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February 1, 2016, 3:19 pm by MSP
  There's nothing better than feeling confident in the clothes you wear. However, too many women lack confidence when it comes to their attire. I have a fail-proof 8-step plan to change all that. This week in Thursday's Personal Profiles; the eight best ways (step-by-step) to interpret the trends (and styles) so you always look age-appropriate and feel fashionably fabulous! What woman doesn't want to look and feel amazing?   Mix your dressy with your casual pieces for chic style. Psst...This casual jacket defines every woman's waist! Coldwater Creek Town & Country Anorak (All sizes, 3 colors)   Finding or refining your style takes a leap of faith. You'll be putting yourself out there because you'll be trying new styles&n[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 25, 2016, 4:30 pm by MSP
  It's the biggest week ever at! All you need is fifteen (15) pieces. That's right. With just fifteen pieces you will be able build a whole month's worth of outfits!  Amazing? Yes, it is. This week, I'm going to show you how. Follow my step-by-step plan. This method of dressing will open your eyes to how easy and fun it is to be stylish! It's something every woman should learn because it improves confidence. Hit the "Re-set" button on your style. When I find myself feeling like I have tons of clothing but nothing to wear - I use my capsule wardrobe magic. It helps me get creative again with what I have in my closet.   The "magic" is to pick out a small number of pieces that mix and match with each other and see how m[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 18, 2016, 3:24 pm by MSP
  More than likely you don't feeling like shopping right now. I get that. Most of us are still recovering from the holidays, plus our wallets just can't afford a lot of purchases right now. It's time to regroup and set the tone for the year. You may not want to hit the stores right now--however, if you do go shopping; there are some awesome sales happening right now. This is the time to take advantage of basics at bargain prices, ones you can wear now...and into the spring.   It's January, the month end-of-the-season sales. This means spend a little, get a lot!   When it comes to your wardrobe, sometimes you need to spend money in order to save money. In other words, in order to have a better wardrobe (more outfit possibilities[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 11, 2016, 4:58 pm by MSP
  Leave it to MissusSmartyPants to guide you (and your wardrobe) into to a new and improved 2016! Over the seasons, I've shared with you many, many style rules. For example, only buy something if you can think of at least three different ways to wear it. It's not worth buying something on impulse, only to have it become a "closet orphan". I've also shared the value of understanding body proportions and the use of the 1/3-2/3 dressing rule. Another shared tip is how your goal should be to buy one-third less clothing, yet pay 3 times more on what you do buy. Just think of the small, yet fabulous wardrobe you would have if you were that thoughtful of every clothing purchase? Guess what? I've got one more style "rule" to add...The Third Piece Rule. This "rule" is not n[ More |  Email |  Print ]

January 4, 2016, 4:00 pm by MSP
  New Year Special: An Outfit Planner from MSP. Get it this week! It's an awesome way to start off your 2016. Everyday you must get dressed. Imagine how nice it would be; to effortlessly select something to wear each morning that you know is going to look great on you. This can be your daily reality. No more feelings of uncertainty, wondering if your outfit is a hit--or a miss. Instead, each day you are a dressing success! You often hear me chatting up about "go-to" outfits. This an essential way of dress for any woman who wants to look stylish, yet is short on time. But, just exactly how do you make this happen with your wardrobe? No worries...relax. This week your MSP body type style membership (article posts this Thursday, 1-7-16) g[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 22, 2015, 9:42 am by MSP
  Motivated By Style Looking for motivation to start off 2016? A new year is the perfect time for a fresh start. Many years ago, I used a new year as a reason to start living healthier. As a mom of three, I was tired and worn out by trying to do it all. Does this sound familiar? My health suffered and I was finding my weight creeping up, year after year. I blamed how I was feeling (and looking) on "getting older". Right now, I can see some of you (okay, I can't really see you) rolling your eyes and thinking "What could she possibly know about struggles with weight (and exercise)? MissusSmartyPants doesn't seem to have a problem with her weight. Well sit back, I'm going to share my story with you (or at least try to). If you choose not to read it, that's f[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 21, 2015, 9:33 pm by MSP
