THIS WEEK: Get makeup tips, amazing closet organization ideas, see how to adjust body proportions-fast + tips on how to wear accessories right--plus, much, much more!   Find out how to look and feel your best for your body type + get this week's article in Thursday's Personal Profile!   Why am I sharing these se[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 14, 2016, 8:24 am by MSP
  Dear MSP SYSter,  As a member of you are "issued" frequent style challenges. Style challenges are tasks created to help you move your style forward while getting you out of your comfort zone. This in turn, keeps you from wearing the same 'ol things over and over. No style SYSter has regreted taking a MSP style challenge-ever.  MSP gets her own challenge! I was recently contacted by Coldwater Creek offering me an opportunity to select one top and one bottom, and then show I'd wear them. Hmmm. A style challenge for me? YES! Let's do it! For this challenge, I chose two basics for summer. Both of these items are casual basics that you could wear many, many ways. The simplier the better when you're talking hot summer [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 13, 2016, 3:55 pm by MSP
What to Reveal, What to Conceal   There is a certain contentment that comes from living a balanced life. Comfort comes from knowing your daily routines and having a schedule that doesn't vary too much.  As humans we are attracted to balance. We find comfort in it. So, when our life gets off kilter, and it becomes too stressful, we withdraw to help reestablish more balance. Just as we continually seek out equilibrium, humans are also naturally attracted to symmetry. Studies have shown, the human eye gravitates towards symmetrical objects (whether they are part of a landscape or the shape of another person's face or body). Symmetry is visual balance.    Did you ever wonder why a certain outfit looks stunning on someone else, [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 11, 2016, 2:33 pm by MSP
  Calculating Skirt Length Wearing your best skirt length balances your body-so it’s important to have an idea where on your leg your hemline should be. On the contrast, wearing a skirt that’s too short, or too long for your body looks awkward and off-balance. As previously explained in last week's email (in general terms) you need to find out where on your lower body you are long and where you are short-then make an adjustment with your hem length to balance out your body. Get it? If not, no worries, read on...   There’s another way to figure out your best skirt or dress hem length. This way requires math and a cloth measuring tape:   STEP 1   FIND YOUR “GOLDEN” NUMBER Measure the length of your body in cent[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 6, 2016, 2:10 pm by MSP
  Cool Style on a Hot Summer Day Last week, it got sizzling hot outside. Oh boy, here we go again! Living here, in the South, means when the temperature starts to go up, so does the sticky humidity! This time of year always presents a dressing challenge: "How can we look stylish without melting down"? If you know me, I’m always up for a good challenge. So, I did what any fashion stylist would do…I went shopping to find the best looks for hot summer days!   I've found the best outfit ideas for hot summer days... For example, this sassy, yet cool swing dress is perfect for wearing when the heat is on... The Limited Striped Swing Dress   Just the thought of ‘dressing up’ when it’s over 90 degrees with high humidity mak[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 31, 2016, 3:24 pm by MSP
  It's the start of travel season and one of the best "go-to" pieces is a maxi.  Maxi skirts are comfortable, keep you cool (yet covered) and can be dressed up or down. They are perfect for summer travel!   Ralph Lauren Striped Jersey Maxi Skirt at Dillards   For more awesome style ideas follow MissusSmartyPants on Pinterest     [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 30, 2016, 4:59 pm by MSP
  Why does one woman wearing a tee-shirt and jeans, somehow look so chic and stylish? Yet your t-shirt and jeans combination looks boring and unstyled! WHY??? What are this woman's secrets? How come she looks stylish, yet your outfit comes up short? How do you go from having just so-so style to having fabulous style? This week, uncover the hidden ways to improve your style. Get that "casual chic vibe" you've always dreamed of. It really is something every woman can possess.   This week: The secrets to chic style are revealed!   Even if you dress casually (or really, really casual) everyday, there are amazing ways to amp-up your style! This week's article will "dissect" the difference between "average" looking to "chic s[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 23, 2016, 5:18 pm by MSP