  Out With the Old-In With the New With this year coming to a close and another one about to begin, "Out with the old and in with the new" is a good mantra or slogan. Starting off fresh with a few new updates, while at the same time, leaving a few things (outdated) behind will move your style forward smoothly into 2016.   Do you sometimes look in the mirror and see there's something wrong with what you're wearing? Yet, the bigger problem is; you have no idea what it is or how to fix it! It's frustrating when what you’re wearing doesn't look quite right. It's even more frustrating when you like the color or the style of the garment, but again, something doesn’t look quite right. Every woman wants to look her best. But not every woman has got it fi[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 14, 2015, 4:50 pm by MSP
  Celebrities always seem to look good. Even on days when they are running errands, going to the gym, or simply relaxing. The fact is: celebrities enlist a lot of help. They have personal assistants, personal trainers, a chef, and a nutritionist to help them keep their scheduled lives in order. Celebrities also hire personal stylists to help them with their public image. As a celebrity, you won't make it very far if you don't have a bit of panache with your wardrobe. A hired stylist puts together complete "outfits" for their celebrity clients; showing them exactly what to wear. This personalized wardrobe plan includes not only outfits based on their body type, but a complete grid of what goes with what. This way, they can't get it wrong (kinda [ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 7, 2015, 3:44 pm by MSP
  This week's topic: Good Fit vs. Bad Fit-How to Know the Difference! (complete article will post this Thursday in all 5 body type Personal Profiles) I recently read an article that stated 2/3 of women admitted to hoarding clothes that do not fit them. Why are these women keeping clothes they can't wear?  Most of these women interviewed hoped that someday...somehow they'd fit into these clothes again. Others had kept clothes that didn't fit them for sentimental reasons (or because they were so expensive)...they were still too attached to the memory (or how much they paid) and simply couldn't part with these garments. If you think about it realistically, it seems silly to keep clothes you can't or won't wear--but many women do this. "My closet is so full"..[ More |  Email |  Print ]

December 6, 2015, 10:34 am by MSP
  Dear Friends,   With the arrival of the holidays, we often find ourselves with an occasion we need to dress for. Instead of being excited about dressing up; we become panicked. Suddenly panicked thoughts creep into your head...“What could I possibly wear?!” There's no need to get anxious or worry you won’t be dressed appropriately for any festive event. Why? Because you’ve got MissusSmartyPants! ...And now dressing for any festive occasion will be a snap! My Holiday Gift to YOU! Use these ‘festive’ tips to help you create an outfit for any holiday party or get-together (from Christmas to New Year’s eve). (Print tips below and save them in your Style Control have one, right?) More than likely[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 30, 2015, 4:32 pm by MSP
  Need a few tips to help minimize your waistline? Perfect timing...the week after Thanksgiving, right? There's good news! No abdominal crunches are required. This week, dress in clever ways that minimize your waistline. It's perfect, no matter the time of year.   Minimize your waistline with these absolute best ways to dress slim! Look 5-10 pounds slimmer! Look amazing when you dress in clothes that cleverly minimize your waistline. There really are ways to "camo" an undefined waist. Make sure you take advantage of all of them. Learn this week the best styles, most slimming pants, the best jackets, the right cut and fit of your clothes-plus necklines that actually make your torso appear slimmer! I'll also share a few clev[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 23, 2015, 5:11 pm by MSP
  With Christmas a month away (can you believe it?)'s time to plan for it.  As the holidays roll around, we find ourselves stressing out because there are so too many things to do, yet so little time. Make this year easier by planning a few stylish outfits AHEAD OF TIME! What if you are suddenly invited to a festive event. What will you wear? Or, perhaps you have an upcoming holiday party. Are you clueless about what you will wear? Don't turn down that invitation! I've got lots of festive outfit ideas this week for every BODY TYPE!   This week: Fabulous clothing suggestions for every festive event you might attend this holiday season! The Limited Wrap Look Sweater   Attending "The Nutcracker" (for the umpteenth[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 23, 2015, 2:16 pm by MSP
  You've been invited to Thanksgiving dinner. Now, what to wear...   Look fabulous on Thanksgiving (in U.S. this Thursday, November 26th)...or for any fall get-together!   Choose from these stylish combinations***:   1. Cream cable-knit sweater, plaid scarf, dark slim jeans, animal-print flats.   2. Deep Marsala sweater, bold gold-link necklace, cream quilted vest, tan twill denims, tan booties.   3. A-line knit sweater dress, trendy necklace, knit cap, flat riding boots.   *** Get more stylish outfits suggestions based on your body type with a Personal Profile style membership!   Not yet a member? Click here to order your Personal Profile and get immediate access to[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 17, 2015, 11:18 am by MSP
  Gosh, I'm asked this question a lot, "How do I dress up a white shirt?" Instead of describing the many ways you can wear this basic, I thought it might be better to show you.   Here are few ways you can wear your white button-down shirt...     [ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 16, 2015, 2:06 pm by MSP
  There's an old saying, "Rules were meant to be broken".  Who knows where it came from; however sometimes we find we must break a "rule" for a good reason. Admit it. You've been a rule breaker from time to time. We all have. I'm not afraid to take chances... or break "rules" especially when it comes to fashion. I'll try the latest fashions (age appropriate, of course) and wear the newest colors or trends. But sometimes doubt creeps in. Does this really look good on me? Sometimes we have doubt that we are wearing a particular style or trend correctly. For example: Can you wear your navy dress with all black accessories? Isn't this a fashion "don't"? No one wants to stand out...especially in a bad way!!! No one wants to look like they got dressed in[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 9, 2015, 2:37 pm by MSP
  This week's style topic: Anti-Aging Hairstyles   What's the best way to look instantly younger? Get a great haircut. By far, the best way to look instantly younger and feel more youthful is with a fabulous cut. You need the right cut, however. Of course, there are so many hairstyle options. So, this week we explore how to get your best cut, and to do so, I went straight to the best source, my personal hairstylist, Megan. She recently shared with me, a wealth of information about cut, color, and how to talk to your stylist so she'll listen! Stay tuned, this Thursday your looks are going to get a major overhaul (in a positive way) as we explore new "anti-aging" hairstyles you're going to want to try! "Every woman wants the perfect haircut-one that flatters[ More |  Email |  Print ]

November 2, 2015, 4:05 pm by MSP
  Jackets and blazers gives instant polish to any outfit you wear, from casual to professional. They are your ultimate wardrobe completer piece. Here's why... Jackets give you style. Style is attainable skill because it's a learned skill. So, as you login each week (to your Personal Profile) you soon learn how to select only the best silhouettes and proportions for your particular shape. Without a doubt, on the top every stylist’s list are well-styled jackets and blazers! Jackets are essential style tools. A great fitting jacket (or blazer) can fool the eye into believing the wearer as a perfect "balanced body" regardless of her actual shape! Amazing, huh? Well, it's true! Wearing your best jacket style not only "balances" your shape[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 31, 2015, 2:45 pm by MSP
REMINDER: SET YOUR CLOCKS BACK TONIGHT!     ​The days are short now...but the "it" item for fall is a LONG cardigan!    From mid-thigh to knee length and longer, long cardigans offer you just the right amount of warm while making you one stylish SYSter!   Wear them with slim or straight-leg pants, leggings, sheath dresses, pencil skirt and boots.  Long cardigans are versatile and fun!   Bobeau Lightweight Cardigan only $39 (many colors, petites, misses)     Login to your paid membership to view these articles below. (Each style article is posted for 4 weeks-then they're gone!)   NOW POSTED:   5 Steps to a Perfectly Layered [ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 25, 2015, 10:14 am by MSP
  A full closet is like a security blanket. When it's full, it makes us feel safe. With so much in our closets, we'll always have something to wear. Well, if that's the case, why do we often exclaim, "I have NOTHING to wear!"   Less clutter, more peace! This week streamline your wardrobe with MSP!   A contradictory closet. Your closet is lying to you! Think about what you wear day to day. It's probably the same usual few pairs of jeans or slacks with a few different tops, and that's about it. Your choices are limited to the same few things that you feel comfortable in, and quite possibly, your choices even border on boring. Does this sound familiar? The rest of the clothes in your closet are ones that you don't love anymore for one reason[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 19, 2015, 1:05 pm by MSP
  Dear SYSters, There have been many inquiries about why I have not shown what I'm wearing lately. I love that you are anxious to see my fall outfits and thank you for your interest. The truth is I have been laying low. It has been awhile since I've been in front of the camera sharing my outfits with you. There has been a good reason for this. Six weeks ago I had an accident. I was riding my mountain bike and took a bad turn. I ended up falling eight feet off my bike face first into a pile of rocks. Needless to stay, I got injured. I won't bore you with the details (or from some, creep you out). But, as you can guess, I got pretty scratched up, banged up and needed 20 stitches because my chin split open. I am mending well and feel extremely blessed that nothing was[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 15, 2015, 8:28 am by MSP