  Can't afford a style makeover? Wrong. Think again. This week...get the inside scoop on some of the simplest and quickest ways you can design your very own "style makeover". Women simply don't think about these minor, yet very noticeable changes they can make with their appearance. Who knew such quick changes could have such a HUGE impact on a woman's appearance? Well, this gal, MissusSmartyPants knows it! This week, the 1-2-3 strategy is revealed. Use this strategy daily to "make over" your style. It all adds up! Women simply don't comprehend how small changes, or "tweaks" in one's appearance can make them look remarkably better. I found this to be the case last weekend when I overheard a conversation in one of the dressing rooms of a department store. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 16, 2016, 4:30 pm by MSP
  The Challenge Continues...Part Two: 10 Items, 28 Outfits An Extensive Wardrobe, Optional. The main objective of this 2-week challenge is to show you; you don't need lots of clothes to look stylish. Just a good core wardrobe. Last week I shared half of my outfits (14) using only 10 items from my closet. This week you see my other (14) outfits!   This week, it's the remaining fourteen (14) outfits. This is my chance to razzle-dazzle you & show how only 10 pieces can create 28 outfits!   Get ready. This Thursday every paid member with a MSP Personal Profile will have access to:   _The Challenge Continues: 10 Items, 28 Outfits (Part Two) _10 Items, 28 Outfits (Part One) _Suitcase Chic (complete travel list & pac[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 9, 2016, 2:11 pm by MSP
  Get ready, get's time to do something truly amazing with your wardrobe! This week you are going to transform the way you think about your wardrobe and the clothes hanging in there. This week, you are going to PLAN your wardrobe for one (1) month. It will totally transform the way you dress from here on out! 10 Items, 28 Outfits. Recently, I was standing in my closet wondering what to wear. You know the feeling, standing there wrapped in a towel straight from the shower, and clueless as far as what to wear. I have plenty of clothes, but felt a total lack of inspiration. So, what was really needed, was a way to jump-start my style. That's when I realized it was time to re-visit the "10 Items, 28 Outfits" challenge.   Join this[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 8, 2016, 2:01 pm by MSP
  I love this quote about moms because it means the word "mom" can describe any woman that shows you unselfish love. There's nothing better than knowing you've got that someone special in your life that's got your back...   A mother is a person who seeing there are only four pieces of pie for five people, promptly announces she never did care for pie.  ~Tenneva Jordan   Happy Mother's Day!  The gift of style is perfect for moms, sisters, your favorite aunt or your BFF's! MissusSmartyPants gift certificates are available for $14.95-44.95   [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 2, 2016, 2:49 pm by MSP
  MSP's Travel & Packing Guide 2016 (How to travel "suitcase chic") It's travel season. But, before you plan your get-away, whether it's a long weekend away, or a 2-week international trip-be sure to use this week's handy-dandy guide! It's full of amazing tips to make travel easy and fun. Of course you will get MSP's wardrobe planner; what to pack + how to pack it. It's a visual guide of what to wear each day of your trip. It's the must-have for packing chic and light...I call it, "Suitcase Chic".   One of my favorite travel sayings is this,  "Remember, in your travels you'll meet two kinds of tourists — those who pack light and those who wish they had." Vacations are about creating special memories while exploring new pl[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 25, 2016, 4:40 pm by MSP
  It is starting to get warm out. But soon, it will get real hot! And when it does...what are you going to wear?  Recently, I helped a few clients refresh their spring/summer wardrobes. The topic that came up each time was, "What do I wear when it gets really hot outside? I still want to be stylish, so what do I wear?" Ladies, we've got options. From sundresses to skirts (long, midi and short), but more than likely, when it gets really hot outside, we'll wear shorts, capris and cropped pants.  Admittedly, I'm a little apprehensive about showing more skin as the weather warms. I know most women are. However, I also know finding your most flattering shorts, crops and capris will make you look your best, and more importantly, feel m[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 19, 2016, 2:47 pm by MSP
    Baby, it’s still cold outside. Ah spring...why do you take two steps forward, then one step back?    We certainly can’t control the weather and how soon it will warm up in our neck of the woods; but we can control the way we dress for it. We can dress more ‘springlike’. I’d say this is a sure-fire way to coax the warmer weather our way!     Still cold outside but ready for spring? Try these style tips below:   __Put away that dark woolen scarf and trade it for a lighter floral one. Wear your floral scarf all morning long while it’s still cool. Later in the day when you get warm; tie it on your handbag!   __Wear a bright-colored cardigan--or for that matter, wear a polka-dot printed c[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 18, 2016, 3:43 pm by MSP