    Printed Pants? Could you, would you wear them?   This isn't a question from a Dr. Seuss book, it's a style question!   Here are 6 ways to give 'em a try:   ​Wear with a white v neck t-shirt and bold necklace Wear printed pants with a chambray shirt Wear with a cashmere v-neck or crew neck Wear printed pants with a grey tank under a blazer and add bold jewelry Wear with a cotton button down shirt and add a bright skinny belt Wear with a body skimming t-shirt and faux leather "moto" jacket​     [ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 11, 2015, 4:39 pm by MSP
  Bring on the cold weather! This week at MSP: The Guide to Outerwear. Your complete guide to the best sweaters, jackets and winter coats selected for your body type!      The Limited Double Breasted Coat (xs-xxl) The Limited Open Front Coat The Limited Long Open Front Cardigan (xs-xxl)   The air is cool and crisp making it the perfect weather to enjoy taking a stroll to your local farmer's market or pumpkin patch. Enjoying nature’s beauty invigorates the mind, body and soul. All that is probably need right now is a light jacket or a couple of layers to keep warm. However, soon (especially if you live in a colder climate) you'll need a real warm winter coat to bundle up in. October is the best mont[ More |  Email |  Print ]

October 4, 2015, 4:21 pm by MSP
  Mornings are now cool enough to start your day with a light sweater (or jacket). It's a refreshing change to feel a bit of crispness in the air. This change in weather also means it's the start wearing layered outfits. However, many women come across a few problems when they try to create a "layered" look. If done wrong, your layered look can make you look over-dressed, or even worse; heavier than you really are.   Wearing layers correctly, not only helps you adjust to the fluctuating temperatures; it's also very stylish way to dress! Similar: Coldwater Creek Vest (5 colors-petite, misses, plus)   Careful! You don't want to look like the Michelin Man! This week's article: "5-Steps To A Perfectly Layered Outfit" shows you how to layer su[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 28, 2015, 3:24 pm by MSP
  When the weather changes, you can't help but fall in love with autumn. It's those temperate days that make you yearn to get outside; even if it's only for a short walk to take in the vibrantly-colored leaves. Cooler weather also signals that it's time to move (or pack away) most of your summer clothes and prepare your wardrobe for fall.  Right now, I'm having a blast preparing my wardrobe for the cooler weather. I kinda feel like a squirrel preparing ahead of time, LOL! I've been busily moving my summery clothes to the back of my closet and going through my skirts, dresses and pants I haven't worn in awhile because it's been so dog-gone hot... I'm moving them forward because soon I'll wear them again. I have also added 3 new hooks to my closet wall to accomo[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 21, 2015, 3:27 pm by MSP
  Recently, I was called upon by a past client. She had emailed me about updating her handbag for fall and wanted my help. We ended up talking on the phone about handbag styles that would be best for her (based on her body type, age, stature and lifestyle). I asked her why she selected the one in the photo she had emailed to me. She told me her current handbag (getting rather worn) was purchased because... "I can fit everything into it and it's very compact".  She was right, it was a small in size and she did manage to CRAM a lot of stuff into it... so much so that it hardly zipped closed, LOL! Obviously, she hadn't thought about the possibility that her SMALL handbag does not flatter her larger frame!  The reality[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 14, 2015, 4:44 pm by MSP
  Six Ways to Wear White Jeans   Our mamas told us, "NO white after Labor Day". Well, those days are long gone. Today's fashion scene takes just about every style "rule" we once believed in, and breaks it. Along with the old notion of double-denim as a style faux pas; wearing white in cooler weather is not only okay, it's now super-stylish! That's fashion for you-fickle and ever-changing! NYDJ "Clarissa" Stretch Slim Jeans (petites and missus)   Get MSP's suggestions for six white jean outfits that you can wear all fall and winter! Yes, white jeans in winter works when you do it right. Use my style tips and copy my outfits for the most stylish season you've had yet!   What are you waiting for? Start your fall wardrobe plannin[ More |  Email |  Print ]

September 7, 2015, 5:37 pm by MSP
    Is it fall yet? Well...ummm, no. The season is going to change, and soon, and so will your wardrobe. This week is about extending your summer wardrobe into the fall season.   Sweater weather is almost here! The weather is going to change, and so will your wardrobe...   This week is about s-t-r-e-t-c-h-ing your warm season wardrobe into chic and "trendy" outfits you can wear in fall. You will get lots of clever ideas of how you can wear (and layer) clothes straight from your closet (and have been wearing all summer) into fabulous looks for fall. This week you'll be ahead of the game (or in this case, the fall weather)!  Similar: Striped Dress   This week's style article gives[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 31, 2015, 3:20 pm by MSP
  It's September and week two of the Big Fall Preview 2015! You've been waiting for weeks, but finally the time has arrived. Time to start planing your fall wardrobe. The weather is showing signs of change (cooler mornings and nights) and soon, before you know'll be wearing warm fuzzy sweaters again!  Break out the pumpkin spiced latte! It's fall (at least in the style world). This week at MSP:  Find out which trends are hot for fall and how to wear them...   Start your wardrobe rotation now.  I recommend that you edit your wardrobe every six months. Every spring and every fall (twice yearly) keeps your closet organized for the current season and prepares it for the next. It's even bette[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 24, 2015, 3:54 pm by MSP
  It's that time of year again! It's time to start planning your fall wardrobe.  Whether you are planning a complete wardrobe revamp, or just wanting to add-in a few new items this season; you'll want MSP's handy fall guide: "The Big Fall Preview 2015". This fall-winter style guide will quickly become your 'go-to' reference for all things style related. This seasonal guide is for planning your fall wardrobe as well as for editing what you are currently wearing. It's full of the latest trends and colors to help you quickly update your look with a few choice selections. From the latest "must-have" accessories to the latest in fall'll have everything you need right at your fingertips. Stay in the know so your style will look up-to-da[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 18, 2015, 4:46 pm by MSP
  1. BE CREATIVE. Fashion and style is all about creativity. Creativity really comes in handy when you’re trying to get the most style for your budget. Your entire wardrobe magically expands when you realize the variety of ways to maximize what’s in it. Seek inspiration everywhere (women you come across, online, in magazines, on TV). Adapt the ideas to fit your body/lifestyle/budget.    2. JUST BE YOU. Become familiar with what works for your body type, skin tone, lifestyle and personality. Staying within your comfort zone of style reduces the time it takes to shop and increases your style successes. You’ll be able to shop with more focus which is helpful when your hunting for treasures in the clearance section.   3. ALWAYS ACCE[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 17, 2015, 3:40 pm by MSP
  Back to School, Back to Style Summer is coming to a close and the kids are heading back to school.  Can I get an Amen?! As the kids return to weekly school routines; it's time YOU get serious about your wardrobe. Admit it...Your wardrobe is a mess. (Ah, I've got your attention now, don't I? It's true, isn't it?) STOP PROCRASTINATING! Now is the time to work through WHY your wardrobe is not everything you wished it was.   This week...THE ULTIMATE WARDROBE PLANNER! Get it.   This week in all 5 Personal Profile style memberships you get the ultimate style tools: charts and graphs to help you figure out how to put together a decent wardrobe where you absolutely love to wear each and every piece! Finally figure out the following[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 10, 2015, 2:05 pm by MSP
  It's a fresh new week at MissusSmartyPants! This week I'm thrilled to share with you: THE top secrets to looking fab in your clothes. So get ready...because these style tips are going to revolutionize the way you dress...yes, they are life-changing!   By far the most common and irritating dressing concerns women have is how to dress to hide back fat and muffin tops. This week we banish them both...forever!   Yup, this week's topic sure does sound amazing and unbelievable..."How to Banish Back Fat & Muffin Tops-Forever". However, you and I know the truth is... there is no magic wand or golden ticket that will instantly erase bulges from the back or tummy. What we can do is dress in clever ways that hide or minimi[ More |  Email |  Print ]

August 3, 2015, 4:53 pm by MSP
  Corporate Casual: Dressing for Today's Workplace Today's workplace is a hodge-podge of style. In some offices anything goes...from casual to super-casual, to down right sloppy. In other offices, you will find a work environment of professional attire only. Of course it depends upon the type of office, for example, law offices and bankers expect dress corporate attire. Other workplaces have a "corporate casual" dress code, and it is often left to interpretation! This makes it hard to decipher what is acceptable to wear to work, and what is not.    This week's article, "Corporate Casual: Dressing for Today's Workplace" will help you exude style confidence! Even if your work environment is super-casual, you will find out how to apply the "A, B, C's" of[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 27, 2015, 4:46 pm by MSP