  MSP’s Swimsuit Guide 2016! Ready or not—it’s time to shop for a swimsuit! After a winter of hiding under heavy sweaters and long tunics, the thought of standing almost naked in front of the dressing room mirror can strike fear in the heart of even the most avid shopper! It's inevitable, swimsuit shopping needs to happen now. Shop now so you can take advantage of the best selection of swimwear.   This week's style article (posting this Thursday) is all about helping you find your best swimsuit options based on YOUR body shape! We all get a little (okay, a lot) of anxiety when we start thinking about needing a new swimsuit. Wearing so little can be daunting...until the weather changes and it's uber-hot and you want to cool off in the pool.[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 11, 2016, 4:26 pm by MSP
  Wouldn't it be wonderful to have a few stylish outfits ready-to-go at a moment's notice? You know, the easy button for something stylish to wear when you want (or need) to look and feel fabulous. Well, you're in luck. This week is your week! This week MSP outfit templates to help you plan and create fashionable outfits. Print & save these grids from this week's article so you can use them again and again. Dressing (stylish) could not get any easier than this. You get the best of both worlds. Spend less time and less money by planning your wardrobe the MSP way! I'll show you how to set up your main wardrobe colors, what should be included, and how to mix minimal pieces for maximum style! It's a must-have article to move your style forward. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 4, 2016, 3:02 pm by MSP
  What you put on your feet is sometimes a harder decision than selecting the outfit you are going to wear. Once you do decide what to wear; often you doubt whether your shoe choice is the right. How can you tell if your favorite pair of shoes are right for your outfit, and if they are still  'in style'? Outdated shoes for sure will make YOU look outdated. So, how do you know when it's time to retire your favorite kicks and buy something new? And, just what are the new shoe trends for this spring?   This week MSP helps you: 1. Navigate the latest shoe trends 2. Determine the right shoes for your outfit   Shoes are one of the best "completer" pieces to improve your style. However, they can get expensive. And even t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 1, 2016, 10:10 am by MSP
  Dear Leslie,   I need help with accessories. Since you always seem to wear just the right accessories and just the right amount I know you can help. Do you have rules that you follow when picking out your accessories each day?    For example if I wear a bold necklace, should I not wear earrings? If I wear a chunky bracelet should I wear a ring on the same hand or on the other? What about mixing a pearl necklace and diamond stud earrings, yes or no? I just feel pearl earrings will look too matronly with the matching necklace, am I right about this?   By the way I love your website and your weekly style tips! My style has dramatically improved since joining your site. I’m also having fun playing dress up in my closet.  &nbs[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 1, 2016, 9:56 am by MSP
  Dear SYSters, I've changed my opinion about accessorizing. Instead of saying I've "flip-flopped" (no pun intended) I prefer to say I've "evolved" over the issue of wearing accessories.  I say, "More is better!" In fact, pile 'em on! Stack on the bracelets, layer your necklaces, add a bold hip belt, and while you are at it-wear large chandelier earrings to make your accessorizing statement even bolder! No, it's not chaotic or overkill-more really is better! Show people everything you've got in your jewelry box all at one time. It makes you look wealthy to be wearing so much at one time.  If you're still reading this-April Fools Day! Love, Leslie MSP P.S. For real tips on accessorizing correctly please read this. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

March 28, 2016, 2:57 pm by MSP
  Wear It Right! Dressing well is similar to eating a balanced diet. If you keep everything in moderation, you’ll be just fine. But, it’s when you over-do things that you start to get into trouble. Like eating too many calories, soon they'll end up on your tummy and your hips. It's the same with wearing the trends, one step wrong, and you end up on the show “What Not to Wear” LOL! Take a deep breath, relax; MissusSmartyPants won’t let this happen to you. This week is about how to "Wear It Right". As far as the calories go, well, you’ll have to apply "moderation" and willpower. Coldwater Creek Open Crochet 3/4 Sleeve Cardigan (6 colors-petites, misses + womens) The right wardrobe essentials (like this light layering cardigan-shown above)...[ More |  Email |  Print ]