  What to Buy Now for Fall Seriously, why am I talking about fall right now? Yeah, I know it's hard to believe I just mentioned the fall season when it's so hot out. Even though it will continue to be warm for at least another month, or so; now is the BEST time to plan your wardrobe for the upcoming season.  Last week I received an email from a twenty-something SYSter excited about new fall fashions. She wants to know what she should buy now for fall. This young mom is planning ahead and getting anxious about the new styles she might wear when the weather cools. One of the things she said that I thought was so savvy is: "I know I need to purge before I splurge". I love this...and she is so right. Take the time now and edit out what is [ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 20, 2015, 4:38 pm by MSP
  Looking for the way to get your style to really come together, but can't quite put your finger on how to do it? I've got just what you are looking for! Three's a charm. It's all about adding an "extra" item that will take your outfit to the next level. I am sure you've heard of the "five second rule". You've probably used it before, right? It is where you have just five seconds to scoop up a morsel of food that has fallen on the floor and know it's safe to eat. Of course, there is no scientific evidence to support that food is not contaiminated within five seconds, but it makes us feel better about eating something that has fallen on the floor. On the other hand, when esembling an outfit, there is something that called the "third piece rule" and this rule really does work[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 15, 2015, 5:20 pm by MSP
  As I promised here, this is how I wore my brooch this week. I had a business meeting to attend, but on that day it was going to be a sweltering 95 degrees. So, wearing something simple (read: cool) was the order of the day. Adding a brooch made my simple top and skirt look special and pulled together. Wouldn't you know it...I got a few nice comments from a couple of ladies that loved my brooch and thought it was a perfect accent to wear that day. Brooches are perfect for summer wearing. Unlike a bold necklace (and often a heavy necklace), they don't heat you up when you are trying to wear as little as possible!   Wearing a brooch like this is good because it brings atttention upward. If you are petite, even better, wear your brooch high up on yo[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 13, 2015, 4:08 pm by MSP
  This week it's all about YOU! This week, MissusSmartyPants answers your burning style questions.  From time to time, every woman comes across a style quandary that she simply can't figure out. Hey, it happens. One day you are feeling pretty confident with your style...then, without warning,'re hit with a "What-to-wear" dilemma!  Every now and then we all have a style question we simply don't have the answer to. It’s funny how we can be going through life, then suddenly, one day we need to dress-up for a special occasion and we fall apart! Have you ever declined an invitation because you didn’t know what you would wear? (Does this sound a bit familiar?) This doesn't need to happen. With a little extra style confidence, and MSP's LIST o[ More |  Email |  Print ]

July 6, 2015, 3:33 pm by MSP
  Five Minute Fast- 5 Outfit Templates (to copy) Pressed for time...again? Urgh! It's so frustrating when you are running out of time, and still can't find something wear! When mornings begin like this, it can set a negative tone for your day and make it feel a bit out out-of-sync. Wouldn't it be nice to wake up, yawn, and know you've already got something fabulous to wear? Your outfit is already planned and set aside. There is no rush and your mornings are stress free when you use this "template" way of dressing. Only have 5 minutes? Perfect. That's all the time you need when your use MSP's templates for dressing (quick and stylishly) each and every morning! TRY IT & SEE!   This week, first I'll show you MY "Five Minute Fast" complete outfits,[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 29, 2015, 4:11 pm by MSP
  It starts by giving yourself permission. You really can become that woman with fabulous style. It can become your reality. You've seen her; that fabulous looking woman that is "No Longer Style Challenged". That woman you see and even though her body is not "perfect" she has "it"...something that makes her look appealing and vibrant. That something you wish you had. The first step is to give yourself permission. Permission to explore what it is that holds back your style. More than likely, it is several things: it's part not knowing what is stylish for you (and your body type) and part feeling that you are not worthy of an improved image (self-sabotage).  We are often our own worst enemy. Usually it is us that holds ourse[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 22, 2015, 5:11 pm by MSP
  10 Style Mistakes That Age You   Wouldn't it be gratifying if you could instantly improve your style-and look ten years younger? Well guess what...both can be yours! This week's style article (posting in all 5 body type membership pages this Thursday- join now if you're not yet a member!) will show you the top ten style mistakes women make and help you avoid them. It's important to check through this list, because these faux pas might be aging YOU. The biggest problem is, many women do not realize they are missing the mark on their appearance because they do not know about these correctable faux pas. Just a few of these quick style changes and you will look better than you have in years!!! It really can be that simple. &n[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 15, 2015, 5:29 pm by MSP
  "Buy the best quality you can afford"...this is the mantra every MissusSmartyPants SYSter knows well. They know this is the best way to build a quality wardrobe, because a good core wardrobe is key to creating stylish outfits. But, what if you could purchase these top-quality pieces...yet at really low prices? Well then, that would be even better! The time is now. The summer months of June and July are sales months. This IS the best time to score quality pieces at bargain prices! Stores are just beginning to mark-down items so they can clear out most of the summer merchandise. Soon, early fall clothing will replace summer ones. Mid-season gives you deep discounts-yet you'll still wear these basics all the way into fall. Ladies, this is the time t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 8, 2015, 5:21 pm by MSP
  "Shoes may not make the woman, but they sure can make the outfit!" MissusSmartyPants   One of the most frequently asked style questions I get is... "How do I know which shoes will look right with my outfit?"   For instance, what style of shoe is right for a wide-legged pant, and what style is best for wearing with a pencil skirt? How do you know when you've got it right...because the wrong shoe style can deflate your complete look? This week MissusSmartyPants helps you put-it-all-together with the right shoes for every outfit! Shoe Keeper from   Shoes matter more than you think! It's a proven fact that when people first meet, they check out the other person's complete look... from head to t[ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 8, 2015, 3:52 pm by MSP
Hello MissusSmartyPants!   Just wanted to pass along a big THANK YOU for all I’ve learned from the past two years of being an MSP member.   This Friday I’ll be singing at Carnegie Hall in NYC. I needed a formal gown.   Thanks to the weekly newsletters tailored to my body type, I knew exactly what style of dress to get to complement my figure, and where to get it from (eShakti). Not only that, but knowing what to look for in jewelry, undergarments, and how to do my hair has been such a game changer!   I’m a dark summer and a C, so that meant looking for a 1) non-black dress that was 2) fitted in the bodice and over the hips (gathered skirts are fashion suicide for me), that also 3) would draw attention to my waist and upper half. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

June 1, 2015, 4:17 pm by MSP
  The Heat Is On! When it's hot...really, really hot outside, dressing stylish gets tricky. It’s this time of year that most of us start giving up on style and put on "whatever" on for the sake of coolness and comfort. So, when your clothing begins to stick to your hot, sweaty body... and thought of adding layers or anything fussy is completely out of the question...what's a SYSter to do? Look to MissusSmartyPants to keep you from melting away in the blazing-hot summer heat! This week, I've got some creative ways to dress in the summer heat. These suggestions will help you look (and feel) cooler in the hot summer months.   Similar: Free People 3/4 Sleeve Knit Top     ORDER your weekly Personal Profile & Get "What to[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 28, 2015, 7:17 am by MSP
  How to set a clothing budget...   Did you know the average woman shops approximately 25,184 hours over 63 years? Wow, that’s a lot of shopping! But, are you spending your wardrobe dollars wisely?   You can spend less if you set a budget. Here’s how to set a clothing budget:   1. Know your income. Figure out your household’s annual income (take home pay). This is the money left after you pay federal, state and local taxes and other deductions that are taken out.    2. Figure out a clothing budget. Divide your take-home income by 10. This is the maximum you can spend on your clothing budget, if you are starting to build a core wardrobe for the complete year.   3. [ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 26, 2015, 7:49 am by MSP
    Woo hoo! Suddenly, you’ve got an opportunity for a 3-day getaway! But, wait...What are you going to pack? No worries. You've got MissusSmartyPant to the style rescue. MSP has the best “what to pack” list just for YOU..and the best part is, you can use this list over and over!     Travel is easy when you pack light, yet wear everything! I highly recommend packing at least ONE basic summer dress. It's a fabulous piece for travel because it can create several 'easy' outfits. This week's 3-day getaway packing list has everything you will need...but what? You say you're going for a week? Lucky you! Simply DOUBLE this list!   Don't miss out! This Thursday in all 5 body type Personal Profiles, get MSP's useful packing[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 18, 2015, 5:13 pm by MSP
  Wouldn't it be nice to have a few stylish outfits ready to "go-to" for any summer event? You know, the 'easy button' for something instantly fab when you want (or need) to look a little more stylish.   Want to look stylish this summer? You can! With this week's "The 'go-to' Guide for Summer Outfits" you'll have what you need to look fabulous all summer long!   Last weekend I went out for dinner and a movie. I wore my textured pencil skirt, a peplum knit top and my soft-pink kitten heels. It was an easy-peasy style choice, and I felt great! (Note to self: next time take a picture of my outfit so it can be shared). When the summer starts, it feels good to know I've got a few 'go-to' outf[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 11, 2015, 2:42 pm by MSP
    It's that time of year...again. It's just a few weeks away from Memorial Day, and that means now is the time to shop for a swimsuit!  The time is now! The selection of swimsuits is good, and the sales are just beginning. Take full advantage of this time and get the best suit you will love all season long! Let MissusSmartyPants help you select YOUR best swimsuit style based on your body type. You will also want to know the latest trends and colors while shopping for your body specific suit--before you hit the sales racks (and dressing rooms). Miraclesuit New Directions Escape Underwire One Piece   This week at MissusSmartyPants you get "Swimwear 2015"... It's your complete shopping and fit guide for swimwear, co[ More |  Email |  Print ]

May 4, 2015, 5:11 pm by MSP
  Outfit Completers-Guide To Wearing Accessories Correctly   Looking for a quick and easy way to improve your style without spending a lot of money-or buying more clothes? If you are in the majority of women, your answer is a resounding “YES”!   This week we explore the right ways to add trendy accessories to your spring outfits. Just a few ‘trendy’ (and inexpensive) accessories are all that is needed to instantly update your look this season! Details matter. That’s right; your accessories are not an option. Accessories are wardrobe "completers". You can wear a beautifully fitted garment or even a simple tee-shirt, but get your accessories wrong (or don’t wear any at all) and your look could be a complete FAIL.[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 27, 2015, 4:08 pm by MSP
  This week: The Definitve Guide to Shorts! Ready, set... go! Soon the tempertures outside are going to get sizzling hot! And when it does...what will you be wearing? More than likely, you'll be wearing shorts.  Recently, I helped several personal shopping clients build their spring/summer wardrobes. THE hot topic that came up repeatedly was what to wear when it gets hot, really hot outside. As women we have lots style options; like wearing a sundress or skirt, but more than likely when it's really hot, we will be wearing shorts, capris and cropped pants.  Admittedly, I'm a little apprehensive about showing more skin as the weather warms. I know most women are. However, wearing the most flattering shorts, crops and capris for[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 23, 2015, 7:04 am by MSP
    Wear color saturation correctly    The colors you wear together should be similar in intensity so that your look is cohesive. In other words, pastels go together and jewel tones should be worn together. It is best not to mix saturation because more often that not, it won’t look quite right.   Try these pleasing color combinations: soft pink and mint green, soft pink and heather gray, mustard yellow and amethyst. Or deep color combinations like, fuchsia and navy or navy and kelly green work well together.   Again for a stylish look, keep your color saturation equal in your top and bottom like this look with deep saturation....     Nic + Zoe Batiste Flirt Skirt ( petites, misses) &nb[ More |  Email |  Print ]

April 20, 2015, 7:00 pm by MSP
  This week’s style article is for you if you are on a budget; yet you want to improve your style quickly.  This week, I’ll show you how it doesn’t need to cost a lot of moola to look stunning--afterall, MSP is all about affordable style. You simply need to start with two things: a good core wardrobe and a 'can do' attitude. From there, you will improve your style one-step at a time by following MSP's plan. Shared this week, what to buy new and where you can save big by buying second-hand-plus how to avoid common style mistakes women make when they start building a core wardrobe. Learn how to build a core wardrobe for less by purchasing most of it second-hand. You'll be surprised at these tips!     The Limited C[ More |  Email |  Print ]